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Happy shopping at your bookshelves!

Margaret Powling

Restless (which I'd not heard of until this week) starts on TV in the UK this evening - it's a two-parter. One of the leading roles (apart from that of Rufus Sewell) is played by Michelle Dockery, who is Lady Mary in Downton Abbey (or Downturn we might now refer to it as it was pipped in the Christmas ratings by Call the Midwife, a series which I have not watched) and also Charlotte Rampling. Looking forward to it.
Our holidays aren't quite over, here in the UK, Danielle, as so many companies close down from Christmas Eve until after New Year. Indeed, when we worked we liked this long winter break but now we're retired we find this long close down tedius and can't wait for normality to return on the 2nd January! And if the 2nd January falls on a Sunday, of course, people don't return until the 3rd January!
Only received one book as a present and it's one of those amusing ones, the Telegraph book of unpublished letters, not a 'real' book, but as I say, fun! People don't buy books for me as they assume (and off they're right!) that if it's the sort of book I'd like, I'd have it already!
And speaking of new books, by post from Amazon this morning I have received Sarah Challis's latest novel, The Lonely Desert, so I will be curled up on the sofa this affo, reading that! Cheers, m'dears!


I haven't read Restless yet but I wouldn't mind watching a mini-series.
Interesting covers, thanks for the link. Althhough I must admit, they are too graphic for me in most cases. I like photos and paintings. But some are nice and they are interesting.


Let the reading begin! Looking forward to your 2013 list. I have not yet committed mine to writing and I have all these title swimming around my head. It will either end up being a long list or very short.


Hi Erin--I seem to 'shop' my shelves a lot and have little piles of books I want to read sitting all over the place! :)


I'll be curious to hear what people think of Restless and hope it eventually airs on TV here as well. I didn't realize Michelle Dockery was one of the Downton actresses--that will finally be airing here in one more week! I haven't yet seen Call the Midwife, but I am going to get it from Netflix very soon I think. I've heard many good things about it. Things are pretty quiet here as well this week. Lots of people are still on vacation until after the first of the new year. It's been grey and gloomy and I've not wanted to go out much in any case. It's also been very quiet online as I think there are just too many holiday things going on still, but I am always trying to catch up on writing about my reading. I didn't get any books either, but I did get a few gift cards to B&N, which I look forward to using. I'll have to check out that Challis book--I am caught between wanting to wrap up those last few books I said I would try and read on my break and wanting to start something new! :)


I'll try and read Restless soon--before I see the movie in any case. It's one I've owned far too long and really should get to in any case. I liked the covers, too, but they were all sort of similar in style. I like a variety, but they were mostly, as you say, strong graphic designs.


I have already started some of my '2013' books! And I have my list almost ready--I'm trying to keep it to a dozen, so I've got to pare the list down by a few as I have too many on my pile at the moment. (Not that I still can't read them of course...but lists are important starting points...). I didn't do well with this year's list, so maybe next year will be better! :) It's still fun coming up with a list.


How funny - my husband is sitting opposite me, watching the second part of Restless as I type this. He is enjoying it very much indeed. I really liked the novel. Sounds wonderful to cuddle up under a fleecy blanket with a comfort novel - all good holidays should be made of such things!


I'm glad to hear Mr Litlove is enjoying it. I know you liked the book and I still need to pull it out and read it myself! I had to have it when it first came out and even have it in hardcover--I hate it when I do that, buy a book in hardcover and then don't read it until long after it has been published in paper. I've been doing lots of book browsing on my own shelves, but as it turns out I have not actually started anything new still working on those last books on my nightstand!


I liked Restless when I read it some time ago, and am also looking forward to seeing the film version when possible! But right now I just want to continue lying around reading from the giant stack I've pulled from the tbr...


I have not read Restless, and now if I do, I will be picturing Rufus Sewell as I read! There are much worse things, however, as I agree that he is quite easy on the eyes.

I'm enjoying a few days off after the holiday, which my body took as permission to get sick! It's only a cold, so I've spent some time lying in bed and reading, dozing, drinking soup, and reading some more. It would be idyllic if it weren't for the blasted coughing and congestion. I'm trying to finish up a few books already in progress so that I can start 2013's reading with a clean slate. I have a huge pile of books I've bought but haven't read yet that I plan to tackle next year. I might make a small list of books I'd like to read in 2013 also, but knowing me, I'll cast that aside and read at whim.


I hope to read Restless before the movie airs here (am being optimistic that it WILL air here). I think I will like it--just need to squeeze it in. Hope you've been able to continue leisurely reading--break is almost over for me and I feel like it has gone by far too fast--with too little reading!


Oops, I hope I haven't ruined it for you! :) I do like Rufus Sewell (did you see the Aurelio Zen movies??). Sorry to hear you were ill, but at least it gave you an excuse to stay in bed and read! I am hoping to devote all of the First to reading! Alas, I will not have a clean slate for 2013, but I tried and did okay so there won't be too many holdovers...

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