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Much to respond to in your mishmash post! I loved seeing your shelves--I feel better that I'm not the only one with shelves and shelves of books waiting to be read, and trying to balance reading books I own with books I check out from the library (right now I've got an overload of library books I'm feverishly trying to get through). I participated in an "off the Shelf" challenge in 2011, and got through quite a few of my books. I'm definitely on the lookout for a similar challenge for 2013 as the TBR piles are getting out of hand again. I'll check out the ones you mentioned.

I'm also insterested in Simon's Century of Books, perhaps as an ongoing project to be completed in a casual fashion over time. I'll have to go check out that link, too!

And 13 books in a month--especially the month that contains Christmas? That's a challenge. Yes, I'd love to hear about all 13. I think the most I've ever read in one month was 12, and that was a summer month when I had a lot of free time for reading.

I'm sorry I can't help with the computer issues, but I hope you get them resolved soon and they don't take any more of your valuable reading time. Hope you have a great weekend as well, full of bookish delights!

Simon T

Thanks for linking, Dani! I can really recommend A Century of Books - I'm determined to finish it off this year. I've not been reading them in order or anything like that, so (until the last couple of months) it hasn't affected my reading much - I've just read what I wanted to, and ticked off the years as I go. I'm going to try it again in 2014, I think.

And thanks for spreading the word about the Cheerful Weather readalong, I'm really looking forward to it!


I didn't know about a Century of Books but am doing something similar on a much smaller scale, as for the third year now I've read a book from every decade since 1890.I'll most likely do that again next year as it is a small enough challenge.
Reading from my own shelves has been better, I haven't counted already but guess it will be more than half this year.
And I want that to be more for next year.
And 13 books to read before the end of the year makes me wonder what your year total will be:)


Love your bookshelf photos, I never tire of seeing pictures of other people's books :) Instance of the Fingerpost is pretty good. I read it a couple years ago. It's a hefty book and though I enjoyed it I did not find that it read fast. Of course I'd love to hear what books you are going to try to read this month! Wordpress offers email blog post subscriptions for their blogs. I prefer RSS feeds though because I am already stressed out by too much email! I hope you have a nice relaxing book-filled weekend!


Thanks for mentioning the readalong and for joining again. i think it's an exciting list (I know, I should be ashamed to be so pleased with myself). I didn't vene notice at first that managed to have one country per month (I had forgotten Bowen is Irish).
A Century of Books sounds like a great idea but I will not only cut back on the book buying but on the projects too. Only maybe something like a crime readalong/challenge. Something effortless and fun.


I've left the computer problems for now as I am sure I could waste lots of valuable time messing with it and I've had other things to day--finally put up my Christmas tree tonight and will see the Nutcracker Ballet this weekend! :) Don't be too impressed by the idea of 13 books--most are either very slim (novellas) or are already in progress and I only have a few hundred pages left to read. I'm trying to clear up my current reads pile a bit before the new year. The more I think about reading from my shelves the more I like it and could easily incorporate a century of books into it. And like you--this would be a laid back, take your time sort of project--mostly just filling in dates/years as I read and then filling out the list later on. I've whittled down my library pile--only because so many were due at once and I couldn't renew them! May have to move the rest of my requests from actual requests to simply moving them to a virtual book list for later.


I'm happy to pass along fun reads to others (and think I'll join in myself). I think I'm going to do the Century of Books in 2013--won't get through the whole list, but maybe over the course of two years. I think it will be easy to do--just plug in titles as you say. And Cheerful Weather for the Wedding sounds good--just the thing for January I think when it'll be cold and blustery and I'll be wishing for warm weather.


That sounds like fun as well--at first that's what I thought Simon was doing, but he's been reading one book from each year. If I went from my list of books this year I am sure I could fill in quite a few slots. I wonder how many books I'll have read from my owns stacks--will have to count. I'd like to not only read from my shelves but read books that have sat for years and years--so older books. My total books will likely be less than last year--and the 13 books are either very short or already half read--so more a matter of catching up than reading 13 new books.


My poor book room really needs to be cleaned and organized--the piles, as you see, have really grown over the course of this past year. I remember when you were reading An Instance of the Fingerpost. I'm not surprised that it is not a fast read, but as long as it's a good one, I don't mind length so much. I wish Typepad offered the email option, but they don't. I think Google Reader is the way for me as well--but then I follow so many blogs, email would mean a very full inbox all the time! I am in need of a restful weekend--let's hope I get it! :)


It is a good list. I'm already looking forward to starting to read from it. It's cool it worked out with authors from different countries each month. I think A Century of Books should be pretty easy and laid back since to start out I'll just fill in books wherever on my list. My projects will mostly be the ones I set for myself next year. I like having some sort of reading theme to work with, but it's also fun to just read completely at whim


Phew! It seems to have been that sort of week for many, and good to be past it. Good luck with your computer glitches - and all that wonderful reading. I love it when I have to clean up my shelves. I find all sorts of books!


One day I will come to America to visit you, really I will. I just have to spend some time with those shelves (and you, too!). They are so enticing and clearly full of wonderful books. I'm going to try and do a similar thing to you and read more from my shelves (we'll see how that goes). I always love reading your reviews so can't wait to see how 2013 will go.


I'm very tempted by the TBR Pile Challenge. I don't know what it says about me that I need a challenge in order to read books already on my shelves, but judging by my last year's worth of posts (nearly all new titles) it seems that I do! It will be fun to pick out my 12 choices, but the decision could also be time-consuming.

An Instance of the Fingerpost is wonderful. I highly recommend it.


Next year will definitely have to be the year when I read from my own shelves rather than the library as I definitely need to work my way through a huge backlog going back years!
My shelves look like yours Danielle, only less tidy and unfortunately not confined to one room either- I have my home office, but also book cases in two of the spare bedrooms, the living room and the hall and still have several boxes full of books stacked in the office so you can see that it really is out of control!
I think that I am going to have to put my library card away for the forseeable future, or I will give in to temptation when I see a book that interests me and the book mountain won't improve at all. I will have to stop being tempted by Amazon too!
On the good side, I have both The Instance of the Fingerpost and Cheerful Weather for the Wedding on my shelves already so might look at joining in with reading those - at the moment it looks as the days running up to December 28 will be frantically busy but a lot quieter after that so maybe I will be able to catch up then!
Thanks for a thought provoking post and I hope that your computer problems have sorted themselves out!


It was nice having today off--if only to have an extra break from work, though as always I didn't get in everything I wanted to. Back to work tomorrow and I am hoping for a much smoother work week. I am constantly finding books I didn't realize I owned--think next year I will focus more on reading those books!


That would be great fun! It's always fun looking through other people's bookshelves! You are most welcome any time you might find yourself on this side of the Atlantic! :) I think I have decided to try and read more of my own books--must go into my library account and clean up those wishlists--put them on hold or something. We'll see how it goes.


Yes, sad isn't it? I'm the same way. If I didn't have such a massive backlog of unread books on my shelves I wouldn't think twice about borrowing loads of books from the library. But I buy and borrow at the same rate it seems and read the library books first so I can't seem to catch up. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of reading primarily from my stacks next year and have also been thinking about making a list. I'm glad to hear good things about An Instance of the Fingerpost--that's one I've owned far too long that has sat unread!


You and me both! I think I'm going to do it--try and read from the stacks and take a little library book break. I wonder if I could possibly do it. When I am determined about something I am very good, but it takes a lot for me to get to that point! My books are mostly in my book room, or my bedroom/computer room. The bookroom is very tiny and also has a number of other cast off items, so it's not really a proper bookroom unfortunately. Just think, if you mostly read from your own stacks you can dig around in those boxes of books and find some good unread books. That's part of the pull for me--digging around in my shelves and looking for books to get excited over again--just like when I first bought them! I need to find my copy of Cheerful Weather--I hope after all this fuss, I do indeed own it! :)


What a lovely collection of books you have. I don't care how 'messy' your library is, it is just the sort of thing which invites me in to explore. Lucky you!


Actually I love my piles of books but it can be hard to find books I know I own as they are double stacked on the shelves! Still, I won't complain--just wish I had more shelf space, or better, more room space for more bookcases! :) It's amazing how many books I've forgotten I own--I will look for one book and walk away with a stack of five that caught my attention while shifting books in my search.

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