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There's always the first book in the Dorothy Parker mystery series by J.J. Murphy, MURDER YOUR DARLINGS. "Dotty" and Robert Benchley try to help William Faulkner, who's just arrived in town and is accused of murder.


That certainly sounds like the perfect setting and period! I don't always like to read mysteries with real people as sleuths, but it seems to have gotten very good reviews. I may have to add it to my next book order--thanks for the suggestion. Of course the book that came to mind that I have on hand is also a mystery featuring Edna St Vincent Millay so so much for not reading those sorts of mysteries. I read the first one years ago (I think there were only ever two books in the series) but was contemplating pulling it out again for a reread.


I've just received the last of my Literature and War Readalong titles. I like to have them in advance. One of the titles last year was suddenly oop.
I hope to watch the movie based on The Flowers of War as well.
I'm curous what suggestions fro book set in 1920 New York you will receive. I will go there next year. I've promised myself. That city is really calling me.


Rules of Civility, I think, is set about that time?


It might not be quite what you are in the mood for, but Toni Morrison's Jazz is set in 1920s Harlem (I presume). Otherwise, are all the Elizabeth Daly novels in New York? There might be something about that time. Or else the stories of Scott Fitzgerald.

Lovely books! Will be interested to know how you get on with the Rose Macaulay, and I must check out Charles Todd myself.


Oh another Peter May, I still have to read the first. January I think it will be:) Charles Todd is good too although just now I'm unable to remember what I read last by him. I've started to fill in the slots of Century of Books also, not bad for me at all, 25 so far. Now your holidays have started: enjoy your reading and relaxing time!


Yay for new books! Good luck on the century of books. I will be interested to see what you read for it. As for your request, I am not a fan of the Great Gatsby but many are. It is set in the 1920s on Long Island. Also, I think Age of Innocence is set in New York in the 20s but I think you might have read that one.

Margaret Powling

The Walnut Tree arrived in time for Christmas reading, but I've not been impresssed with the start and don't know whether I can continue. So far, only a few pages in, it doesn't hold a candle to Bess Crawford stories. Maybe Novella/romantic style doesn't suit this mother-and-son writing team? Maybe I should give it a little longer ...
So, have returned to the latest Elly Griffiths which I started and then put to one side in favour of something else months ago and didn't return to, and that I am enjoying! Not everyone enjoys present tense narrative, but I do; I think it lends immediacy to the story, yet another one set in Norfolk. And I have a super book called Famous Diamonds to review for an over 50s online magazine, so that will keep me busy for a while!


I was hoping to go to NYC in the spring, but I am still paying off San Francisco, went a little overboard on Christmas this year and then have bought loads of new clothes since I lost weight and needed to buy clothes that actually fit again (didn't need a whole new wardrobe, but I seem to have gone overboard on good seasonal sales...). So, I will have to wait for another vacation until I get my credit card paid off once again. I have a couple of the titles from the reading list and have ordered about four more. I think I have the titles to see me through until June or July! It's been fun looking at them closer and I can't wait to start reading. I had hoped to get more reading suggestions, but the few I got are good ones and I've noted them down. I'm sure if I dig around my bookshelves I'll find more, too. May have to share my own list sometime early next year. I've never been there by the way, though I did have a connecting flight through NYC once. I'll get there eventually--maybe next fall in time for the holidays again.


Great suggestion--it is. I actually read that one when it came out and I want to buy it now that it is in paper. It is a story I wouldn't mind revisiting at all!


I hadn't thought of Toni Morrison. I think I even have that book on hand so will have to dig it out of my bookcase. She's really good and it's been years since I read her last. That might be just the book--plus she's such a wonderful writer. Elizabeth Daly's Henry Gamadge books are set in NYC of the 40s. I had the second one out from the library not too long ago but then it went back unread--I do want to read more of him, too. I do have that Melville House novella by Fitzgerald, so I have lots to choose from it seems. And yay for new books--I'm looking forward to reading each and every one!


I was going to start the Peter May during my break, but I think I will wait until January, too. Did you read Todd's Ian Rutledge books or the Bess Crawford series? I read the first of the Ian Rutledge books ages ago and recall enjoying it, but now it has been so long that I really need to go back and start with the first book again. You are well on your way for your century of books. I was thinking of going back and using this past year's books to start filling in slots, but I sort of want to start fresh in 2013. I'm so happy to be on break--I am going to make the most of it and try and fit in lots of reading, and relaxing. I hope you are enjoying your holidays so far, too!


I know you are not fond of the Great Gatsby--it's a classic I've read several times though it has been quite a while since I read it last. I hadn't thought of rereading it, but I really should and it is almost the quintessential 1920s novel, isn't it? I have read The Age of Innocence a few times, too, but it is also a book I really don't tire of reading! The mark of good literature, right? A story you can read over and over!


Timing is often everything when it comes to books--I say put it aside if you are not enjoying it. Too bad about that one. I have only read the first Bess Crawford book, so I'll be curious to see what I make of the novella. I'm not sure now that I will get to it over my break since I am still chipping away at my book pile. I don't mind present tense either--I know it puts off a lot of readers, but if it is done well, I sometimes don't even notice it until I am well into the story. I loved the first Elly Griffiths book and have the second ready to read--I really need to get to it since the first ended with a little cliffhanger of sorts! I will have to look up Famous Diamonds--the title sounds interesting. Hope you have a really great Christmas, Margaret!

Kristen M.

I've thought about doing a century of books too. I think it would definitely have to be a multi-year project though! Maybe I'll start working on a book list and see how it would pan out.


I need to create my tab for my list. I thought of slotting books from this year into the list, but I think I want to start this project in 2013. I won't create any sort of list for it--just start filling in as I read. At some point, though, I'll have to be more cognizant of what I'm reading. It should be fun I think, and it will definitely take me a few years to fill in all the dates, too!

Alex in Leeds

I hadn't realised you were joining the century of books challenge, hurrah! I've had such fun with it after discovering it in the summer. :)

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