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Well done, Dani. Quite an impressive
list. I started my blog on
January 1, 2012 and find that
the number of books read this year
doubled from last year. Have to keep
those posts coming, you know.

I used my Nook quite a bit this
year for downloading library
books, especially mysteries.
So nice to be able to get a
new book from the comfort of
my bed!

It is interesting to see the
number of books in translation
you have read. I maybe have hit
upon one or two by accident
(Italian mysteries).

Thanks for the compilation.
Happy New Year.


Interesting. I thought you read less crime and more nonfiction than last year and I was right.
I thought I didn't have such a good reading year, this year and I noticed that one reason may be because I picked far less books by women and although I always thought I didn't care, I feel that I'm after all more drawn to women writers. Sure, there are exceptions.
I will let that guide me. And I will alos pick more books from those countries I like best after UK/US and France, namely Italy and Japan. I'm just reading such a lovely Japanese novel, The Briefcase.


Congratulations on that list!!!
I love reading your blog entries and am sending you all good wishes for a Great New Year

and (just because I can't help myself ) ...I have to recommend two non fiction reads for next year...
Gilbert White's "Natural History of Selbourne" and Elinor Pruitt Stewart's "Letters of a Woman Homesteader"
(Both Available from Project Gutenberg)


I kept a list of what I read, but it wasn't as detailed as yours. I like the information you've kept track of and I think I'll do the same next year. Even something as simple as publication date can be interesting to a bookaholic like me. I have three books I'm trying to finish by year's end (all have less than 100 pages left) and then I'll do my final reckoning.

I'm going to make some changes in how I read next year, starting with trying to take a big chunk of books off my TBR pile, and expand my reading of classics as well. I think I only managed one or two this year, shame on me. I have two chunky classics loaded on my tablet, and I want to read them in 2013. I have an Asus Transformer, and I want to see how it is to read on it as opposed to a Kindle like my husband has.

Victoria (Eve's Alexandria)

What an amazing year Dani! So nearly at the 100 books mark :-) I can't believe you haven't read a Persephone either because I always think of you with one close by. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings - each reading year has it's own flavour.

Alex in Leeds

It's fascinating to compare stats, I love that you track the genres as well as the fiction/non-fiction split. Definitely more VMCs and Persephones for me next year too, I read less women authors this year than I am happy with - and that was mostly because I was reading from the library not from my own shelves! :)


My reading has increased considerably, too, since I started blogging. The first year I blogged I read 50 books and with each year the number has increased! I have lots of good books loaded onto my Nook and it is quite nice to read from when using some of the machines at the gym, but I always seem to reach for paper books. As for books in translation--I seem to read more and more of them each year--quite often it is due to readalongs, which helps me read outside my usual comfort zone, too. Happy New Year to you, too, Belle!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I love looking at other people's reading stats and always feel a little tempted to start keeping my own (but I won't because, knowing me, that could quickly descend into a very obsessive and time-consuming place). I can't wait to hear what your favourites were and what plans you have for 2013!

Simon T

For some reason I find the idea of espionage as a category very amusing! Also, as a book-lover, I do get some slight satisfaction from the low turn-out for ebooks.

I must divvy up my totals soon - I've done it for my Century of Books, but not the rest. Always good fun.

Hopefully you'll manage a Persephone or two in 2013!


I sort of miss the crime novels--I hope to read more mysteries from some of my favorite series next year, but we'll see how it goes. I definitely want to read more nonfiction--but it's hard--there are so many books I want to read and only a set number I know I can get through in a year so it's always a toss up which books will manage to squeeze into the list! I don't really set out to read more books by women authors, but I guess I am just drawn more to stories written from a female perspective, so it usually follows the books will be written more often by women. After US/UK/Canadian authors the next largest number turned out to be German authors this year, but I would like to read more books written by Italians, too. I'll have to check out The Briefcase now...


Happy New Year, Val, and thanks for the kind words! Feel free to share suggestions--I am always happy to have them. I've added both to my wishlist as I am always looking for good nature books (want to read more of those) and books of correspondence! Bonus that they are both on PG! :)


Using a spreadsheet has made it really easy to keep track and I seem to add more categories each year. Then at the end you can sort and it makes it really easy to count. I plan on reading much more from my TBR pile, too, next year--I think it is going to be my biggest goal. I didn't do very well with classics this year--I think I sort of cheated when I counted as I added in the fairy tales and mythology that I read, but those are classics, too, right? Good luck on finishing those last books--I might be optimistic thinking I can finish more than one more--we'll see--reading time is quickly dwindling away!


I didn't realize I would get so close to 100 or I think I would have tried just a little harder! ;) I don't know how I have managed to not read any Persephones and so few Viragos--at one time they were sort of my main staple of my reading diet! That will change next year as I already have a Persephone pulled out and ready to read. Happy Holidays, Victoria--it's great hearing from you!


I am going to try and do the very same thing next year--read mostly from my own reading piles. I have so many wonderful books that I just pass by in favor of shiny new books that I can get in line for a the library. I think I might have to pay attention, too, during the year to see where my reading is going--I tend to just add the titles to my Excel sheet and not look at what I seem to be reading more or less of. That might help me focus on my goals, but then again, reading should be spontaneous, too! Happy New Year, Alex and happy reading in 2013!


For me the obsessiveness comes only at the end of a year and beginning of a new one. During the year I just plug in the info, but I can see where you might worry about it sort of taking over your reading. It's good to be spontaneous. I just like seeing how it all ended up at the end. I used to just keep a notebook with the date I finished reading a book and the title, but using Excel has made it really easy to put in all sorts of categories! :) Now to decide on favorites!


I am nothing if not democratic--if crime gets its own category then so, too, should spy novels. :) Actually it came about as I had this plan to read a whole string of them one year and it never really panned out, but the category is still a holdover. You never know when the mood will strike to read more espionage! I feel a little bad about the Nook, as I have some really good books loaded on it--notably some of those Bloomsbury ebooks that they have reissued, but I prefer the feel of a book in my hands. I will definitely be reading more Persephones next year--starting with Cheerful Weather for the Wedding.


I love lists like this, Dani! I feel as you do about not having read as many classics & Persephones as I hoped to. I had a look at my little description on the blog of what I enjoy reading & realised how little I'd read in those areas this year. I really need to get back to my reading roots in 2013 & that means reading more from the tbr shelves. Happy New Year!

Jan S.

What strikes me is 23 books in translation - that's quite a few. We can never get to all of the books we'd like, just make a good run at it!
Happy Reading in the New Year.


I think a lot of people want to read more from their own bookshelves next year--I am going to try hard to read books that I've owned for years and that I've neglected. We'll see how I do. I most definitely want to read more Viragos and Persephones--I miss those books, which I used to read so many of! Happy New Year to you, too, Lyn and happy reading in 2013!


Whatever books I didn't read this year--I think I made up for in books in translation! I think I read about the same number last year, too. I am glad of those, however and hope that trend continues! Happy New Year to you, too, Jan!


Good for you -- what an impressive bit of statistics. I am completely addicted to audio books and have a monthly subscription to Audible. But they are much harder to review as you can't put in bookmarks or riffle through them to find quotes etc. As for e-books -- I have put several on my new iPad but cannot bring myself to read them though perhaps they'll come into their own when I'm travelling or on holiday.


I have so many Audible tokens--I really need to use some of them, but I have such a hard time deciding. I didn't have such good luck with all the audio books I was listening to--I can't decide whether to keep listening or abandon them. I do have The Little Prince, which I do want to listen to, however. I have some very good books on my Nook, but paper books just have such a pull--but when the mood arises, I'll pick up my Nook once again--so it's good to have it on hand.


I love reading numbers, and what a good year you had! I think you can count those audiobooks as being read. Why not? You did really well on books in translation. And so much variety in your other reading too!


Such fun to go through these numbers! I keep track of my reading, but not broken down as much as your list is. I may try to keep better records this upcoming year myself, as I found your stats really impressive and interesting!


Audio books are so weird for me--I feel like I am too distracted sometimes when I am listening (since I am usually walking outside and need to keep an eye on traffic, too), which means I rarely write about the books, but they are books. I did do well on books in translation--it was due mostly to readalongs, I think!


Excel spreadsheets make it easy since I just have a list of categories running across the top of the sheet. Then I can sort and count easily. It's not a perfect way of keeping track, probably a little too obsessive, but I can't help myself. Mostly though during the year I just plug in the notes and don't pay much attention to the list--it's fun at the end of the year, though.

Literary Feline

I enjoyed reading through your stats! I got away from doing stats a couple of years ago, but hope to keep better track this coming year. I like to compare differences between the years particularly--seeing if my reading has any patterns or has changed.


I love reading everyone's stats - I just wish I could do them for myself, but I never seem capable of jotting down books as I go along. I forget all the time to do it, and then can't remember what I read. Duh! I think around about 100 books a year is perfect - that's pretty much a book every three days, and any more would be gobbling without letting them touch the sides! :-)

Rebecca H.

Nice job with older books! You may have read a lot of contemporary books as well, but you did way better than me with the 19th century and with classics generally. I didn't count how many classics I read, and it's sometimes hard to tell what counts in that category, but I don't think I read enough. Oh, well!


I used to just keep a simple journal but with a spreadsheet it makes it easy to note down titles and add a little more info. It's just fun at the end of the year to look at the 'trends' in my reading.


It is fun seeing what others read--but I know not everyone likes to keep detailed lists--sometimes it takes away if it ends up being work to keep track! I might just make it to 100 books someday. I don't really mind how many books I read, I just want to enjoy them. It's more a matter of knowing there are so many books I want to read and wanting to read them all at once! ;)


I think it was by pure chance that I read any 19th century lit as I seem to read almost all more modern stuff. I probably counted a few books as classics that maybe aren't traditional classics, too, so I think I might have fudged things a little--but it words! :) Better to read what you enjoy and what appeals the most at the moment than try and squeeze in books to make up the numbers, so to speak!

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