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It's warm here, all of a sudden. We do need coats but the temperature is very mild. Like spring. Typical.
I just started The Expats. You know I'm not too keen on spy novels but for some reason I didn't get that it was one. I've read 160pages so far and am still not sure what to think of it. It has 480pages but is a relatively quick read. I think I don't really find it all that suspenseful but he deliberately holds back information, jumps around in time to make it appear as if it was. Not sure you know what I mean.
I wanted to do my Best of list tomorrow... And then I'm off the blog until the readalong. One or two wrap-up posts and that's it.
Enjoy your time off. I'm enjoying mine a lot so far.


Cosy, cosy, cosy! Too bad about the cookies though...

Enjoy your holiday, Danielle, and have a super time with your sister!


Merry Christmas, Danielle, and Happy New Year, too. Have a nice holiday!

Simon T

Ooo, snow! Bless your wee cat :)


It's going to be really cold here this week. I'm sort of dreading it as I am not too keen on really cold weather, but I guess it will be a good excuse to stay indoors and read, right? I have The Expats, too, so I'll be curious to hear what you finally make of it. I do like spy novels and thrillers--I didn't used to, but all of a sudden they started appealing to me. I do think I know what you mean--it doesn't sound like a tradition spy novel, but it sounds like the author tries to make it somewhat suspenseful by the pacing and information he gives the reader? Sometimes this can be just as satisfying--sounds thrillerish anyway. I need to catch up on blog reading--hopefully I can do so tomorrow as I won't be spending all day with my family and should have some computer time. I had plans to catch up on writing about the recent books I've finished, but I am feeling really tired all of a sudden and not too energetic. I think I'd like to just lie in bed and put in a movie (I finally got A Christmas Carol from Netflix--they sent a weird movie from my queue last time around which irked me as it was not from the top of my list). It has been so quiet here for the past few days, however, I should also just take a break until later in the week and spend my time reading and watching movies! Will you do anything special for Christmas or New Years? Enjoy your break from work--I know it is always hectic for you there!


I am sitting all cozy with my space heater close by! :) I had to throw away the cookie dough, but I made another batch with full fat butter and yum--must say they are delicious! I was wide to give most of them away to family and a neighbor, or I might have eaten my way through them all. Hope you have a great holiday with your family, too!


Best wishes to you as well Cathy! I always appreciate your comments and your reading suggestions. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years!


Doesn't she look sort of sweet there looking out at all the excitement (or lack of it!) in the neighborhood. Yes, lots of snow. I think at some point in the last month I said wouldn't it be nice to have a White Christmas this year, and obviously someone was listening and gave it to me! :)


I have friends here for Christmas and maybe we go out on New Year but I'm not sure yet. We like to decide late.
Tha cat really is cute. I never know what mine are actually seeing because sometimes they are totally transfixed and when I look I just don't see anything worth such a lot of attention. An open window would be a no go with mine, they'd be out in a second.
I'll let you know about The Expats. It's suspenseful enough to keep me going.


You sound very ambitious for your break! I hope that you enjoy every minute of it without working yourself too hard. (It doesn't feel like work, though, when you're doing what you enjoy.)

We are enjoying cold weather and using our fireplace and burning pine-scented candles, so I feel about as Christmassy as a woman living in central Florida can feel. We are hosting Christmas dinner so will have considerable cooking and cleaning to do in the next two days. Fortunately, my husband is very helpful, and my mother-in-law is here already to help (we get a long very well, by the way!). I'm hoping to finish up the reading year with Agatha Christie's Elephants Can Remember, and a couple of non-fiction books I have in progress. Then comes the great pleasure of choosing books to start the new year. And I'm going to do a couple of reading challenges which I will probably be writing about on the blog at the end of the week

Hope you have just enough snow for a pretty Christmas, but not enough to keep you from doing what you want to do. :)


Lovely snow landscape. I love a good reading dilemma! Currently testing the water with Scandi-crime fic and am enjoying the change of direction.


Real snow. We've only had a sprinkle and now that we're driving through Pennsylvania to Ohio tomorrow and tuesday, I'm glad of it! I'll be hanging out with the in-laws and reading a Teddy Roosevelt biog and either NW or The Life of an Unknown Man. Hope your christmas is merry and bright, Danielle.


I was wondering how much snow you got out of that storm! The news here kept talking about Iowa and Wisconsin but I saw it blew through Omaha too. We were on the very top edge and only got an inch. That was close! Hope you are dug out by now and warm and snug and happily reading. And yes, quality control is extremely important when baking cookies!


Luckily my window does have a screen, though I think Chispa might be too afraid to go outside--even though she is quite curious and likes to look out windows. I know what you mean by a cat's intentness when it comes to looking out windows. In this case I think one of my neighbors was getting into her car. I need a good suspenseful, page turning sort of book I think--something that moves really fast even if it is a light and fluffy sort of book. I've enjoyed all my ghost stories and other holiday reads, but now that the holidays are almost over I am ready for something different. (I always get a little tired by the end of the holidays). Hope you have a really great time with your friends!


I am always ambitious, but never quite manage all the things I would like to do. I think what suffers most is computer time--I seem to run out of time and then think I will put off emails (or whatever) until the next day, and then usually the same thing happens. I'm glad to hear you have having good seasonal weather. A nice fire at Christmas sounds really nice--especially if you can curl up in front of it with a book. Good luck getting all your cooking done before Christmas and glad to hear you have lots of extra help. Have a very Merry Christmas Kathy! :)


It is pretty to look at--especially from the comfort and warmth of your home! :) A little Scandinavian crime sounds just right for this time of year-I might have to look for a suitable crime novel myself! Have a very Merry Christmas Nicola!


Snow is pretty unless you have to walk or drive in it and then it loses its novelty really quickly! I think the weather is supposed to be snowy in the east this week, isn't it? Hope you manage to avoid bad weather. Sounds like you have some good reading lined up. I am in the mood for a good biography and think I will look for something to keep handy foe the new year. Have a great Christmas, too, Ted!


It came right through Omaha. I swear the forecasters always skip talking about Omaha/Nebraska when it comes to bad weather. We never seem to count when it comes to national news, though we got our fair share of the snowy stuff. It has been mostly cleaned up and I've even got all the good (walkable) sidewalks scouted out as long as we don't get more snow before I return to work (oh the thought!). It has turned really, really cold, though. Not much fun when it doesn't even get above freezing during the day, but maybe we'll get the worst now and January and February will be nice and mild.


What a great picture! My cat has had a fit of the jitters lately and simply will not settle down to sleep, preferring to leap about the furniture, eat our hair, knock things off tables and armchairs... drive us mad, generally! He is lobbying to have a third meal instated during the day, and his campaign is one of dirty tricks. Cats, what can you do with them? We have had endless rain here, and everywhere is flooded. We wondered if we would be flooded by the village pond, which seemed a strange sort of British absurdity. But thankfully we are just very very soggy indeed. Here's to the spring....


Rain sounds so much more appealing to me than snow, but not so much that it created flooding! Typical winter weather for both of us it seems and yes, bring on spring--it can't come too soon now, though I guess I'm going to have to be more patient! My cat gets that way, too. Lately she wakes me up in the middle of the night expecting her breakfast. She'll sit on my pillow or lie down right next to me until I get so fed up with her that I finally get up and give her her food. They are such manipulative creatures, aren't they?! And once you give in they know they've got you!

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