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That's quite a list, Danielle, even if they are on the short side. Lots of good reading for the cold, dark winter nights. I don't usually do specifically seasonal reading, but this year I'm going to read Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory and One Christmas, two short stories. My mother-in-law gave me a Modern Library volume that contains these stories (plus The Thanksgiving Visitor.

As I type this, it's pouring rain and we are under a tornado warning! When I leave the computer, I'll be picking up a book, and making sure my book light has a fresh battery, just in case!


I know, I always think big when it comes to books. I'm planning on having extra reading time during my week off from work to actually read through this list. Hopefully I'll at least come close to finishing it. I'll have to look up the Capote stories (not that I need more reading ideas!), as they sound good as well! I love short stories--is the ML edition just Truman Capote or an anthology? I hope you don't have severe weather! Do take care--here it is absolutely frigid (I'm tucked under a warm blanket complete with extra socks and a nice thermal shirt under my sweatshirt--brr). It sounds like neither of us is having a good weather day. Hopefully by now your bad weather has passed by!

Liz F

That doesn't sound too bad a list to finish, Danielle and I am sure that you will manage it.
I have almost caught up with the Middlemarch readalong, to the point where I can leave it until the middle of January which I am rather pleased about - at least it is one readalong that I haven't failed at! Other than that I have a couple of stories still to read in the short story collection by Alison Lurie that I was reading in October: the book did a disappearing act and has now mysteriously re-appeared so I would like to get that finished this year.
I am determined to stick to my plan to read from my own shelves in 2013, so I have decided that I am going to read as many of the books I have from the library as possible between now and January 7th when it re-opens after the Christmas break (it closes on December 22) and then take all the others back then as well and hide my card! If my skill at hiding Christmas presents so they don't turn up again until Easter is anything to go by, it should be quite some time before I use it again!
If I can stick to that plan, I will be very pleased with myself!

Liz F

It is a beautiful winter day here today but absolutely freezing (in fact below freezing at minus 2C!)
A heavy frost and black ice made the drive into work interesting this morning but there is no snow here as yet although it has arrived on higher ground up in the Dales.
I'm just hoping that if we are going to get a lot of snow in the run up to Christmas that it waits until my son and daughter who live in London have managed to get here before it causes a transport shut down!


Our bad weather did pass us by--just got some rain, thankfully. The Capote is just a small volume with those three stories in it.

Stay warm!


You'll be having a busy bookish month! My main goal is to finish up all the library books I have sitting around. When I borrow books from the university where I work I get a very long check out period so they tend to linger a little longer than necessary.


Oh, I read Ghost story several years back and it gave me the chills - I remember being quite glad wrapping it up and moving forward. I am in the middle of the Passage right now and it's very difficult to put down!


I still tend to find it very impressive:)
I suspect most of what I am reading just now will be 'work in progress' next year as well. The only one I'd really like to finish is Sue Gee's The Hours of the Night.


I don't usually start many novels in parallel but for some reason I started it since October. I find it spoils the fun completely and I have now a pile of started books which is a s big as yours if not bigger. I doubt I will finish many of them. I actually think apart from the two Dickens books and the Dispatches I might not read anything else. I'm doing much better with non-fiction. I finish one after the other but don't review them.


Glad to hear all is well and the storm missed you. Severe weather is always worrisome! It's weird to think of possible tornadoes in winter, but I know your weather is still much warmer than here.


I think I have a good chance of finishing them all since they are mostly short or I'm nearly finished with them. I've had to put Camilla on the back burner temporarily as I try and make progress in a couple of other books but I am looking forward to getting back to it. I don't want to let it languish too long. Isn't it a good feeling to catch up on your Middlemarch reading? And you're so good about the Lurie book of stories--I meant to get back to it, but I seem to have about three partially read story collections sitting around at the moment. The nice thing about stories, though, is being able to pick up the book again later and not miss anything. I think I am going to try hard, too, to read from my own piles. I'll still be getting new books I suspect, but as long as they are all my own, I figure it all counts. I love using the library, but I do need to pay more attention to my own books and those due dates make it really hard. I am going to go into my library accounts and put all my requests on hold and then take a look at the books I've got checked out--they will probably just go back unread and I'll note down titles--only I do want to try and read the few ILLs I have since more effort was used to borrow them from other libraries! The university library where I work will also be closed between 12/22 and 1/2 (yay--my vacation), but the public library here is only closed on those actual holidays. We'll see how I do--we'll have to try and urge each other on to stick with it and not be too tempted by new/library books.


Our weather has been sort of weird--fairly mild (am not complaining at all), but then the last few days a big blast of bitter cold Arctic air. I had to pull out my thermal underclothes for my walk to work this morning, but I think the temps are going to moderate again later this week. I sort of wish we could have a white Christmas--only I don't want really crazy, icy weather either--very difficult I am to please. Just a white Christmas and then it can melt on the 26th! :) I hope your weather cooperates for your son and daughter on their way home!


I can also renew books from my library more often than the public library--that's a good thing, but as you say the books then do tend to linger! I've decided to try hard to read from my own shelves next year--hopefully mostly books I've owned for a while, but I know I'll be buying some new books, too.


It is a freaky story--and it's subtly done, which makes it all the more suspenseful I think. I've heard The Passage is good--will have to check it out as I see it is now in paperback. I'm in the mood for books that you don't want to put down--good holiday reading!


We'll see how good of a multitasker I am! Of course if you could see how many books that are still in progress by my bedside, you'd see where the 'pressure' to finish some books is coming from. And if I can catch up on writing about the books I'm finishing--things would be good indeed! :)


I usually have a pile of books started but try and just concentrate on two or three (usually a mystery, novel and then maybe a book club/readalong book) and then try and rotate books in and out. Things did get a little out of control for me this year, which is why I am trying now to get caught up and will try and keep the pile under control next year. I like having a variety of books to choose from--only it makes me feel a little rushed when there are due dates involved. I want to try and read more NF next year, but I say that every year it seems. I do love it, but I am so slow at it and seem to always reach for novels. Will you write some sort of wrap up post about them? I'm curious which NF books you are reading and enjoying most.


I suppose I will not write about them or maybe I start with a few reviews of them next year. I don't know yet.


It gets harder to write about books the longer you wait--do you have that problem, too? You'll have to at least mention any especially good ones to look out for.

Literary Feline

I've managed to finish off two of the four books I had going this month and am hoping, but not sure I'll be able, to finish the rest before the year is out. Like you, it's been sort of a clean up month for me. One is the audio version of Lolita. I keep forgetting to play it when I'm alone in the car. At this rate, I'll never finish! The other is a memoir that plods on a bit. It is interesting, but has so much detail.

Good luck with your reading, Danielle! I am sure you can do it!


I did not do well with nonfiction this year--I want to read more of it next year and already have a couple of biographies in mind for next. Maybe I should start contemplating what I want to read next (NF-wise) and pull it out to add to my pile. I have a number of unfinished audio books, which I feel less 'guilty' about leaving hanging the way I have. One sort of got on my nerves and one is a crime novel that I don't like listening to when I am walking in the dark (I go to work and come back in the dark these days). I won't get through the rest of the unfinished books other than (hopefully) these on this list, so I'm not sure what I'll do about them...carry them over to next year or maybe just put them back on my shelves to pick up later on when I am more in the mood. I hope you finish your books, too! There is still half a month yet to go! :)


I should have made a list like this. I've been working through the books on my bedside table in the hope of clearing the decks a bit before the New Year. They pile up without a person noticing! Actually, looking at your list, it really does seem very do-able, as several are short and a lot you are quite a bit of the way through. To finish a whole 13 books in December would be quite an achievement, wouldn't it! You can be so proud of yourself!


They do pile up, don't they? I never quite realize how many I have started until I make my reading lists. Oops--things did get a little out of hand this year. I am doing well, but must admit I am wavering a bit as I look at books that I would like to start reading now. We'll see if I can finish them all--or how soon I cave in to a new book! (Actually already did cave in to the CS Forester).

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