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So you are going to the ballet today?
I've read a ,lot of Hoffmann's stories but I don't think I've read this one. He is always a bit dark but charming as well. You really seeme hooked by fairy tales now. :)


I hope that you enjoyed the performance of The Nutcracker.
I think that I have only ever read the story of the ballet, not the original it is based on and I am now tempted to see if I can find a copy of the book and read it myself.
As if I don't have enough reading to be going on with!

Amateur Reader (Tom)

Hoffmann has another Christmas story, "Master Flea," a weird one, but all of Hoffmann's stories are weird ones.


Hopefully you enjoyed the performance as much as I did reading your review:)


The story sounds wonderful. I will be curious to hear how Dumas' compares. I hoped you had a nice evening at the ballet!


I have never seen the Nutcracker ballet, or read the story--I guess I need to remedy that. Sometimes I have big gaps in my holiday experiences!


I went yesterday afternoon with my mom and sister, and enjoyed it very much. It's been at least ten years, or maybe more since I saw it last. The theater was quite festive and nicely decorated. I really don't keep intending to read fairy tales, but they keep popping up it seems and as they are so short it's been easy to squeeze them in with my other books. And today I just ordered a collection of Hoffmann's stories (to fill out a book order that is meant for my defense...since I am not supposed to be buying books for myself! :) ).


It was really well done. I love watching ballet and really need to do more cultural sorts of things like that (only tickets are often so expensive...). You may have read the Dumas version, which is really very close to Hoffmann's only Dumas gives lots more details at the end. If you do look for the stories, the Hoffmann is only about 55 pages and the Dumas about 90. I have too much reading, too, to get so distracted all the time, but that never seems to stop me.


Actually I don't mind weird--not in the way Hoffmann writes them anyway. I just ordered a collection of his stories today, and it includes Master Flea--thanks for the recommendation!


I did, thanks! And I am glad you enjoyed the post--I never know how much to tell about a story and there was so much in this one, but I think I hit the high points without giving too much away!


I did have a good time--ballet is so beautiful--how do those dancers manage to move the way they do?! The Dumas story is quite similar at the main story is basically the same. Dumas embellishes more--the bit at the end where Marie goes off with Nutcracker after he has battled the Mouse King (which I didn't really write about) is very descriptive in the Dumas--the ballet skips the Princess Pirlipat story from what I can tell and focuses on the first and last thirds of the story.


Me, too. I had always wanted to see the Nutcracker so went (also with my mom and sister) years and years ago. I had never read the story--don't think I even realized it was based on a story, so it was fun reading them and seeing the ballet again in the same weekend. I'm sure the ballet is on video and your library might have it in case you feel tempted to watch it. I have added the recent film adaption to my Netflix queue and am curious to watch it--I don't think it is a ballet, but a regular movie.


I didn't realise that The Nutcracker was a book as well as a ballet. It sounds like a perfect Christmas read.


I don't think I realized it when I first saw The Nutcracker either--it was only recently that I learned it was based on a story--and then I had no idea Dumas actually reworked the original story, too. I did enjoy it--certainly had my fill of it this past week between both stories and the ballet--plus I've been listening to Christmas music this week on my MP3 player and it includes the music from the Nutcracker. I've had my fill this season, but I've enjoyed it!

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