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I've seen Song of Achilles on so many best-of lists this year. I think I've had it on my TBR since it came out, but I saw a one-man retelling of The Iliad over the weekend, which has me all the more eager to read it. Perhaps I'll move it to the top of my list after the TBR Dare.


Several of these books are on my TBR list already--and The Three Musketeers is on my tablet! I'll be starting that soon. One of the happiest surprises for me this year was Amor Towles' Rules of Civility--I just loved that book, possibly because I found the heroine so appealing. Finally a young woman who didn't doubt herself all over the place and who acted with confidence, even if she made mistakes. Something about that book clicked with me.

I meant to tell you--I found Edith Hamilton's Mythology at my library bookstore and snapped it up for $2. I don't know when I'll get around to reading it, but I couldn't pass it up after going through it with you this year! (And this is how giant TBR piles are made.)


I was really impressed by it. I wasn't sure going into it if I would like it even though I love historical fiction normally-I don't tend to read books set so far back in time, but Miller got it all right in my opinion. Hope you have a chance to read it next year!


I really liked the Rules of Civility when I read it last year. It was a library book and I still mean to buy a copy to have on hand and reread someday! I loved The Three Musketeers, but I love those sorts of adventure stories. I wonder what I should read next by Dumas--I think there are two more musketeer books. And yay you found a copy of the Hamilton--good to have on hand for the right moment!


Some very good suggestions here for 2013! I was happy to see Touch Not The Cat. I got it when it first came out through BOMC (or was it Literary Guild?) decades ago, but I never read it. Think I'll pull it down and dust it off. I'd forgotten how much I liked Mary Stewart. I believe I also have This Rough Magic and The Crystal Cave somewhere. Thank you for reminding me!


Oh, and you may like The Sea Hawk by Rafael Sabatini if you like swashbucklers!


You have some wonderful books there, Danielle, including my especial favourites, The Song of Achilles and A Childhood in Scotland. Happy new year and happy reading!


I just finished THE BLACK HOUSE yesterday. I loved it! I have the next in the trilogy THE LEWIS MAN that I started last night and I've ordered the third from across the pond.

I am also sitting here looking at a copy of THE WAY THE CROW FLIES on a bookshelf and thinking I need to read it this next year. I've had it for who knows how many years. 2013 should be the year to read it.

I need to see if my library has a copy of TOUCH NOT THE CAT. I read it more than once in years past, but I think I must have given away my copy. I'd like to visit that one again as well.

Have a very happy new year, Danielle! See you in 2013.

Simon T

At Mrs. L's is my favourite Taylor novel yet, I think (unless it's Angel) and I agree that Denham is such a fascinating character.

Of this list, I'm most keen to read Hetty Dorval - and it means you *have* read a Persephone in 2012, even if it wasn't between dovegrey covers!

Margaret Powling

I still have Touch not the Cat unread ... but glad you are going to continue with the Cazalet Chronicles which is now on the radio as a short drama each day (just 15 minutes.) I listened to the first part today and enjoyed it ... for those who haven't yet read the books at least the drama didn't attempt to introduce too many characters in the first episode.
Have a lovely New Year, Danielle, may 2013 be a good one for us all.


So you really have to laugh that the languishing book is called Marking Time. I don't think you could have planned a more perfect title than that. Happy New Year Danielle! I look forward to seeing where your reading takes you in 2013!


This is becoming a a tradition, printing your list of favourites of the year, I mean, for future reference. I'm so impressed by the amount your read in 2012 and you achieving such a high quality of reviews when writing about them. I'll let you know my short list of favourites seperately as I haven't already finished coming up with facts and figures. Happy New Year to you and I am looking forward to come here again in 2013.

Alex in Leeds

Oh yes, Denham Dobie was a curious character! If you're after more Dumas, take a deep breath and dive into The Count of Monte Cristo - it's huge but it just sucks you in and it's Dumas at his best. :)


I read halfway through The Song of Achilles before being distracted and lured away. But I remember I was enjoying it very much too, and really must get back to it soon! :)
And I can't wait to meet your most 'interesting character' from Crewe Train, as I have been meaning to read it for quite a while now.
Here's wishing a very Happy New Year to you, Danielle! Warmest wishes and God bless.... :)


I also loved Oleander, Jacaranda, and Hetty Dorval. Not surprising, seeing as they are by two of my favourite authors! So interesting to read your list and the different categories you've used to note your favourites.


Have made a note of several of these and will particularly look into The Way the Crow Flies. I too have Touch Not the Cat unread... I must dig it out. So many books on my shelves languishing! I love the way so many people seemed to love The Black House... even my very picky husband.

Happy New Year to you too, Danielle.


I know Touch Not the Cat isn't everyone's favorite Mary Stewart, but when I read it in the fall it just clicked with me--I found it really enjoyable! I hope you like it equally as well--somehow I think just Mary Stewart is one of those authors who rarely fails to please! I read This Rough Magic while on vacation and it was very entertaining as well! And her Arthur books are great--would love to revisit those sometime!


I *do* love swashbuckling books--thanks for the heads up on the Sabatini--I think I might have one of his books (maybe Captain Blood or something like that?). Happy New Year Grad!


I did have a good reading year--those two really stood out for me. I wish Christian Miller had written more and hopefully Madeline Miller is working on something new! Happy New Year Cornflower!


I have yet to find anyone who has not liked The Blackhouse--wasn't it a great read? And I have The Lewis Man as well. I was going to read it on my break, but I didn't get to it--better to save it for January and have something good to look forward to. I'm tempted to order the third book as well--but I am going to try and wait for it to at least come out in paperback. If you are tempted to pick up Ann-Marie MacDonald--I can't say enough good things about that book. Now I want to reread her other novel. I will be reading more Mary Stewart next year I think--Touch Not the Cat was a fun one for me. Happy New Year to you, too, Kay. Best wishes for 2013 and I hope the year is filled with good books!


Why do I feel so much better knowing I did indeed read a Persephone title?! Still, I have a stack of the originals and I really need to start reading them--they've been languishing too long. I hope you like Hetty Dorval--I also read Ethel Wilson's Swamp Angel, which was also really good, but Hetty Dorval just clicked a bit more for me. I really like Angel, too (talk about a unique character). I always love Elizabeth Taylor's books. Which one shall I read in 2013??


It's sort of good to know you have an unread Mary Stewart to look forward to reading later. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the dramatization of the Cazalet Chronicles--and I hope I can listen after the fact, though I sort of want to keep reading the books and as I read them so long ago I don't want the story to be spoiled for me. I didn't realize the episodes were only 15 minutes each! Happy New Year to you, too Margaret. Best wishes for 2013--I hope the year is filled with lots of good things and many wonderful books!


I didn't plan that, but it does have a nice ring to it. Poor book certainly is marking time (until I sit down and read it properly!). Happy New Year to you, too, Stefanie--hopefully 2013 will be an even better reading year!


I'm flattered you will print out my book list--though I have been noting many a title from other readers' lists, too! I did read quite a lot this year--though there were some months it didn't feel like I was getting much reading done at all. I'm looking forward to hearing your own favorites and what sorts of books you read and the plans you had and where your reading took you! Happy New Year Catharina!


So far I've read two Rose Macaulay books and both had very unusual heroines! I wonder if that is just her style? I'm going to read more of her work--hopefully will get to something next year, too. I have actually read The Count of Monte Cristo--it is one of my all-time favorites. I think it might even be about time for a reread of it!


I hate it when that happens--and it happens quite often to me (I am going to try and work on that next year!). It's very good if you get a chance to pick it back up again-I think you won't be disappointed. I look forward to hearing what you make of Crewe Train when you get to it! Have a lovely New Year Michelle--best wishes for 2013! :)


I could happily reread both of those books. I plan on reading something else by both authors next year. It was fun coming up with creative categories--some books are good for their quirkiness and it's fun to point them out.


Yes, me too! I am going to try hard and read more from my own piles next year! Both books are really good--The Way the Crow Flies is really exceptional! I loved The Blackhouse and am looking forward already to reading The Lewis Man, which I have heard is equally as good. Best wishes, Cath, in 2013!


What an interesting year of reading! You remind me that I've been meaning to read Oleander Jacaranda. Elizabeth Taylor is a novelist I also keep meaning to explore. I have Angel, so I guess I'll start with that. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to the Slaves' discussion of Dr. Glas.

Claire (The Captive Reader)

So many wonderful books, only a few of which I've read! I really want to get my hands on Oleander, Jacaranda and A Childhood in Scotland in 2013. Happy New Year!

Literary Feline

You've got me curious about The Blackhouse. It sounds like something I would really like. And as you know, I loved The Way the Crow Flies when I read it years ago--so I am happy to see it on your list of favorites.

I look forward to hearing what your plans are for this next year.

Happy New Year!


Yay! The Song of Achilles also made my list. I'm intrigued by a number of your books. I read Hetty Dorval a few years ago and it was very good, definitely an underrated classic.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Happy New Year, Danielle - may it bring you joy and many many books. That is such an eclectic list - and I am reminded that I *still* haven't read any Elizabeth Taylor. I think that will be my 2013 aim (as well as filling in some Mary Stewart gaps).


Happy New Year, and thanks for a wonderful list of books! I definitely want to read The Song of Achilles in 2013.


I promised to be back with my favourites, so here they come in particular order:
David Mahlouf,Fly Away Peter
Joseph Roth, Radetzky March
Sebastian Barry,On Canaän's Side,
André Gide,Strait is the Gate;
and as always one children's book:
Kenneth Grahamer, The Wind in the Willows

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