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Buried In Print

Well, now I'm excited about the new Gardam, but I didn't know until now to BE excited! I've had my head down in backlists lately, so I've got to get caught up on New Book News. Looking forward to hearing more about what's on your list in the meantime.


A new Kearsley! This is exciting for me, I love her work. Also, the next Winspear title; this is a good day!!


So am I! Now I need to read the second book, which I dug out of my pile last night in anticipation--though will try and at least hold off until early next year. I always keep a running list of new books that I come across and add them to my amazon wishlist then try and find library copies where I can. My list is pretty long--lots of titles that just look interesting that I want to at least take a closer look at--but most of these are books I really do want to read when they come out.


Isn't that exciting?! I didn't realize she was so close to publishing a new book. I guess I lost track of what she's been up to. I've actually got Snowy Horses to read next, however, so that will tide me over until her new one is released (maybe not until summer or late spring in the US). And I always look for a new Winspear book about this time of year. It gives me something to look forward to after the let down of the holidays (and vacation) being over.


A lot of really interesting titles. I own a few of some of the authors, still unread, so I will keep myself on the leash and not rush and place orders but it looks as if 2013 has a few great books to offer.
Jackie from Farm Lane Books posted a similar list yesterday, very different titles, you might want to have a look.

Liz F

Some very tempting titles there Danielle.
I really need to catch up with the Maisie Dobbs books and Jane Gardam's more recent novels too (I read her earlier novels and short stories back in the 80's and loved them)and I love Tracy Chevalier so a new one by her is something to look forward to in the New Year.
I must give Susanna Kearsley another try - I read The Shadowy Horses years ago and loved it but was a bit underwhelmed by the next book of hers that I read - I know that I have a copy of Mariana on my shelf so I will give that a try and see how I get on.
I like the sound of the Jennifer Haigh and the NIcholson too!
At the moment I am looking forward to the new Elly Griffiths thriller 'A Dying Fall' which is out at the end of January here and also the next in the Shetland series by Ann Cleeves 'Dead Water' which is due at the same time. There is also a new Dennis Lehane out, not sure when, but he is always worth reading.
Just a shame that normal working life gets in the way of reading time isn't it?


Such a wide variety of books to look forward, something for every mood!


An exciting list to look forward to, Danielle, and more books to add to my own TBR. You always inspire me, especially today. Thank you.


I haven't given up hope altogether but my library has stopped the Winspear after the first two. I cannot understand why. I think I'm going to ask again..


I think I am also going to try very hard next year to read more from my own (already purchased) book piles. It's going to be hard not to be lured by new books, but we'll see if I can manage it for even a month! Of course there will be a few books I can't resist picking up so I will have to allow myself a few new purchases or loans from the library. I did take a look at Jackie's list--I saw at least one book we are both interested in--I love seeing other new books and expect I'll add a few more titles to my own list!


The Maisie Dobbs books are one of the few mystery series that I have managed to keep up with and read as soon as each book comes out--can't say that about most of the mysteries I start reading. I loved the one Jane Gardam book I read and then had to go out and start collecting her other books. Now I must get around to reading them. Susanna Kearsley is a comfort read for me--I've got Snowy Horses and am looking forward to it. It sounds like she may be a hit or miss author for you--I've got a few of my own like that. I read the first Elly Griffiths book and have the second but have fallen quickly behind--I enjoyed the one I read and must get back to the next book. Maybe next year I'll do better as I have set myself the task of reading more from my own piles--we'll see! Yes, lack of free time is a huge stumbling block to getting to all these books.


And as I am very much a mood reader you can see how I choose books here! :)


There is always some new book to look forward to, isn't there? I wish I wasn't such a pushover when it comes to new book temptation...


It's too bad they haven't ordered more of the Maisie Dobbs books. She seems quite popular but maybe she has a larger following in the US? I've really enjoyed the books and like seeing how Maisie's character develops.


Lots to look forward to here. A new Kearsley is most welcome. I need to get back to Maisie, as I did quite enjoy the two books I've read. I'd also like to read the new Heyer bio, as I thought she was an interesting person after reading the one by Jane Aiken Hodge. Plus, on a whim I stopped by my local used bookstore this week and found two Georgette Heyers for sale, and I didn't have either of them. They have joined my groaning TBR shelves.

Margaret Powling

Ooh, a new Maisie and a new Elly Griffiths! I have the last Elly to read - I was somehow side-tracked and didn't get beyond the first or second chapter, so must get that down from the shelf and finish it. I enjoy these novels written in the present tense (although I know that tense isn't always readers' first choice.)

With your permission, Danielle, might I put a word in here for the wondeful books of Antique Collectors Club? I'm sure some of your followers not only enjoy fiction but non-fiction and therefore if anyone reading this wants to splash out on something special, i.e. books which aren't 'just' coffee table books - they do have something to say as well as looking good, then do take a look at their list. I've just received The English House - 1000 Years of English Architectur by John Steel and Michael Wright, which is something right up my street. It is a large format book filled not only with well-sourced information but also the most wonderful photographs, both coloured and black and white. This should see me through the dire films on TV over Christmas!

Margaret Powling

PS I am beyond help ... I have just ordered yet another book, Charles Todd's The Walnut Tree. I mean, how could I resist: we have a walnut tree in our garden!


I also read the Hodge bio of Heyer, but she spent as much time talking about the books as about Heyer--which is fine, but I wouldn't mind learning more about the woman. Lucky finds to come across Georgette Heyer at the bookstore--I am not sure my local used bookstore even has any of her books. I've not read a single book by her this year (I normally read a few each year), so I'm going to have to rectify that next year!


Feel free to always pass along book recommendations. I know I am always happy for them as are others who drop by here to read posts/comments! I will have to look up that series as well--the Steel and Wright book sounds especially good. I wonder if they are distributed here at all--wil have to check that out. I'm behind in the Elly Griffiths books, but do have one unread that I hope to get to sooner than later. Of course I'll definitely be ordering the new Maisie Dobbs book--something to look forward to after the holiday!


Our tastes really do overlap--I bought The Walnut Tree, too, and it sits by my bedside. I already have a list of books I am reading from, but it would be nice to add it to my pile since it has a holiday flavor to it!


Oh what a dangerous post! This is full of books I'd love to read, including William Nicholson and Jane Gardam, great authors both. Oh dear, so much for cutting back on book buying (but then we knew that wouldn't last!).


I may be able to borrow less from the library next year (well, and forming that idea in my mind anyway), but I am not sure I'll be able to go cold turkey on the book buying! I expect I might just get a gift card or two for Christmas and it would be such a shame to leave it sitting in a drawer or something! :)

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