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Oh, Pink Hill Manor is lovely! I really like the colours, those shades of green and pink. Looks very nice!


Thank you! I really liked the color combination as well, which is what made me first pick the design up. It will look nice framed and can't wait to put it on my wall.

Jan S.

Isn't a finish a great feeling? It's lovely.


It has turned out really beautiful Danielle. Will you show it framed? I do remember the other one too, especially the small groundhog:). And stitching with Lynley is a great combination.

Joan Kyler

Your needlework is lovely, as usual, and I like the patterns you choose. I hope you've inspired me a bit. I believe I mentioned that I started a needlepoint birth announcement for my grandniece, Grace. I'm feeling terribly overwhelmed now because I have TWO new grandnieces since Thanksgiving! I was struggling with Grace's piece and the thought of doing two more ......argh! I may have to just plod on and, if I ever do finish all three, give them as graduation presents!

A very happy New Year to you!


They have turned out really well. Even though the second isn't finished it looks wonderful already. I can imagine starting a new one is just like starting a new book. Such wonderful anticipation.
Are you going to frame these?


Both are completely gorgeous. I don't know how you do it! Stitching is really hard to do - or at least, I find it so. It's a lovely image, though, of you stitching away to the accompaniment of some great television. Sounds very peaceful!


Pink Hill Manor turned out so pretty! Will you be entering it in the fair next year? And your February sampler is so close to being done too! It looks great!


Yes, it is! It makes me want to spend hours stitching now! :)


I will definitely share a photo when I have it framed. I will likely not get it to the framers until after the New Year, but hopefully I can have it done soon. I'm anxious to hang it up. Isn't the little groundhog sweet? :) And it seemed about time for another round of Lynley episodes. I do like watching them every so often--I wish it had not been cancelled. At least I still have her newest book to read--it is coming out in paper on the 31st and I already have it on order.


Thank you! Seeing a finished project is always a nice way to find a little inspiration to pull out those projects that are waiting for a little attention. You are not alone in wanting to stitch a birth sampler--a good friend had the same intentions, to stitch a sampler for a another friend of ours. Alas, the little girl is now in college! I'm not sure if she every actually completed it. I told my niece I would stitch something for her and make it into a pillow and that was probably five years ago. I think now she would not be so interested in it, but she hasn't forgotten it! :) Happy new Year to you, too, and hopefully you'll find time for stitching.


Thanks--I am really pleased with both of them and am determined to finish that second sampler--if I can just add a few rows every day it should work up quickly. I do love starting new needlework projects and it is definitely time to get something else under way. I have several bins filled with charts already kitted out--they are in plastic bags with the right linen and floss--all ready to go. It's been quite a while since I have browsed my bins! I think I may have to find something that looks Spring-ish! I do plan on framing them--will likely start with the Pink Hill Manor--as framing is expensive--I take it to a framing shop and they do a really great job, but the wood for the frames is often really expensive. Pink Hill Manor is pretty small though, so the cost shouldn't be too bad.


It is really relaxing and I wish I set more time aside to do it. I used to be so dedicated but now I am often so tired at night I can't find the energy to pull out my needlework--how sad is that! Thank you for the kind words--I have gotten much better over time--you should see what some of my very first projects looked like when I finished them! :)


Isn't it very sweet? I'm not usually a pink person really, but I did like this very much. I want to enter it into the fair and it will be all ready to go! Now I am thinking of other projects that could be submitted next August--with a little planning I have lots of time. February is almost there--will have to try and add more to it tonight--I actually did spend time on it last night, so I'm on a roll! ;)


Very impressive! I like how you adapted it to your own ends, and it did turn out very pretty indeed.


Pink Hill Manor is lovely, and the other project is turning out so beautifully, too! It does feel so wonderful to finish up a big project, whatever it may be. I hope you'll share what you decide to work on next, too.

I don't know...I think watching Inspector Lynley might slow me down...


I wasn't quite sure what the "Dear Emily" reference was to, and I didn't know whose initials I should add, so it made it easier to just turn it into a sampler for me! :) Thanks for the kind words!


Thank you! I love finishing needlework projects (and then getting to choose something new!). I will definitely share my work--new and finished. I have been adding rows of white stitches whenever I have a few free moments--it's amazing how they add up. And yes, Lynley is most decidedly distracting (in a good way...), but I have seen some of those episodes so many times I almost know them by heart!

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