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I have this one at the cottage and am really eager for the summer to come so I can dive into it. The size is a bit intimidating, but you do make it sound so worth it! Thanks for your review. - I've been reading your blog for a while now, but this is the first time I've left a note. So... hello :)

Mrs. B

This along with Fall on our Knees have always been on my radar but I never picked them up. Now after your review Im really compelled to read one of them. Which one should I start with?


This title has been sitting on my bookshelf for years and you have given me the push to get into it; I read Fall on your Knees years ago and loved it! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Danielle!


I had to place an order for this right away. I liked her first novel very much but this sounds so much better even.
It's not easy to write about such a long book.
I like that when you think you know where a story is going but are surprised all the same. I missed that a bit in Crow Lake. I had an idea where it was going and it really went there... It was still good. I just discovered that she was born in Europe. In Baden-Baden, that is just a few miles from where I live.


I'm so glad you loved this, as I own a copy and really want to read it. But it has tiny type which is a bit off-putting. Knowing there's a great story waiting for me is exactly the incentive I need to pick it up. And your review is perfect in that it would surely make any reader want to pick this book up!


Hi Lee-Anne--thanks so much for leaving a comment--very nice to be able to chat with you! It is intimidating to look at I agree. Once you get into the story, though, it is so easy to get caught up in it you won't want to put it down!


They are both really good. In looking back on my notes Fall on Your Knees was a much slower start with me, but it might have been the timing--I read the book about six years ago. I want to reread it now and wonder if it will be a much better reading experience. So all that to say--I think I would start with this one since it reads almost like a thriller at parts. But they are both good!


Thanks so much Cathy! Best wishes to you as well for the holidays! If you loved Fall on Your Knees I think you will love this one, too. Definitely pick it up sometime soon.


This is one I can heartily recommend--especially if you have read her before and like her writing. I was so excited reading it and even now it sticks in my mind. I gave it to a friend and she is looking forward to reading it over the break. I still need to read Crow Lake, but maybe next year I will get to it. If your copy has material in the back about the book--wait to read it. I didn't know anything about the story going into it and it made for a really good reading experience trying to figure things out as there is a little mystery involved in the story as well. I had no idea the author was born in Europe. I wish she had written more books, but it seems she has only written the two and some plays.


I know the size and print can be off-putting. That made me hesitate, too, when I first picked it up, but I think once you start reading you won't want to put it down. I was really captivated by this story--at times she dealt with heavy subject matter but it was so well done. Definitely my favorite book of the year.


Oh, you have me curious! Clearly you loved the book. I will add it to my list!


There comes a time in every reader's life when you have to acquire a pair of those magnifying glasses that are ubiquitous in drug stores everywhere. I bought them to read the tiny print on medicine bottles, but they make reading small-print books a much more enjoyable experience.


Do keep an eye out for it-it was *so* good! I can't wait to dig through my bookcase for her first book now (just one more work day to go...).


Oh, I know that moment unfortunately. I have had my eyes checked and don't really need glasses for everything, but I do have those magnifiers for really, really small print but mostly to use while stitching as I can't quite see the linen threads as easy as I used to... Every once in a while a book will come along that does work better with the glasses, too. The US edition of the book, while very hefty, has okay print luckily.


I love when a book touches a reader in this way and just the enthusiasm that comes through in a review - it makes you want to go hug your favorite book and thank it for existing :-) Great post here.


This one really clicked for me. It was certainly a matter of the right book for the right reader at the right time. I so understand that feeling that you want to hug a favorite book--in my case it makes me feel all tingly when one really 'speaks' to me! :) I'm so glad I finally managed to write about it and hope I conveyed to others just how wonderful it is.

Literary Feline

I am so glad you enjoyed this book, Danielle. It is one of my all time favorites. From the writing to the characterizations--and the way it touched me personally. I could relate to so much of it, even though I am an American born in a different generation. Thank you for your insightful review!


I felt the same way. Everything about the story was so well done--I was very impressed, too. I think it's a mark of really good writing that she can make a story so real to people who live in a different time and place--the greater themes, though, were really universal. This is one I could happily reread right now!

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