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vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Have you ever read the letter where FB describes her mastectomy (pre-anaesthetic days)? You're in for a treat... ;-(


I just saw vicki's comment... How dreaful.
I'm very interested to hear about the journal though.

Liz F

Your post makes me realise that I really must make a start on Camilla now even if I only read a few pages a day.
I like the idea of reading it in conjunction with the Journals too - I haven't been organised enough to do that in the past but as I have copies of both books and a bit more time on my hands at home, I might try to do some joined up reading for a change!


I have heard about it, but I haven't gotten ver far yet in the Journal--I was thinking there would be reference there. I think I heard somewhere that she may not have even needed such a drastic procedure--imagine undergoing such a procedure back then! I think she lived to a ripe old age, however.


Isn't that awful--I can't imagine it now let alone back then when medicine was in its infancy. Very dreadful! I need to bring the Journal with me to work and devote a lunchtime to it to get going in it.


I've been moving slowly in Camilla--it's not hard going only such a hefty book to drag around with me in my bookbag. I think I am going to load it onto my Nook and try reading it at the gym (not sure I can concentrate on it there since lately the music has been so loud!) :( I haven't gotten very far into the Journal, but I think once I get going it's going to be very goo. What happened to all that vacation time reading....


Mr. Dubster losing a glove certainly shows a general lack of good character. Dancing with only one glove, who ever heard of such nonsense! ;)


I have just signed up for a course on Womens Diary Writing in 18C and Fanny Burney is one of the diarists (though I am commenting to say thank you for suggesting Dark Matter for cold weather at Cornflower Books - I look forward to it!)Nice to have found your blog!


Ruination! Someone else who I know is reading this said there is a lot of hand wringing that goes on in the story and I am not surprised! Not only does Mr Dubser show a lack of character but what would everyone think of Camilla for dancing with him?! :)


That sounds like fun! What other diaries will you be reading? I love journals and diaries and have been squeezing them in with my other reading whenever I can. You are most welcome for the recommendation (which I think actually I first got from Cornflower herself! :) ). Many thanks for the kind comment and please do drop back again--I shall check out your link as well--it's always nice chatting with other bookish people!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Oh no! imagine going through that for no benefit! Argh!


I am dreadful about reading books from before the 20th century, but this does sound like a lot of fun. There is bound to be a good reason why it has survived for centuries in print!


I usually manage a few each year at least set in the 1800s but for the last few years there have been very few books from pre-twentieth century that have made it to my night stand. I prefer 'modern' novels but it's nice to get a little variety now and then.


Gosh I hope that's accurate now that I've gone and written it! I will have to investigate and see what I can find in one of my library books about her. Doesn't that sound really horrible, though?

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