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Simon T

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Danielle - definitely a good way to start your list! You picked up on the book's clues much better than I did, I have to confess.


This sounds wonderful. I'm very drawn to "slice of life" novels at the moment and set in another time but still very similar all the more.
It goes on the wish list.


I was happy it turned out to be my first century book--it's a memorable one. And I didn't catch on really that there was something not quite right about Mrs. Harve for quite a while--she just seemed a little eccentric, but it was after I was looking back and thinking about what I was going to write for my post that I started giving all the little signs more thought. Thanks for the gentle push to finally pick it up to read!


I like these sorts of domestic stories, too. I was expecting something far more frivolous and was pleased that the story turned out to have more substance than expected. I do love books from this particular era.


This sounds right up my street. I LOVE novels with lots of subtext-y clues that offer a very different reading to the one given on the surface. Hmm, may well have to track this one down! Lovely review, Danielle.


Not a bad start at all! It sounds fun but full of subtlety too.I like that.


Then you may get on well with this one. It was a pleasant surprise as there seem to have been mixed feelings about it from different readers. I wasn't sure if I would click with it or not. Now I want to reread I Capture the Castle. I found a nice cheap, used copy without too much difficulty--maybe the used bookstore where you work will have a copy?


Yes, so far so good, though it is the lone book on the list. I think I only want to do novels, so that may slow things down a little. I could add Dispatches since it was written in the 70s--will have to think about that. I guess it doesn't really matter which books I choose for my century list. It was fun but with a touch of seriousness, too. A good combination.

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