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I see some Wentworth reads in my future! Thanks for mentioning her books. A governess turned private detective and a crush worthy Inspector sounds to good to pass! :)


What pretty shelves! And so nicely arranged too. I like the idea of converting a closet into bookshelves!


I love your use of closet space for bookshelves, Kathy. Gives me some ideas for some under utilized closet space (though Lord knows I don't need space to accumulate even more books". Thank you for sharing on Danielle's blog - and thank you for doing this, Danielle.


Love looking and looking at bookshelves. I organize mine by subject (more or less) too- at least the non-fiction ones. I don't know how long the oldest-unread book has sat on my shelves but it's probably near to ten years!

Fleur Fisher

What lovely bookshelves. I've picked up a few Patricia Wentworth books, not knowing much about her but liking the look of them, so it's lovely to read such a warm recommendation.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

What a comfortable house of books. So pleased to meet a fellow Wentworth fan - I love her books (though that last one is a disaster!)! My favourite is The Case of William Smith.


I LOVE this series, please keep it up!!! Thanks, Gina


These look so nice and wellorganised. And the list grows, added Wentworth to it.


wow, I love the pictures (and the series, obviously!). It's like a virtual visit, thank you so much Kathy to welcome us in your home!


Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!


Thank you! We have far more need for books shelves in our house than for more closets :).


It's nice to have plenty of room for the books...but the shelves DO tend to fill up.

I enjoyed thinking about Danielle's questions and sharing my bookshelves with everyone--I love seeing other people's libraries, too. It's a fun series she's got going.


I have several other books that have been on there for a long time, but Life Collage was the oldest. Really, I do mean to read it...


Thank you--this is why I don't think I'll ever be completely enamored of an e-reader: you just can't decorate your shelves with one! I hope you enjoy Patricia Wentworth--I really have liked the books I've read by her.


I haven't read The Case of William Smith yet. I'll look forward to reading it on your recommendation! I am slowing collecting her books, as my library only has a few.


Hope you like her!


You're most welcome. Book lovers make the best guests!


Another wonderful post, such different shelves and way of organizing them.
I have never read Patricia Wentworth so far.
On the wish list, right away!


What gorgeous shelves! I love the big window and those comfy looking chairs, too. As ever fascinating to read about another blogger's library and I can warmly recommend Patricia Wentworth. I have loads of her novels and they are very well-loved comfort reads. Begin with Eternity Ring, or The Catherine Wheel or The Watersplash. They are some of her best ones, though they are all good!


I'm excited that I haven't read any of your recommended Wentworths! That means I have some extra good ones in store.


Love the photos! Thanks for sharing your 'treasures' with us, Kathy.:) And thanks for this brilliant series of Lost in the Stacks, Danielle! Always such a pleasure to get a peek at other book lovers' shelves.
Have not read any Wentworths, but my interest in piqued now.


Another one is planned for this Friday--I hope you'll stop back! :)


I like the idea of putting shelves in a closet for books, but unfortunately my house is old and has too few closets as it is! :) I have a couple of Patricia Wentworth books on my pile and have already dug one out in anticipation of reading it sometime soon.


I'm really enjoying the photos and answers, too. It's so nice seeing other reader's shelves! I've not yet read Patricia Wentworth either, but have already pulled out my copy for later.


Many thanks to all and to Kathy for the comments! Always nice chatting about books and getting a peek at someone else's bookshelves!

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