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This sounds excellent. I wonder if I've read it. I had an intense Fitzgerald phase some years ago but I read a lot in translation, so I'm not sure about the titles. Have you read Gilles Leroy's prizewinning novel Alabama Song on Zelda Fitzgerald?


Nice to see someone else blogging about these books! I quite enjoyed the first two reads. I felt the characters were unsympathetic here as well, but I do also enjoy Fitzgerald. Bartelby was my favourite of the two.


I read Gatsby once, long ago, and remember not particularly liking it and wondering what all the fuss was about! Perhaps a reread is in order. I think that and Bernice Bobs Her Hair, which I read in high school, is the only thing I've ever read by Fitzgerald. I think maybe I should try him again just to see if that impression stays, or if I was just too immature to appreciate his work at the time.


I've only ever read Gatsby and didn't like it and so have been turned off and haven't tried any other of Fitzgerald's work. This sounds quite good, you tempt me!


I discovered I had it in a collection of short stories by him already but hadn't read it, and am still glad to have this little individual volumes. I'm not at all familiar with Gilles Leroy's book, but it looks good--I've added it to my wishlist (and as I have an Amazon gift certificate to use might order it this weekend). They were an interesting pair, but very sad lives.


I took a peek at your posts and will have to return and read them properly! I am enjoying reading the books--am so glad I signed up for these as I am sure I wouldn't read the books otherwise (at least not right now). I very much enjoyed Bartleby, too. I read it when I was in high school--a very long time ago! :)


I read it in high school and contrary to what usually happens (reading a classic in school often turns the reader off a book) I really loved it. I read it a few times after, but it's been quite a while since I've read it since. I think I must have just had a really good teacher who was enthusiastic about it? I wonder what I would make of it now and might have to reread it soon. I'd like to read something by him this year in any case!


I knew you were not a Gatsby fan---maybe another of his stories would appeal more? This one is short in any case, should you find yourself tempted any time soon! ;)


I read this a while back and loved it. There is something SO special about Fitzgerald's writing, a quality of vividness and intensity that no one else pulls off. I would definitely like to read more by him this year.


I would like to read more, too, and hope I can manage something. I've not gotten to a very good start with classics, but it helps to at least read novellas--a little taste of each author's writing. FSF is really good--he does bring that era to life!

Buried In Print

Your novella-reading project is inspiring; it makes me want to go and snatch all the "skinnies" off my bookshelves!


Novellas and short stories seem to be my unplanned reading projects this year. Instant gratification, too, since they are relatively fast reads. I have been buying more shorter novels of late, and of course it's nice getting two in the mail every month!


Fitzgerald is an author that I need to read more of, including this one. I've only read The Great Gatsby and probably a few of his short stories in high school.


Other than this novella, I've also only read The Great Gatsby (a few times, though) and a few of his short stories. I really do like him and want to read more as well.

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