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They look lovely, your new books.
I'm not sure I'd be able to read according to a schedule at the moment but would feel tempted too, like you to try it.
I obce had subscription like that, 12 fanatsy classics and read them one by one as they arrived. But I was only 18 and din't have huge TBR piles yet.


I stopped by your blog today.


I really love getting a few new books (sort of by surprise as I don't exactly know the titles they are going to send) each month. I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up if they were long novels, but novellas are nice. Both of the Melville's have fewer than 100 pages, so I should easily be able to read them in one or two sittings. The Casares is also only about 100 pages. We'll see if I can keep up. I like the idea of reading outside my comfort zone, but otherwise I am with you totally on reaidng from my own TBR piles. So far I've been quite enjoying revisiting my own--older books! :)


Hi Ann. Thanks so much--always nice to have a new visitor! Cheers! :)

Alex in Leeds

I'm a subscriber for a couple of publishers, I love following along with what they're thinking about and releasing. It just feels more like a conversation. I do like the look of some of the NYRB titles and some I already know but Melville House is completely new to me. :)


That's too bad about the mail. I'm v curious about The Invention of Morel!


Now that was a (mostly) good mail day! Both of the NYRBs books made it safely to my mailbox. I am very excited about them. I would start reading Testing the Current this weekend if I didn't think I should begin reading Dr. Glas for the Slaves. After Dr. Glas though, it will definitely be NYRB time!


I love your new books! Wow! How exciting! I'm thinking of subscribing to Melville - seems like they have a great selection of books that I don't really know about and I like that. Enjoy your new reads!!


That is indeed a good mail day:) Hope the one that has gone missing will find it's way to your mailbox soon too. They look very nice.


This whole subscription idea
is very interesting. I will
have to investigate. I do have
William McPherson's book
on my TBR list. Hope you
get your copy soon.

Simon T

I read The Invention of Morel a while ago, and thought it was a really interesting idea. Rather than summarise my thoughts, hope you don't mind if I just give you a link -


I really like Melville House and wouldn't mind having their whole set of novellas--if you like that genre, they are well worth looking into as the books are nicely designed but inexpensive. It's really fun doing a subscription/standing order for books. I wish I would have taken advantage of that before. Would still love to do the same with Persephone Books.


I wonder where the book slipped out? There must be a lot of undelivered mail--it's happened to orders of mine at the library, too. Impossible to ever track the books down again, but I'm getting a replacement. I'm curious, too, about The Invention of Morel--I'm not sure I would have picked it up otherwise, so this will be a fun way to explore new authors.


It was still a good mail day, but when I picked up the envelope and saw the open flap I inwardly groaned and then shook out the contents. Oops. I'll have the book soon enough, though. I have started Dr. Glas already--so far so good. I'm trying to decide whether to pick up Morel or one of my novellas first... :)


I love short stories, so novellas seem a natural progression! And I love knowing I'm going to get a few books in the mail every month, too. A nice way to expand my reading horizons since I am not sure if would necessarily buy the books otherwise. And both publishers have quality book lists, so it seems win-win to me.


Happily NYRB is mailing out a replacement. I think the Feb book will be mailed out the first week of the month (their shipping schedule was off due to the holidays), so need to get moving if I am going to stay on track. They are all nice to look at--I agree! :)


I like these subscriptions--what a great idea publishers have. I'm really looking forward to reading the McPherson, too!


Thanks for the link, Simon! I took a quick peek (but don't want to read/know too much before going into the story). You have me suitably curious to think I might go now and pick it up and start reading! I'll go back and read what you had to say properly when I finish!


Any day you get a book in the mail is a good mail day :). Your new additions sound quite interesting, and your goal of reading them before the next installments arrive sounds good and manageable, too. Enjoy your long weekend of reading and stitching!

P.S. I found two more bargains at my library book store to share with you: Alice Munro's Carried Away and Wallace Stegner's Collected Stories. My mother-in-law and I will be set for short stories for a while.


I can't help but think it is KIND of awesome that someone stole such an esoteric book. Hopefully s/he read and enjoys!


What great finds! I don't think I have that Munro book! I have been reading my Persephone collection so I haven't had a chance yet to pick up her new book. Will get to it eventually. I have read only one Wallace Stegner novel and I Loved it. I didn't realize he also wrote short stories--you'll have to tell me how they are.


I was wondering whether someone helped themselves or the book just shifted and fell out somewhere along the way. Wherever it ended up--I hope it finds a good home. My replacement copy arrived and I've already started reading! :)


I am loving this idea of book subscriptions - it sort of makes my mouth water, you know? But how irksome to have lost one in the post, grrr! I'm very glad NYRB are going to send you another. Such intriguing and unusual titles - very tempting!


I am enjoying my subscriptions--trying to keep up. We'll see how quickly I fall behind. The novellas are easy enough--but the NYRBs are longer novels. Luckily I got replacement quickly for the errant book!

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