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Liz F

Oh that little excerpt from E M Delafield's story is SO familiar to me from the days when my four were small!
Forget chocolate or wine, all I really craved was sleep of the uninterrupted variety and I can see the same with my daughter in law Rachel now with her three under-fives (daughter of 4 and twin son and daughter aged just 2)!

I have only read Provincial Lady which I absolutely adore so I really need to make an effort to read some more of her books (gives me a good excuse to peruse Amaazon again!) Really must get hold of a copy of the Persephone short stories as well as while I have a few of them (like the Katherine Mansfield) in other collections, I don't have the majority, and it sounds a wonderful selection (plus you get TWO bookmarks!)


I can attest to the fact that a family vacation is not necessarily a vacation for either parent, but especially for Mom when the children are small. It sounds like Delafield has nicely captured that feeling.

You've sold me on short stories in general and this collection in particular. I'm going to start keeping a book of them on my nightstand. It's getting crowded there, because I usually have a book of essays or poetry there already.


It sounds like a wonderful collection and I'm tempted to order it.
E.M. Delafield is another author I'd like to read this year, i ave a feling I will like her.
I hope will NOT become like my mother. :)


I keep meaning to read more EM Delafield and this year I really must--I have some of the sequels to the Provincial Lady as well as one of her other novels put out by Virago. Somehow holidays don't seem much like holidays when you have to look after small children! And the Persephone collection is really great--well with the cost of getting it new!


She did--no wonder my own parents took us on so few family vacations--how stressful it must have been! I am really enjoying reading short stories this year--I have a pile myself next my bed, too!


So far I have liked each story I've read, but I still have more than twenty to go. It's a pretty hefty book, so well worth the cost I think. I really like EM Delafield--you'll have to start with Diary of a Provincial Lady--such a great story. And I can totally understand your not wanting to become your mother! :) I sometimes find myself doing or saying something I can picture my mom doing or saying--but definitely a different situation in my case.


Sounds like an excellent story and oh so true. When I was a kid every summer the family would take 2-week long camping vacations all over the western US. I always had a great time but couldn't understand why my mom never wanted to go on long hikes and just never seemed to have much fun. Of course now I know but back then it was such a mystery.


Our poor mothers--vacations must not have been much of a vacation for them! :) I recall only one major childhood vacation--an obligatory trip to Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. I still remember it even though it was a Very Long time ago now. I still have photos from then, too. we never did go camping though--my parents must not have been all that brave! :)

Buried In Print

What a great way to spend some Sundays; it's been awhile since I placed an order with Persephone, but I would definitely enjoy a copy of this one. Was it only the first of the diaries that you read? I meant to read on, but I read the first as an old standalone (from the would have fit into your series of exploring posts...such a pretty ol' thing) and only later collected the anthology with the other volumes, so I should probably re-read the first before plunging ahead, at this point. But what fun it was!


I have been thoroughly enjoying reading these stories. I love the sorts of books Persephone publishes anyway, so a book of stories dealing with similar themes is, of course, just what I like. I have only read the original Diary of a Provincial Lady and wouldn't mind rereading it as well--it's the perfect sort of comfort read, so amusing, too. I think my copy is an older paperback with the pinkish cover. I'm not even sure which order they should (or if they even need to be) read, but I think I only have The Provincial Lady in London (so must order the others at some point...). I actually got the short story collection from The Book Depository, but I think I am overdue for an order with them as well. Never a hardship to choose a new Persephone to order.

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