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vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I have this book winging its way to me - can't wait! It sounds like a great way to 'taste' some new (to me) writing.


I can warmly recommend Claire Tomalin's biography of Mansfield - it's fab! I do so love Persephone books. They are so gorgeous to look at and to hold. This sounds like another great volume from them.


I've had katherine masnfiled on my mind quite often lately. There is new (or re-issued) biography by Kathleen Jones out which seesm to be very good. Violet mentioned it on Twitter. I've read everything mansfield has written.
I'm reading a shot story collection at the moment which has a very ugly cover and I feel I pick it up much less frequently than if it had a nice cover. :(


A nicely designed book adds greatly to my reading pleasure. I read some of Mansfield's short stories in a (translated)collection called The Garden Party, Journal is still waiting for the right moment. Possibly this year seeing what you say about it.


Katherine Mansfield is one of those authors I've always been meaning to read but have never gotten around to. And I agree, there's nothing like a book that is a joy to look at and a pleasure to hold.


I had no idea Tomalin wrote a bio on Mansfield. That is going on my TBR list. I like Mansfield and you remind me I should read more of her stories. I think Woolf did admire her, one of the few women writers she felt to be worthwhile.


I don't remember reading this particular short story by Mansfield. Miss Brill is my favorite story by her. It is actually one of my all time short story favorites.

Kathy Johnson

Definitely the look and feel of a book enhance the reading experience for me--part of bookish pleasure. I just finished reading a book on my tablet, and though the book was good, the experience of reading it was not as enjoyable for me.

I just tried reading a volume of Virginia Woolf's diary, and found it hard going because I didn't know anything, really, about her life (and there were a LOT of footnotes). Perhaps reading a biography first would help. At the same time, I had Mansfield's journal out from the library, but I never got started on it and had to return it. I don't think I've ever read any of her work, and that's something I want to remedy, also.


It's a good one. I have a feeling that as I go I'll be adding more authors to my list of 'must reads'. And it is a nice chunky book, too, so you feel like you are getting your money's worth! :)


I have pulled it off my shelf--I would love to start it now, but had better try and finish some other books first. Still, it will be close at hand. And yes, those Persephones are a pleasure to hold and look at. I'm a sucker for a nicely designed book!


I'm not familiar with the Jones bio--I do have the one by Claire Tomalin on hand, but I am curious what sort of bio Kathleen Jones wrote--biographers often approach their subjects from widely different angles. I have read very little of Mansfield's work, and I always want to do something about it--I guess there is no rush--and will keep reading her stories slowly. Isn't it funny how a poor book design can sort of turn you off of reading it? I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but sometimes it can be really hard. It's a first impression really--often why I pick up a book in the first case.


I would love to reread her Journal--maybe after I read more of her stories or a biography of her. I think you would like it! And I think I also have The Garden Party collection, though I also have the really chunky Collected Works, too.


I have lots and lots of those 'mean to read' authors as I suspect most readers do. KM is just one example. I happen on her stories occasionally but really do need to make a point of picking up her work more often. Nice design is one of the reasons I love books by Persephone Books or NYRB--it's nice that many publishers still take the time to carefully present a book! Surely that must have an impact on sales, too.


If Woolf liked her then you know she has to be good! Claire Tomalin has written quite a few biographies, hasn't she? I'm not sure if her bio of Katherine Mansfield was ever published in the the US to be honest and I am not entirely sure it is even in print here (though don't quote me on that one!).


I had not been familiar with it before I came across it in this anthology. I've not read Miss Brill yet--I will have to dig out my Collected Works again and see how many stories she wrote. Short stories appeal to me very much these days--I should read more than my allotted one a week!


Reading is sort of tactile for me, too. That's part of the reason I have a hard time reaching for my Nook. I have good intentions, but books just feel so gook in your hand...and then when they are so nicely designed like a Persephone, there is no choice really. I have thought of reading VW's diaries, but I wonder if I would also be a little lost since I only am vaguely familiar with her life. I definitely want to read more of KM. I have a couple volumes of her letters, too!

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