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I had nevre heard of the author before either and reading she is considered to be one of the greatest is astonishing.
Seems I know little of South African literature. An author to keep in mind it seems. I wonder if she has written any novels whose name would ring a bell.


I'm going to try to find this story or the book. An interesting author I hadn't heard from before.


A writer I've not heard of, either. One of my reading goals is to become more familiar with literature by people other than Americans or Brits. I will put her name on my list of possibilities.


I don't know if I have ever even read any South African authors--none come to mind, so I'm not very well-educated on that part of the world. I enjoyed the story and hope to cross paths with her work again sometime. I think she only wrote the one novel. I'll have to try and find out more information about her.


I know she has a collection of short stories and I bet this is in it. She seems like someone who might be on a public library's shelves--so I hope you come across her books. I love being introduced to new and good authors!


This is why I love anthologies as inevitably someone new will pop up that I have not read (or even heard of) before. I did pretty well reading books in translation last year and hope to do as well this year, too.


I'm sure you have. Coetzee, Nadine Gordimer, André Brink?


Yikes--I own books by both Coetzee and Gordimer but have read neither. I've not read any Brink either. I really am not well read in this part of the world. I can't even think of a crime novel set there I might have read. I have read other African authors, but not South African... Well, until this story anyway.


Oh that sounds like a wonderful story! And it's nice that even Persephone can surprise you with their selections!


I haven't really looked through the whole collection (I think there are at least 30 stories) but I am sure there are a number of unknown to me authors included. It's a nice way of getting to know more authors!


What an intriguing little story! This does sound like a wonderful collection.


So far they have all been good. This one might be my least favorite so far, but still even a so-so in this collection is well done, if you know what I mean.

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