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Clive John Edwards

For once this hasn't onspired me to get out my To Be Read list. Nbot my sort of read. Probably a good job as the list is so long any way.


Madensky Square was my favourite of her boooks so far and it's not YA but, you are right, many of her novels are.
I like her, her books have a lovely fairy tale like quality but they are not devoid of realism.


I think this sounds like a wonderful escapist read--and we all need those from time to time, though admittedly, this type of escapism isn't for everyone. It is for me, however :).


Sounds like a fun escapist read! You will have to read Madensky Square soon so you can see if it takes you back to Vienna :)


I hope I didn't make it sound unappealing! Though I know everyone likes different sorts of stories--it really is almost a relief when you know you can pas on a book and not add it to a growing TBR pile!


I'm so glad to hear that as it is the first one I bought by her. I do have one or two of the reissues--though I didn't have A Countess Below Stairs. She is sort of hard to categorize--I can see where there would be a YA appeal, but the story really did feel more like an adult novel. I'm very curious to read more and will have to dig my copy of Madensky Square out of the bin it is stored in.


Me, too. I have a handful of reliable authors I like to turn to--Georgette Heyer tops the list, and now I can add Eva Ibbotson to it as well.


I know. I have been thinking lately about Vienna as a matter of fact. It's not a location you find much in fiction really, so I have kept Madensky Square in reserve quite a while!


I am all for escapist reads, nothing wrong with that, particularly not in February! This sounds charming, and knowing a happy ending is in store is sometimes exactly what I want.


Sometimes you just want something you know will have a happy ending--something sort of easy and comforting--and yes, as winter is wearing very thin it was just what I needed. I'm sure I'll return to her work again sometime, so am happy to have one of her books unread on my shelf for just the right moment.

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