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Gee, I want your mail. I got bills in the mail today, and not letters or post cards or even books, though I am expecting one from Paperback Swap sometime soon. (By the way, thank you for the card you sent--it came while I was away, and I have it sitting on my desk now.) The stamps on the letters are beautiful.


I rarely have such a good mail day as this one I must say, but when I do, I very much appreciate each card and letter! I think I might still have a book or two en route, and I always hope for a new postcrossing postcard! So glad you liked the card and that it arrived safely.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I haven't read any Lisa St Aubin de etc. for ages - I'll have to look this one up. (I also think your mail wins!)


I'm a little envious... Postcards and letters have become souch rare visitors of my mailbox.
I have a feeling March will turn into an Elizabeth Bowen Month for me with all the book by and about her that I have piled up.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Thanks for the link.


A very good mail day! Love those P&P stamps. You have lots of good reading in progress and to look forward to. I am behind on my NYRB Classics reading too. It's almost March and I haven't even finished January yet. Yikes!


Postponing reading till all is done and I can sit down and enjoy: your mail approach sounds so familiar.
Richard Mabey's Nature Cure is on its way to me too, as is Jean Giono's The Man Who Planted Trees. Those two the latest additons to my nature reading shelf, can't help myself..


I have too many good books started but now I am concentrating on Cashelmara as I have hit the moment of 'can't put this down until I find out what happens' moment--as it is a chunky book (over 700 pages) I've been dedicating most of my reading time to it for the past couple of days. Then must decide what to concentrate on--maybe those NYRBs! I wish I wasn't such a slow reader sometimes!


I was thinking I had read something by her, but now I am not so sure--think I must have something on my reading pile. I loved The Count of Monte Cristo, so I am very curious to see how this book reads. Yay for good mail days--too bad today's was not so good...


I feel quite spoiled. If I get at least one postcard a day (and those mostly come via Postcrossing) I am very happy indeed. Otherwise I only get lots of junk mail--though I do subscribe to several magazines, so I look forward to getting those glossies in the mail, too. I'm looking forward to reading Elizabeth Bowen next month--have even pulled out my Collected Stories by her as well.


I like to have good mail to look forward to and hate to rush it and rip open the letters--does that sound silly? I have a couple little baskets, too, by my bedside for cards and letters in one and postcards in the other. I can then reread them or look at the postcards and leave them there until I have answered them, then file them in their appropriate bins later. I need to look more closely at the Mabey--perhaps that is what I will start reading--I keep picking up and putting down nature books. I liked the Roger Deakin book so much last year--with those diary entries it is hard settling on something else. I read one of Jean Giono's books last year--but it was a war book--somewhat harrowing. A nature book sounds so much more soothing. I have another few books coming in the mail myself! :) And now I have been thinking Gretel Ehrlich might be someone to try (I loved an essay I read by her a few years ago), but I don't own any of her books. Will be taking Annie Dillard's Teaching a Stone to Talk to bed and reading a few pages tonight! Decisions, decisions.


Hi Danielle, the Women's Prize longlist is announced on the 14th of March:


Thanks Andy! For some reason I was not finding the right website, so thanks for the correct link. I am really looking forward to seeing the longlist!

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