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As my reading project has taken me to the interwar years now, I am slowly approaching WWII. Will make a note of this story as it sounds very good.


While the story is only peripherally about the war, it does affect the characters' lives--I really liked it, and have several books started now set during or just before WWII. You'll have to let me know which books you choose to read, too! :)


I had this on my wish list, I suppose I read about her here ad I really never see her mentioned anywhere. I think I'd like it very much as well. I have quite a few Viragos which are all set in the interwar period or shortly after WWII. I sense I'll read more of them as well.
One Fine Day sounds a bit similar.


I don't know anything about this author or this book. Both sound pretty good though. It seems the wars provide fertile ground for lots of stories with lots of variety.


Hmm. I think the comment I just wrote got eaten! I don't think I've heard of either the author or this book before. They sound right up your alley though. It seems the wars provide fertile storytelling ground!


The Land of Spices is superb! Be sure to try that one if you ever land on another O'Brien novel.


She's really very good and I am surprised that I don't hear here name more often, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places? I think you would like her. It's hard to pass those Viragos up--I will pretty much snap any I find up whether the story appeals outright or not. One Fine Day is wonderful, too, though is set just after the war, so a slightly different perspective, but also lovely writing and more psychological/character-driven, too.


Yes, there is really so much out there literature-wise from this period--it's great if it's what you like to read about as the choice is almost limitless. I'm quite curious to read more of her work and hope so much time won't pass between the next one as did this one and the first!


Sorry about that--don't know why Typepad is dumping comments in the spam folder all of a sudden--from people who comment frequently. I may have to send them an email to find a way to make it stop!


I'm so glad to hear that as I have a copy on my pile. I had thought I would wait to read more, but now I am thinking maybe I'll pull another of her books out to read sooner than later! Thanks for the encouragement.


I haven't read O'Brien yet -- but I have Mary Lavelle and The Land of Spices on my shelf -- so soon, I hope!


Oh this sounds wonderful! I have often seen Kate O'Brien's Land of Spices around but have never had the courage to pick it up, not knowing what kind of writer she was. Thank you for the receommendation, she's definitely on the list now.


I read Mary Lavelle recently and really enjoyed it. Now I think Last of Summer might have to be next on my reading list.


You have some treats on your shelf, then. Always nice to have a good author to look forward to. I don't recall details of Mary Lavelle, but I do recall liking the book. It was adapted to film, too, by the way. I might have to dig out my copy of The Land of Spices just to see what it's about.


Now you'll have to snap up the next copy you see. It is a little tricky with authors you don't know whether you will like them or not and not being quite sure you are willing to take the risk. She's a very good writer, though. I always feel a little more encouraged when I see Virago has published an authors work as I think they tend to look for really quality books. A little bit of a screening of authors anyway.


So nice to hear she is being read and written about! I will have to go and find your review of it. I've heard The Last of Summer isn't necessarily her best, but I was impressed by it and definitely want to read more by her.


This sounds like somethning I would definitley enjoy - I have some of Kate O'Brien's novels and have read Mary Lavelle, but haven't heard of this one before, so it is definitely on my list now!


I'm so glad to hear others have her books or have read her. I don't seem to hear her name mentioned but she's obviously on other reader's radars. I wouldn't mind rereading Mary Lavelle. And I very much enjoyed The Last of Summer--hope you get around to reading it, too.


Another author you have brought to my attention. I think I'd enjoy the series!


Even though I read this last month, the story is still in my mind. Definitely one to look for if it sounds appealing to you! I hope to read more of her work.

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