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A fascinating article and a library I wish I could browse around in! Unfortunately I had to leave most of my books behind when I moved from Germany to Texas, but I haven't given up hope yet that one day I'll be able to get them over to here.
Best regards from southern Texas,
P.S.: maybe you'd be interested in these libraries, too


Wow! Love it! I wish I could read in more than one language. I have heard of Pavese but don't know anything about him. Now I will have to do some investigating!


A personal library that is a bit like 'a notebook' showing Caroline's interests in certain periods, how I like that.

Delia (Postcards from Asia)

You live in paradise! Who would want to go out with so many books around? :)


Isn't that wall of books amazing? I could happily spend hours looking through all those books, too. Thanks for the links--took a peek--another cool library!


I do, too! Just imagine a whole new world of books opening up with another language! I can't remember how I heard of Pavese--maybe Caroline mentioned him? I bought the selected works I linked to but it's been sitting on my shelves. This is a nice reminder that I need to read it soon!


I love her method of organization, too! And it makes sense as I also tend to read books in groups like that by subject--though it may be a mixture of fiction and nonfiction. That's often how my bedside piles end up, though they seem to grow during the work week and then I need to organize them once again (and put them back since I am constantly pulling books off shelves) on the weekend. :)


Doesn't she?! Those are amazing shelves, and think of the hidden gems as they look double stacked--lots more behind those books, too.


Thanks, Danielle for inviting me. It's a fun series. There were quite a lot of comments on my posts and I thik people came over to visit. There has even been a request to expand the series and show many, many more blogger's shelves. Someone even coined the term "shelf envy" - via twitter. So funny.


It's a notebook that takes up some space bt It' works well for me. :)


I hope you will try Pavese. He's such a wonderful writer.


Yes, it's true... :)


These are some amazing shleves too. Thanks for sharing them.


Another fabulous set of shelves - what a wonderful library! I love the idea of keeping books together that have an imaginative relation. I wish I had the nerve to do that, but I fear that I'd never find them again. I am sure it would be inspiring to come across the special groups though!


Wow... That is a lot of books! Fun!


It is inspiring and I'm glad I have an almost photographic memory. I can picture the book and see the ones around it and so I find them again. I'd be lost otherwise.


I reliaze it's a lot now that I see the displayed. :)


Thanks to you Caroline! This has been really fun and as long as I can find other readers willing to share their shelves I'll keep posting on Fridays! :) I saw the comments on your blog--so glad people had a chance to come over and take a look here.


Wow Caroline! I'm envious of all your books and room. A cellar! An attic! I only have a two bedroom flat that I have to squeeze everything into.


What a delicious library. I see several books I own on her shelves, and many more I'd love to look through. I will have to check out Cesare Pavese as well.


Leroy coined the term "shelf-envy" when he saw the post. :)
It's a pretty big apartment, we cannot moan. But it is messy...


Thanks, Kathy. I hope you will like Pavese. He's not well known in the English speaking world but his books are so wonderful.

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