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Wonderful! Thanks to you both, Ted and Danielle, and what a marvellous collection you have, Ted.


What a fun look at Ted's books! I have never heard of Mr. Mani before but I am intrigued! Will have to see if my library has it.


I spot a number of books that grace my own shelves. And that rather tall stack of books looks familiar, too. Usually in a case like that whatever I want is inevitably the one on the bottom!


I'd heard of the author but not that book. Like you I'll be looking him up. I am pretty sure my library has Yehoshua's books.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I'm so enjoying this series, Danielle. I'm always to be found 'grazing' other people's bookshelves when invited to their homes.


As unwieldy as it is, I love my 'stacks' both as a home for old favorites and potential new ones.


Hi Stefanie. This novel was a real favorite of mine. Yehoshua is a wonderful writer, even if not as well known as his countrymen Oz or Grossman.


Me too. It's the place I always head when I visit someone's home for the 1st time!


That was almost as good as strolling through your apartment looking through your books. I have a few books in common with you, but you're incredibly well-read--I feel inspired to broaden my reading explorations. That's one of the best things about reading blogs and these Lost in the Stacks posts--exposure to so many of other people's favorites. Thanks for the peek into your reading world!


I'm always glad to share my enthusiasms. My favorite thing about the book blogging community is all the books I have been encouraged to try that I otherwise would have never known about or assumed I wouldn't like.


Thanks for hosting this, Danielle. It was a lot of fun!


Wonderful shelves and stacks. There are many books I've not heard of. I'm a regular visitor or Ted's blog and have discovered many books, especially non.-fiction.
I have never heard of Mr Mani but will invetsigate immediately.
I should follow this example of deciding very well after I've read a book whether or not I keep it. I just give away those I really didn't like.


Thanks, Caroline. Sounds like Mr. Mani may have a modest revival!


There is much, MUCH, that I envy in your vast collection, Ted, and appreciate a peek at them.

As always, Danielle, love all your lost in the stacks, especially this new avenue you are taking.


I just adore this series! These books seem to be the most integrated into the household that I've seen so far; I don't have any ornaments, for instance, on my shelves, but I love the look that Ted creates here. And as ever it's fascinating to browse the shelves - loved the biographies!


Thanks, Penny. I feel like I've just had a little party with all these great bookey people. It's been such fun, I'd love to send everyone home with a loaned copy.


Litlove, thanks. I have the Ragazzo to thank for a lot of the look of the place, that and the fact that we have so many things we simply have to double up. Bios have always been a special pleasure of mine.


I'm glad you are enjoying it Vicki--it is really fun to put the posts together and so nice to get a peek at other reader's books!


Thanks for answering my questions and sharing your photos--it's very kind of you to allow us all into your home for a peek at your books!


So glad you are enjoying the posts Penny. I hope to line up a few more in the coming weeks.


It is nice to see books sharing the same space as household items--I need to do that more myself rather than keeping them all in their own places.


I'm lucky since I am in a house and could spread my books out more--I always forget how hard it is for apartment dwellers to have a nice book collection in limited space. Someday I want built in shelving like you have!

Alex in Leeds

I love the idea of grouping all the works by Woolf together with all the works *about* Woolf, such a lovely flowing way to shelve them.

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