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Those are some wonderful jam-packed shelves! The cookbook photos is especially inviting. I'd love some tea from that tin while I browse through all the shelves :)


So interesting to see Tiina has again another personal style in shelving her books. I wonder:is any Finnish poetry hidden on these shelves?


I love to see the many different ways of organizing and the suggestions of favourite books.
I have seen quite a few books I own as well. :)
I'll see if I can find those letters.
I still have to read Purge, I'm sure it is very good.


Thanks, Stephanie! Offering you a virtual cup of tea! :)


Catharima, there is the collected poems of Edith Södergran hidden in one of the pictures. :) I read a fair amount of Finnish poetry, but mostly borrow poetry books from the library.


Caroline, Purge is so good! Oksanen has this amazing talent to write beautifully about very ugly things.


Danielle, thanks for including me in your Lost in the Stacks Home Edition -series. It was fun answering your questions.


Oh I hadn't found it on your shelves, I did read a Dutch translation/selection of her poetry just last month, I do remember one poem: 'Stars'.


I also want to read Purge--I added it to my wishlist when it first came out (last year? or the year before?), but I have yet to get to it!


Thanks so much Tiina for sharing your books and answering my questions! You have such inviting shelves--even the books in your kitchen look warm and cozy--and I love your cookie jar and canisters! :)


I very much enjoyed the tour of your books/bookshelves. That kitchen corner with your cookbooks and other little odds and end is utterly charming and inviting! It certainly looks like you have much of interest on all those shelves.

And congratulations on your dance competition!


It's all very inviting--I agree! I know Tiina had a food blog at one time and wonder if she still does a lot of cooking. I know at one time she posted a video of her dancing, but I wasn't able to find it again--such cool hobbies to have!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I love the idea of being totally cool about books invading every space. The bathroom may be next...! Another lovely bookish post.


I do love this series! It's amazing how the organisation of books reflects the character of their reader. Everyone's shelves have looked so very, very different! Absolutely fascinating.


If I had a proper, nice tub I think I might just keep a little stack of books in my bath--but I have an entirely uncomfortable bath so only take showers--totally precluding the option to read while bathing! :)


I know--You would think there are only so many ways to organize your books, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all--every person has a different way of doing things--very cool really.

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