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I think these new books sound challenging! Hopefully, in a good way, and I look forward to hearing about them.

I'm looking forward to reading The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen by Elizabeth Von Arnim, a book I'm taking with me on a short trip to Texas next week. I don't want to carry too many books with me, so I chose one I haven't begun yet, and I'll probably take one more "just in case" (Hey, what if I get stranded at the airport??)


I was good when I went on vacation last summer. I took two (if I remember correctly now)--one for going and one for coming home. And as it turned out I bought some there so I ended up with extra reading material! I think two is definitely a safe number to have on hand! :) I'd love to read more of Elizabeth von Arnim's books--a group I am in is reading her Fraulein Schmidt and Mr Anstruther--and now that I think of it I might go pull it from my shelf just to take a look at it...not that I should start any new books, but... Let me know how The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen goes--is it nonfiction? And have a great time in Texas--I would say enjoy the warm weather, but it's already warm where you are too (well, relatively so anyway!).


I find it rather quiet too. not sure why. I don't think there is always a reason. Many of the bloggers I frequent or who visit my blog are taking a break at the moment. I think it depends on how long people have been blogging. The most enthusiastic visitors are those who just started.
It's icy cold here by now. I'm off sick and enjoy staying in bed.
My comment yesterday disappeared right away.
I hope you will like the Grossman as he is one of the readalong authors. I only ever hear good things but I don't think he's an easy read. I'm looking forward to your review.


I has been quiet lately. As for my comments going to spam, I'll try not to take it personally ;) I am enjoying Testing the Current too. Tommy's voice feels so authentic. Bookman is reading Invention of Morel at the moment and enjoying it. I have no idea when I might be able to squeeze it in. I am looking forward to the Grossman. Did you get the NYRB email about a number of their war era books being on sale? I saw it last night and thought how tempted you would be!


It is longer ago than I care to remember that I read Russian literature, Toergeniew and Gogol were the last I think. These novellas would be a good way to get back to Russian literature for me too.
That said I must admit I already bought my books for this month, again.. the month not even being half over. I couldn't resist Julie Otsuka's The Buddha in the Attic and as they were both such lovely Penguin editions,bought When The Emperor Was Divine, too.The last one to reread, it's always nice to have my own copy.


I hope you are finding my comments in the spam! I'm sure you are - I'll go and read your responses in a moment. It is always a pain when the blog host fouls up in that sort of way, but usually the wrinkle in the cyberworld smooths itself out sooner rather than later. You are having some wonderful books arrive through the post - this subscription was such a great idea. I'll be interested to read your review of William McPherson, who I've never even heard of! How exciting to be discovering new authors.


I wondered why Vasily Grossman sounded so familiar--he must be later in the year? Perhaps this book will be a good way to ease into the war book! If other bloggers are busy with work and/or school--I totally understand why it's been so quiet--I have fallen very behind myself in reading and commenting--am so looking forward to the weekend. I found your comment in the spam folder--Typepad didn't give me a very good answer to my problem--will just have to keep checking the spam filter apparently as they are migrating to some other sort of spam filter--very much a nuisance, so I'll have to try and check in more often. You'd think they would have some sort of 'safe' email list I could create! It's cold here, too, and snowed earlier, though most of it melted off thankfully--tomorrow will be even colder than today--I keep telling myself spring is not That far off...Hope you're feeling better!


Isn't it awful--the people who are the most frequent commenters are the ones who are ending up in the spam filter--now that's a great way to make friends, eh?! I guess February is just a busy time of year? I really need to do some serious catching up myself this weekend, too. I love Testing the Current--am reading it slowly, but enjoying it so much--don't mind if it does take me a while to get through. I didn't get that email--will have to just go and check out their website--maybe it's a hint that I've been spending too much money?


Shorter books are always nice when it comes to certain authors or types of literature. I'm looking forward to both, but I think I had better read Twain first--maybe this weekend. The Otsuka sounds familiar--will have to go look it up but the other is new to me. I have been very bad of late when it comes to book buying and need to curtail my spending.


I have found them! I was starting to get a little depressed that it wasn't just a little quiet here, but really, really quiet when I discovered a bunch of comments in the spam folder. Now I check there first--such a pain but as long as the comments are there and Typepad doesn't just 'eat them up'! The McPherson is great--such a good find and it makes the subscription totally worthwhile to find such great authors like this!


It's been quiet out there for me, too. I haven't had much time or energy for blog reading lately and even less for blog commenting. It waxes and wanes for me, so I figure the same is true for others.

I read both Testing the Current and The Go-Between last year and know what you mean about the similarities. Both are so tightly focused on the child's-eye-view, and the reader in both cases recognizes things the child doesn't. It's an interesting spin on the unreliable narrator.


You brought When the Emperor Was Divine to my attention a few years ago. The Buddha in the Attic was nominated to Your National Bookarward in 2011 I think. And so do I, curtail I mean :)


Yes, me, too. Lately I've been so busy at work that by the time I get to sit down at the computer at night I am so tired I can barely manage a blog post, let alone going out and visiting others. So I hope to catch up a little this weekend. I loved The Go Between and am really enjoying Testing the Current. I do love that point of view--from a child's perspective--you describe it perfectly. In a way the worlds are idyllic, but not really. Anyway, both are really well done!


That's how short my memory is! I must have had a list of books I was sharing, or maybe I had it checked out from the library (but didn't get around to reading it). The title sounds familiar, though.


Sometimes the only way forward is to clear the Reader and start over. Regrettably, I have had to do that too many times in the last 12 months.

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