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Aww thank you! I feel honored to be quoted. As you know I am a huge Whipple fan. You'd already sold me on this collection before you even got to the Whipple story! I will absolutely have to read this anthology; it sounds wonderful.


She's great isn't she? I've enjoyed each story I've read so far. I thought I'd take the anthology slowly, but I seem to want to keep reading the stories sooner rather than waiting for the next weekend. I wonder if Persephone will ever do another anthology like this--though I'd hate to wait another 100 books to see it.


It is wonderful when every short story in a book turns out to be a gem in it's own. I think I only experienced that once with a book of short stories by Alice Munro.
There's a note with some spring nature reading suggestions on its way to you now.


Okay, okay, next time I am flush with books cash I will get myself a Dorothy Whipple book. You and Litlove can stop turning the thumbscrews no ;)


I'm not surprised that it was a book of short stories by Alice Munro that turned out to be such a good read--I loved book of stories I read by her last year and have her newest Dear Life on my reading pile. I need to get back to her work. When it comes to anthologies especially it's sort of to be expected that the stories will be hit or miss, but I've really liked all the stories I've read so far. Thanks for the note--I'm looking forward to it already! Thanks for the lovely card that just arrived here, too, and a reply will be forthcoming (very soon!) :).


The pressure is too much, eh? :) In this case I'd say that's a good thing! I really like her work and if I didn't already have too many really good books (including a couple really chunky ones) started, I'd go and pick up one of her unread books I have on hand. library has a book of her short stories...maybe I should bring it home with me this week... Hmm.


I have Someone at a Distance sitting here and should really get to it. But I'm still equally tempted by this anthology. It seems a great introduction to the Persephone authors.


Someone at a Distance is excellent--you'll have to read it soon! And this anthology is well worth the money (Persephones are pretty expensive for me to order here in the US--they aren't cheap to begin with and then tack on that postage!). I don't at all regret the cost, and yes, it is a great way to discover new to me authors. I have already been trying to get some books by some of the authors I've read so far. And it's nice that Persephone publishes a number of them. I think I will start reading two stories a week now, but then I don't want to rush through the book either.

Buried In Print

I haven't read any short fiction of hers, but I've read at least one novel and would be curious to see her shorter works. (Also curious to see which Wharton you're heading towards next!)


I've read a few of her books now, though this is the first short story, which I really liked. I even brought home a book of her stories from the library where I work though I haven't a clue when I think I will actually be able to squeeze it in with my other books. The Edith Wharton story is Roman Fever. Have you read it? It's a great story and I am looking forward to reading it again.

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