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I'd love to read her some day. I've only read one or two shor stories, that's all. Last year I saw a new German biography which looked very entertaining. I think she must have been an interesting character.


Oh dear, the marriage does not seem to be off to a promising start. I've not read Dorothy Parker before. She's one of those authors on my "must read someday" list.


I think she only ever wrote short stories and reviews--I have the Portable Dorothy Parker so will have to see what other sorts of writings are included. I know she was working on a book, but she never managed to complete it, though she did spend the advance that was paid to her to write it! She was interesting and I would love to read more about her.


It doesn't really, does it? I think Parker was poking gentle fun at the pair as it had a humorous tone to it, though I can easily imagine them squabbling over things! (and so soon when they've only been married a few hours!). She's on my own list to read more of, too!

Carl V. Anderson

I need to try Parker one of these days. She is this larger than life figure even in my mind though I know little about her. This sounds like an interesting story. One of the things I am determined to do this year is spend more time reading short stories. They have always been a favorite of mine and I don't partake of them nearly enough.


Her reputation precedes her, doesn't it. I like that she seems to have held her own against a male dominated field--or what appeared to be so. I am thoroughly enjoying this collection of stories and look forward to each new one on the weekend. I also have several other collections lined up to read later as well.

Buried In Print

If you happen to have copies of the Paris Review Interviews, the first in the first volume is with DP. I was re-reading the interview last month and pulled out a couple of short stories in anthologies to accompany it: good stuff. (The next interview is with Truman Capote: I haven't gotten there yet.)


It took a little searching, (because I didn't start with the obvious place to begin with), but those interviews are online at the Paris Review website, so I will have to read the one with Dorothy Parker. I do, of course, like the looks of those individual volumes, though. And I also like reading companions--as it were. Pairing up one book with another when they are peripherally (or directly) related!

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