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vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Roman Fever was my introduction to Wharton - I loved that story; and what a twist!

Susan E

The more i hear about the Peresphone collection of short stories, the more i think I'm going to break down and get a copy. :). I'm just finishing a big selection of Edith Wharton's short stories and oddly enough Roman Fever wasn't included!


Two short stories on the weekend! You are getting crazy! At first I thought the two stories would be so utterly different but they seem to have made a nice pairing. I have not read Roman Fever. I think I might have to find out which of her collections it is in and download it from Project Gutenburg.


I think O Henry was the first short story wrieter I really loved. I read a few of his stories at a very young age and one of them made me cry like mad. I think it was called The last Leaf, if that's possible. And the gift of the Magi also moved me to tears. There is always a real tear-jerker twis in the end.
I haven't read Nemirovsky yet.... And should get to my Wharton collection sooner or later. I need to see if I have this story in it, it sounds good.


Thanks for those short story recommendations - I do like a good story. I hope you enjoy Helen Simpson. Her writing is fabulous.


What a great intro to her work--that would be enough to hook me for sure! It's a perfect twist and I was even surprised this second time around (what a terrible memory I have!).


I can't recommend this one highly enough. It is well worth the money, and it is a chunky book, too, so there are loads of stories included. Too bad your collection doesn't have this story, but I do think it is online somewhere--maybe Project Gutenberg?


Such a wild life I lead, eh? There's nothing like living on the edge! :) They did end up having similar themes--that worked out well. It's been so long since I read any Nemirovsky and then I haven't really read much, so this was a nice introduction. I am sure it is online somewhere--though I had linked to it in another post, but I obviously didn't carry the link over here. Definitely load it onto your Kindle--you would like it!


I have never read O. Henry but I really should. I am familiar with the story The Gift of the Magi, though. It was adapted to TV quite a few years ago and I recall seeing it one Christmas. I am sure I have some of his stories in anthologies--will have to see if I can find the story you mention. Roman Fever is excellent and not too long--easy to read in an hour or so, and I think you would appreciate it!


I do, too! This collection has been really good--I've enjoyed all the stories I've read so far. I can't wait to try Helen Simpson--I have heard many good things about her--maybe will have to just dip into the collection soon...


I'm really hoping to get to Irene Nemirovsky at some point this year (and we've all heard that before, right?). Maybe a short story is the way forward? And oh how I love Edith Wharton. There's something about her elegant prose that I just adore, I could drink it in like lemonade on a hot summer's day. You remind me that there must be novels of hers I've still to read.


I read O. Henry in my creative writing class in high school, and though my memories aren't very clear, I remember enjoying his stories. I don't think I've ever read any short stories by Edith Wharton. I agree with the earlier commenter who said she might have to break down and buy the Persephone collection of short stories. That may have to be my first Persephone purchase--a good introduction to both Persephone and to short stories.


Me, too. Well, get to Irene Nemirovsky that is. And I have been collecting her books, too, so I have no good excuse (except for the usual--too many things to read and not enough time!). Edith Wharton is always good and she is someone I can read and reread over and over. Maybe I need to read one of her novels to get my classics reading going this year...


You'd think with all my short story reading I would have picked up a story or two of his along the way. I will have to make a point of seeing what I have in my anthologies (or read something online). This would indeed be a great Persephone to buy as many of the authors included are also authors whose books they've published. So it's something of a survey really of Persephone authors!


I really need to read more short stories. I always say I will and then I don't. I hope your post will inspire to crack open a few of the collections I already have at home.

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