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vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I've not heard of her before, Danielle, but the story sounds familiar. I have no idea why! I might have to emulate you and read one story a week, now that my copy has arrived. Fabulous recommendation!


I think Persephone does an amazing job at bringing such authors to our attention and helping to rediscover them.
I was wondering the other day if what they publish are all so-called Middle brow authors (a pejorative term). I discovered this book and there are so many of the Persephone authors among them.
Do you know this?


Another winner. There are just so many wonderful authors out there that I've never heard of. I hope to use the rest of my reading life exploring them! With quite a few comfort reads/rereads in there as well, of course.


I've not heard of Whitaker before either. I was hoping Project Gutenberg might have something of hers but no such luck. Will have to scour the library.


It's working really well--reading one a week. Almost always I want to keep reading, but I am pacing myself since I am enjoying them so much. Besides why hurry since the collection is of different authors--it makes it much easier to dip into the book and then set it aside for a few days without losing the thread.


They really do--you can tell this is an area of literature where Nicola Beauman is truly well read! I actually have that book on Middlebrow Lit--haven't read it yet but refer to it frequently and it lives in a little pile under my night stand. It's a pity that 'middlebrow' is considered in any way lesser than literary fiction as so much of it is really, really good. Middlebrow literature is really quite popular now with so many readers, though maybe it's looked down upon in academia? Not sure, but I think many people doing higher degrees study Middlebrow lit--I know my library has a number of other scholarly works on the topic.


I know--I do a lot of book browsing--especially in my library and am always amazed when I find yet another new to me author whose works I want to explore. I'm all for continuing to read authors like this!


I always forget about PG--I need to get into the habit of checking there as a matter of routine. I am often surprised by what I can find in my library, but this is an author we do not own. I would love to find that memoir--maybe will have to try ILL (but I already have two ILL books out at the moment...).

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