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George looks like a sweet cat with good taste in books :) What lovely shelves, even the boxes in the shed are intriguing. I've heard Auntie Mame is a hoot and a half. It's on my TBR list, perhaps I should move it up!

Simon T

So lovely (but, oh, the pain of boxed books!)

I'm so annoyed that I left a copy of Aunt Mame behind somewhere, simply because I'd already bought 16 books in the shop... weak, Simon, weak!

I much enjoyed a gander at your shelves, Vicki.


Sigh. A delightful tour and frankly, how could you help but be a reader and book collector with that family history? Your whole family probably derives a great deal of pleasure from being surrounded by books. Thanks for sharing with us!


Auntie Mame! I love Auntie Mame. I became acquainted with it when I was in a community theatre production of the musical several years ago. (Playing Pegeen, as well as a random party guest, plantation cousin, etc., in the first act.) Such a fun story!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thank you, Danielle - it looks wonderful. I'll come back later and chat with everyone!


Isn't George a cutie? I love marmalade cats! :) I think you'd like Auntie Mame--it is a great read--one I plan on revisiting!


You left it behind on purpose? The one that got away....I always regret it when I give books away...


Imagine having not only your own books to read but the opportunity to raid the bookshelves of your parents, too! My parents always read, but we never had very many books in the house--I think I have since made up for it. :)


That sounds like great fun and I bet it was fun to watch, too. I have always been curious about the film adaptation, but so far am too afraid to give it a go as I like the book so much.


Many thanks to you Vicki--looking forward to chatting with you this weekend! :)

Elizabeth (The Bamboo Bookcase)

What a wonderful collection -- and I love the Walter Benjamin quote!


This made me laugh quite a few times. Such witty post. I start to belive as well that books crawl out of corners where there were none before. "Territorial war with one's best friends". So funny and well said.
I spotted All That I Am on the TBR piles. I hope you consider joing us for the readalong in May.


Biggles? Biggles! A whole shelf. Those not even being all of them? Cannot believe my eyes. I've read quite a few, long ago, but not as many as you show here, and as they were my brother's they all went to live elsewhere. What a great reminder.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

George's tastes entirely coincide with whatever one is trying to read! Thanks Stefanie - and, yes, go read Auntie Mame.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thanks, Simon! And books should be treated like wounded army buddies - never leave one behind!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thank you, Kathy - we also have a firm pact to avoid dusting at all costs! It's nice to live with people who 'get' the whole books-as-wall-coverings thing. ;-)

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I reckon you have, Danielle! ;-)

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

It is such a great basis for drama, Teresa. I've never seen it live (only the film - great music!). But the book is the best for all those wonderful wicked wordy subtleties. Thank you!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I realise now, after I've mentioned the musical, below, that the one I want to see is the Rosalind Russell non-musical version, based on the play, and apparently considerably closer to the book. Anyone seen that?

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thank you Elizabeth - I also love (though cannot live up to) another Benjamin statement that "Of all the ways of acquiring books, writing them oneself is regarded as the most praiseworthy method."

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Many thanks Caroline - I should definitely read All That I Am for the readathon - I do need incentives to tackle that mountain!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thank you Catharina - yes, there are many, many, many more! Did you ever read Worrals, the female equivalent of Biggles, by the same author? She was such a strong female role-model for me.

Clive John Edwards

When Mum died we gave a few hundred of her books away but a thousand or so now reside in Jo's office - we didn't have the heart to get rid of them. I also have dozens of huge boxes full of books in the loft. I agree with Vicki - "it feels akin to keeping cute piglets in inhumane cages." My only consolation is I now have the boxes catalogued so I can bring one little piglet down to join the rest of the gang every now and then. My advice to book-lovers -
never move from a big house to a little one!


Vicki, Unlike Biggles - given to my brother by an older nephew who 'outgrew' them (impossible in my opinion) Worrals never made it into Dutch translation. I guess the least I can do is to restore the balance now that reading English isn't so much of a problem anymore.


A fascinating visit ..Great fun a quite Glorious collection :0)
I love it when other book friends make me realise I'm not alone ...
Our Cats say hallo to George..I've never read Mame and you've made it sound so inviting. Love the assessment of Biggles :0) reminds me of Dornford goes off to hunt Biggles and Mame ..
Best wishes and Thanks to you both :0)


Lovely collection, although I would love to see what's in the boxes... George does have excellent taste & is beautiful into the bargain. Thanks for the chance to have a look at the shelves.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

I agree - one doesn't really outgrow beloved childhood books, although one can read them with a more knowing eye with regard to their reflection of the beliefs of the time (notably the racism).

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thanks Clive - I went to a book-sale this morning which contained a lot of books from one deceased estate - it is so sad to see lovingly collected books broken up, esp. as the tastes were remarkably similar to mine. Cataloguing my books before I packed them has saved me a lot of trouble, but I wish I'd gone that extra step of marking which box I'd put them in somewhat better!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

(Sorry - 'John'! You fooled me there).

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thank you Val - you have the most gorgeous cat-lovers' image on your blog! I'd not heard of Dornford Yates - I shall investigate.

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thanks Lyn - nice to have two Australians in a row here. I greatly feared that if I opened any more boxes they'd all come back inside the house again! Just that one I opened, with the Brookners, was a heart-breaker.


This has been a most pleasurable tour of a book-lovers' home! So lovely to see a home that is covered with books. And George is a beauty.
Thanks for the peek!:)


Isn't her reading space enviable? It looks like such a comfy place to settle down with a book in, though the temptation to pull ever more books from those shelves would be hard to resist!


I think I've made up for it many times over! ;) Thanks so much Vicki for sharing your books and reading space--this has been really fun. And thanks to George--what a cutie--I always love to see cats enjoying books, too!

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

Thank you, Michelle - pleased you enjoyed having a peek!

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