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Gorgeous bookshelves! Legacy well spent :) The Viragos and Persephones look so pretty.


Another wonderful library, and Lyn's shelves are so neat!


I love taking a peak into how people house and shelve their books. Very interesting and I shall go an visit her blog as well.


I so look forward to "Lost in the Stacks" at the end of each work week. What a wonderful way to inspire book lovers on Saturdays and Sundays to organize their book clutter!

Thank you for hosting, finding new "stacks," and encouraging the bloggers to participate. I always enjoy it.

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)


Thanks for asking me to be part of the series, Dani. I enjoy reading about other blogger's libraries & it was lovely to be asked to be part of it.

Jen K

I love this series so much, and every week, I'm almost drooling over the shelves. It also makes me feel like I'm not alone and not even that bad in regards to unread book piles.


Don't they look nice all together like that? Ever since I started seeing all these wonderful bookcases I have been contemplating buying a new bookcase myself that would hold all my Persephones and Viragos. I think I could only manage a tall, skinny shelf, but it would be just big enough for those a little extra room for growth. :)


Aren't they nice? Unlike mine that have books piled all over and every which way--very crammed. You can actually see her entire library--how nice! :)


I love seeing people's spaces for books, too. I hope she has a nice cushy chair close by to catch the sun where she can sit and read amongst all her books! :)


I'm so glad you are enjoying these posts, Judith--I really love putting them together and keep getting ideas for my own bookish space--I am in need of a little reorganization and might have to borrow some ideas from what I see. My own bookcases could do with a little de-cluttering that's for sure!


Thanks so much for sharing your books with us--I love those shelves--and how nice that they also bring back fond memories of your dad. What better way to use a legacy. It's been fun seeing how everyone does things a little bit differently. And I hope I can do these posts for the rest of the year.


Thanks! It's a treat to get everyone's answers and photos in an email--I love opening them up and getting to be the first person to peruse all the photos. Isn't it nice knowing that you are not alone in loving (and collecting!) books! :)

vicki (bibliolathas/skiourophile)

What a wonderful library - so organized, and I love the shelving. I really enjoy Lyn's blog, so it's a delight to see her bookish space here.

Really impressive ... and awesome! I wish I had only a quarter of the space for storing my books. Last year I saw myself compelled to start piling them on the floor for lack of walls to furnish with shelves.


What a lovely personal library Lyn has! So neat and pleasing to the eye, too. Can't think of anything better than to have four walls of bookshelves filled with beautiful books. Am especially drooling over those beautiful Folio Society editions on Lyn's shelves!
Thanks for sharing this treat with us, Danielle. :)


These are lovely shelves. All the many Persephones and Viragos.


I know how well read Lyn is and have been quite curious as well, to see what her library looks like. Very neat indeed. I am pretending my excuse (for messy shelves that is) is that I just don't have enough space for book cases--which means the overflow ends up in piles on the floor...and everywhere else I can stack books!


I have some very precarious stacks of books lining walls as well! I don't know how they got so out of control. I remember when most of my books actually fitted in the bookcases. Alas, those days are longer over with!


It looks, too, like her space gets just the right kind of sun, too. I hope she has a nice comfy chair close by and can sit and read in that space. What a nice, tranquil thought! :)


I think Lyn might actually have all the Persephones that have been published (or close to it anyway) as I think she discovered them right at the start. They look so nice all sitting together like that on the shelves.


How beautifully organized they all are! I am impressed that you have all your books on Library Thing, though I would be intimidated by the number of books TBR--I don't know how many I have, so I continually buy more... Ignorance is bliss in this case.


I'm really enjoying peaking at everyone's bookshelves :) I think I would enjoy a good browse through Lyn's.

I remember reading 'The Youngest Lady-in-Waiting', I too would love for it to be brought back into print


I have some of my books in LT, but not all of them. I didn't tag the ones I've read, though I like the idea of doing so in terms of organizational record keeping, but maybe--knowing how many unread books I must have on my own shelves--ignorance is better. I tend to be sort of meticulous in my own record keeping--so I wish I was as good as Lyn at organizing my books!


I'm so glad that people are enjoying these posts--I enjoy them as well--both putting them together and seeing other reader's libraries and book piles. If I were as organized I wouldn't constantly be looking for books I know I own but cannot find! :) I am hoping to get The Youngest Lady in Waiting from ILL--it sounds like a book I would really enjoy, too.


Glorious bookshelves and so neat and tidy! I'm impressed by anyone who can catalogue all their library, but Lyn really shouldn't worry about having a mere 850 books to read. I bet I can match that, and then some!


I bet I could, too. Most of the books in my bedroom are unread--and I am afraid to begin counting them. Surely there can't be more than a hundred...or two... :) I like her tidy shelves, too. It would be so nice to actually be able to find books rather than constantly have to shuffle them all about looking!

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