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I'm very keen on reading Athill myself. i got tow of her memoirs they look very interesting.
I do love it when books cross paths. It feels magical.


I love reading serendipity! And I'm definitely looking for Stet--I have an interest in all those things you mentioned in your first paragraph. Molly Keane just sounds more interesting every time I read something about her.


What a happy coincidence! I am still in early in the book but am enjoying it.

scriptor senex

Creative folk are difficult to live with and can be disturbing. Sounds right to me! Looking forward to your list about 'Stet'.


I have Stet out from the library, so I'm hoping to join in. And I happen to also have a couple of Molly Keane's books, neither of which I've gotten around to reading. Looks like I'll be glad to have them on hand when I finish Stet.

Buried In Print

I thought Stet was delightful and I do remember making a lot of reading notes; I have, since, picked up her other books, but haven't gotten back to them yet. Really must, I know! (How cool about the bookish synchronicity: love it!)


I have Stet on my desk right now. I've just finished reading Athill's stories, Midsummer Night in the Workhouse (published by Persephone) & I'm looking forward to Stet - soon, I hope.


She's really a wonderful writer/storyteller. I wasn't sure what to expect but she had me glued to the pages. Now I want to read all her books...of course! I will have to see what other memoirs she wrote--I am especially keen on memoirs at the moment.


I was thinking of you when I wrote this post--both for the Molly Keane reference as I know you recently bought one of her books, but also for the writing aspect of this one. You wouldn't think that British publishing in the early/mid 20th century would be all that interesting, but it is. And I like her 'voice', too. I wish I could find a biography of Molly Keane, but so far I have just gleaned bits and pieces of her life from reading things like this chapter.


When I flipped through the book and saw the chapter on Molly Keane it made me want to read even faster than I was. This was a great choice, since I am not sure I would have picked it up otherwise.


My copy of Stet--which is a library copy, has lots of dog eared pages since there were so many interesting things I wanted to note and remember--hopefully I'll be able to pull it all together later for a proper post on it. Creative folk really can be difficult and Athill dealt with more than a few in her job as editor.


That would be cool--so glad when someone can read along with us. I wonder which of Molly Keane's books you have. I am happy that Virago still has her work (at least her later novels) in print. I am looking forward to getting to them and hope this will spur me on to keep reading regularly--rather than only reading a book a year!


It's book like this that get me into trouble! I had not a single desire to read Norman Mailer before reading Stet, but all of a sudden I am revising my thoughts on a few books and authors. I have one of her novels (a recent acquisition) and her book of short stories that I have heard good things about.


It's a popular book at the moment--it's fun when so many people are reading the same book at once. And I have that same collection (though my copy is not the Persephone edition--actually I didn't realize they had published her work--or is it a newer release--I seem to have fallen behind in reading about their new books). Maybe I'll start her short stories soon now.


When I saw that Diana Athill had written about Molly Keane, I immediately thought of you! And she's an author I really must get around to myself - you know how it goes! I am so very glad you enjoyed Stet. It's on my reading pile for next week along with The Heat of the Day.


That was a lovely coincidence and I think I raced to the end in part to see what she had to say about her. I have yet to find a book/biography about Molly Keane, so I just glean what facts I can from books like Athill's. Stet is a pretty quick read so you'll have no problems at all with it! One book at least that I will have read by the 'deadline'. May not manage the others but I'll finish them in due course.

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