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Buried In Print

Whenever I spot this one in your sidebar I nod at it in recognition; I have so many projects like this one of yours, which I feel have slipped in importance somehow, because I can't demonstrate any progress on them and, yet, somehow I still feel just as interested as I did when I conceived of the plans. Sigh. Good luck with the remainder of the novel, and with the project too; I have only read one of her novels, but I did quite like it.


I am not one to leave a book languishing on my night stand if it really isn't calling out to me--I tend to shuffle them in and out with little guilt, but I have to say, Mad Puppetstown has been sitting there for more than a year and I know that if I send it back to the shelves I will stall completely on that little project that I had such high hopes for. I still have high hopes for and have really liked her work (though the earlier novels with all their hunting scenes are not my usual reading fare...). It's such an interesting world she writes about--and now I think I am very much in the mood to return to it. Maybe this year I'll plow through a whole slew of books by Molly Keane, but I guess for now I will settle for finishing this book in a manageable amount of time now that I have started to read it in earnest. And I, too, have lots of little projects that I have started but haven't been working on very much lately, though they are not forgotten--just temporarily on the back burner! :) You, too, eh?


Even if it takes you a decade to get through the rest of Farrell's books at least you know you have lots of good reading to look forward to! I always find it so interesting that women wearing makeup was so horrible when these days if you don't wear makeup you are going against social norms.


I was wondering what the title referred to--it's so unusual. Not really what I was expecting. I found a book of hers in my library bookstore for 50 cents: Time After Time (a Virago Modern Classic). It's described as "deliciously funny" on the back cover, so I'm quite looking forward to reading it.


I remember when you first wrote about this and made me pick up Two Days in Aragon which I liked a great deal.
I don't know what it is about projects. When i keep them to myself I often stick to them but as soon as I tell someone or write about it's jinxed.


How times change, don't you think! I hope I can manage more than one Molly Keane novel a year, but maybe I had not better set expectations too high. Diana Athill writes about working with her in Stet--was fun to read about her and makes me want to read her even more now!


I really like her writing and hope you will enjoy the book, too. That's one of her later books so might be quite different than the ones I am reading now. I hope to get to them sooner than later and it will be fun to be able to compare. And a serious bargain that was, too! So glad you found one that you'll be able to read, too.


And how long ago was that--ages now! I'm glad I inspired you to read her, too. I'm looking forward to rereading that one. I'm always a little hesitant to talk about reading projects like this for fear, as you say, that I will jinx myself. Poor Camilla got pushed aside and now I wish I had not written about reading her until I was well and truly into a book. I always hope that by posting regularly on a project or long book I will be more likely to stay on track, but that is not always the case. It did, however, work well with my book of Greek Myths.


I end up with books stuck in the pile, too, and often it's not for disliking them. I began reading a novel in French at the start of the year, and it's really enjoyable. But then it's been nothing but stress since then and my hands reach for other, easier kinds of reading! But sometimes it's not even that - just weight of book traffic passing through!


I like how you put that--the weight of book traffic passing through--so apt! Yes, I have had good intentions every since it landed on my pile, but with one thing or another and a desire to give it a good dose of attention I just seem to keep waiting for the right moment which never seems to arrive. Must just make the right moment I guess.

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