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I don't see myself travelling to Armenia any day soon either. I'm sure it's interesting though.
Grossman seems a really interesting writer and I'm looking forward to discover him. I'm glad to book was so good that it put you in the mood to read more of him. that's promising.


Such a wonderful book! I wouldn't have read it either if not for the subscription. I am liking the subscription so much I'm already thinking I will renew it next year. I want to read Life and Fate now too but I didn't realize it was so big. Maybe it would make a good winter read.


I read Life and Fate last year, fascinating but did feel it was an achievement to make it to the end as it's just so long (and I did struggle to keep track of who's who, as so many Russian names sounded so similar). However, it was our least successful book group choice ever and I was the only one who finished - everybody else gave up after a few pages. I think you need to start with quite a high level of interest in Stalingrad rather than come to it cold. Wish I hadn't missed the BBC serialisation.


That really sounds like a book I would like, and I want to read more books written by authors from other countries besides America, Canada and Britain. I will add this book to my TBR list.


I imagine it is very interesting there--and beautiful, too. I think I read in the intro that because Soviet citizens couldn't travel outside the USSR that the Caucasus region was quite popular as a tourist destination. I've always found Russia and the Soviet Union really fascinating in its own way. And I am really looking forward to reading him again later this year now.


I am pretty sure I'll continue on with both my subscriptions, but at the rate I am reading I may be very behind even before starting out. I am contemplating starting the next book along with the Adler (since one is fiction and one NF) as the next is such a hefty book. I was surprised too by the size of Life and Fate--will likely just buy it and contemplate reading it someday...I think your right--the sort of book you can spend lots of time with indoors!


I'm so glad you have mentioned this--it does look like quite an undertaking and one best started knowing what it is going to entail. Somehow I am not surprised it wasn't a winner with your bookclub. I am still quite curious about it after having read An Armenian Sketchbook. This book was serialized? I have read a bit about Stalingrad--really harrowing to think about.


Another hidden gem. I've read some really good nonfiction this year--and hope to finish the two I have on the go soon. Part of why I like these subscriptions and doing readalongs is reading books I think I wouldn't otherwise--and so often they are translated works, too, which I really like. If you come across this one--definitely give it a go.


Stefanie caught my interest with her review and now yours has consolidated it! I'm also very intrigued to read more about Grossman's life. This always happens! I always leave your site with an armload of virtual books, as it were (and it's an irresistible experience, despite my tottering tbr piles!).


I try and at least just stick to jotting down titles as I am constantly being tempted by what others read! I am glad I am not alone. I think this makes a good introduction to his work--I want to try more as well.

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