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Simon T

Lovely stamps! I should really have got around to getting some, since it would be so easy...

I have never used any blog tracking thingummy - I don't want to dislocate blog posts from blogs, since the look and continuity of a blog is so important to me. But it has always meant that I forget to check blogs for ages, etc. I wonder what it'll do to blog reading... and quite why Google are doing it.


I'm so glad you mentioned the dilemma of "work" spilling over and crowding your personal book life. This happens to me from time to time, and it does me good to see I'm not alone with it.

This post had other highlights for me as well. I'm so glad to have read it.


Literary Feline

Those stamps really are beautiful! I am glad your friend were able to send you some. Hopefully you can collect them all with their help. :-)

I understand about work spilling over into the home front despite our best intentions. Sometimes we really can't avoid it, can we?

Your mention of Jennifer Donnelly reminds me I haven't yet read the books I have by her.

I haven't settled on a new feed reader yet. My husband is trying out The Old Reader and thinks I might like that. I've kind of left it to him to research my options.


I'm not entirely sure why Google is dropping their feed reader software. It seems that so many people are relying these days on social media like Facebook and Twitter that maybe it's simply becoming obsolete? I do like to click out and read posts in blogs, but it's nice just to corral current blog posts in one place--so I know who has posted and not worry about trying to visit my whole blog roll daily. I like being able to browse around a blog, too. And you will have to get some Jane Austen stamps--they are very cool. Or maybe someone will send you a card using them? I don't really collect stamps, but it's nice to get pretty ones on cards and postcards.


Things have just been hectic at work and it's hard sometimes to leave it all behind. I can't seem to catch up on my daily tasks so I am feeling the pressure there lately. But it is nice to be able to think about other things at home, chat about books with friends and just read. You are definitely not alone when it comes to work spilling over into home life...hopefully things will 'right' themselves soon enough! So glad you liked the post. :)


Aren't they cool? I am lucky as a few friends I correspond with are very good about using pretty postage--I try and do the same and always ask for what's new at the post office! Unfortunately work does sometimes take control of life in general. I'm hoping that calmer days are coming, though I think it's going to be busy there for the foreseeable future. Thank goodness for good books (and escapist stories!). I did decide to read a Jennifer Donnelly book--The Winter Rose (I think it is a sequel of sorts to The Tea Rose, which I read years ago and recall liking (she also wrote a really good YA novel that I liked even more). I think it's going to be just the ticket--plus a big chunky book I can lose myself in. I'll have to look at The Old Reader--I haven't a clue what to use next, but at least there is a little time to investigate a few options.

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

I've quite happily moved to feedly, after a brief trial of bloglovin (too pretty; I need something bland and ruthlessly simple and one can set feedly to look just like a list). I'm not warming to the mobile app of feedly, so I'm not sure what I will use on the go. I would never have twitter as a reader substitute, as I follow many more people than just books and would miss a lot. I'm resenting how much time it is taking to resettle myself after the Google Reader 'crisis' tho! I hope you've picked a nice Heyer, btw, if we're allowed to cast a vote!

Joan Kyler

I guess I'm a dinosaur. I keep track of and read my favorite blogs by bookmarking them and putting them in a folder on Safari. I try to keep the list manageable and I run down the list at breakfast to see who's posted something new. I hope I can still do this after everyone changes out of Google Reader.

I was on Twitter for a while but dropped it after it seemed I was getting a whole lot more spam, as well as some other computer problems. Not on Facebook either.


I, too, am something of a dinosaur; I have 4 favourite blogs.....Dani of course, dovegreyreader, yarn harlot and reading the past...and check them each day. Any more, and I would never get anything else done! I have had the Cazalet Chronicles sitting unread on my shelf for years now and your news has given me the push to get going on them. How nice that the series will be complete. I am currently deep into the original Call the Midwife trilogy and learning so much about the post-war era in east-end London; the books are wonderful and I would never have heard of them without the PBS series as a starting point. Finally, I love the Jennifer Donnelly series that starts with the Tea Rose; excellent historical fiction. Oh yes, the stamps are beautiful and make me want to pick up JA, never enough time!


I need a way to keep track of all the blogs I like to visit, too, so if you find a good one, please post about it. I'll check out Bloglovin in the meantime.

I'm sorry your work stresses have seeped over into your free time. It happens. (It happens to me a lot because I work at home and it's hard to put any distance between myself and the constant barrage of what I "should" be doing. What I often do is ignore everything, a practice I can't really recommend!) Comfort reads definitely have a soothing place in my life--I just read Mary Stewart's Madame, Will You Talk? for that very reason. I'm afraid that I still feel the need for comfort, so I might pick up another one of her books. I seem to be in a very Mary Stewart-y mood.


Lovely stamps. I always forget that that is part of the pleasure of receiving letters.
Litlove's creative non-fiction titles are very tempting. I'm sure I'll join at least for one or two.
I was so strtaled by the announcement about google reader that I stopped using it and went back to chekcing my favourite blogs via book marks and desktop features. I think Bloglovin looks good though and I noticed more people come from there already. In the beginning I'm sure we will have less visitors - or rather readers who read the posts only via google reader. Do you have that feature on typepad where you see how many read a post only via the reader? We do on Wordpress and often I have so many who only read via the reader. If they all visited! But I'm not moaning. Things are quite alright the way they are.


Those are awesome stamps! I've looked into a few different RSS readers but didn't like any of them. I'll be checking out Bloglovin too after I saw Teresa liked it. Stupid Google. What comfort read did you land on?

Margaret Powling

A lovely post, Danielle, and lovely stamps. I've not seen them as I rarely buy stamps these days, as I do about 99% of all my correspondence via email. And thank you for bringing the 5th and final Cazalet book to our attention. I shall order that (how can one say pre-order, surely that's tautology?) that as soon as it's listed on Amazon. The Cazalet Chronicles are, surely, one of the best series of post-ware novels there is?


Such a pleasure to see those stamps, rivaled, I am certain, by your receiving them. Lovely, lovely, indeed.


It probably doesn't make it easier, yet it must be nice to read that so many more people experience work spilling over into their private lives.
I have been looking at Litlove's list of non fiction books too. I hardly have space for another project but how tempting this looks. I think I will follow the discussion in the comments anyway.


Such pretty stamps, too bad the post office has to make their mark over it but needs must I suppose.

Oh Danielle, don't you wish you could operate on only a few hours of sleep? I certainly do. I'm currently trying to convince my husband that cooking proper dinners is a waste of time. I mean, really! All that prep work and cleaning up when a scrambled egg would do. It would certainly free up more time for reading!

My favourite bloggers are listed on my sidebar and jump to the top when they post. Couldn't be simpler and I do like things simple.


Like Vicki, I switched to feedly - I didn't try bloglovin, though. (I tried NetVibes, but it was too shiny. I agree with Vicki's "I need something bland and ruthlessly simple" comment - the feedly interface is the closest to Google Reader's interface that I've seen.)


I'm not familiar with Feedly, so will add it to the list to check out. I wasn't entirely happy with Google Reader, but there is something to be said for the familiarity of it--or finding one that is similar. I couldn't do Twitter as a substitute either--it moves too fast and I would probably miss too much. I don't often log in there to be honest. Too many online distractions and far too little time as it is. I have Frederica and The Grand Sophy sitting by my bedside. Although I have started (and am very much enjoying) Jennifer Donnelly's The Winter Rose, I do want to read at least one Heyer this year (and the recent bio of her as well). Do you have a favorite? So far I think The Corinthian is mine, but she is pretty much always good. (And yes, I am always looking for suggestions and little reading nudges! :) ).


I actually would far prefer to keep blog reading really simple and think this might be a way to pare things down and keep blog reading better organized. I know I subscribe to too many feeds (not just book blogs but all sorts of other places that I mostly just look at and don't read--postcard and needlework blogs...). It's good to have a manageable list. I get weird things from Twitter, too. I think people's accounts get hacked very often, so now I pretty much ignore emails I get via Twitter--use it mostly to just announce my posts. I don't think I will ever be tempted by FB.


I'm honored to be one of the blogs you read daily (and certainly in such illustrious company!). It is hard to keep up and not end up spending loads of time online. If let loose online I can 'waste' a lot of time (that could be spent reading or doing needlework). I'm really looking forward to getting back to the Cazalet Chronicles--I never did see the film adaptation--it was my plan to watch it after I reread the books, so I guess now's the time to get back to Marking Time. I also ordered the Call the Midwife books and plan on starting them next! I think the second series is on PBS now? I think I will wait to watch it until I've read the books. And I am reading The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly and it is hitting the spot--just what I need and very absorbing. I have been taking it to work and even if things are crazy I find I can fall into the story easily on my breaks and at lunch! (And no, there are far too many things to do and not enough time in which to do them!).


I'll let you know what I switch to. I will have to test a few of them out, but for me it is easier to have a feed reader so that only new posts show up--that way I don't spend time clicking links where there is no update. I am lucky that when I leave work I can (at least try) to leave it all behind. It has been just stressful enough that it has been coming home with me but hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get back into a more normal routine. It would be hard indeed to have work and home combined that way. I also grapple with the "should" be doing problem and usually feel guilty about it all, too. I was thinking about picking up a Mary Stewart, but I already had such a big pile of books I was trying out I thought I had better keep it under control. Maybe I'll pick one up after I read the Donnelly and Heyer I have set aside... Mary Stewart is always good.


I love seeing the unusual stamps that show up on my Postcrossing cards--the Jane Austen stamps are especially nice! There are at least two books on Litlove's list that I want to read--may even be tempted by one or two others...we'll see how it goes. I wasn't really happy with Google Reader to begin with, but I've been too lazy to find anything new--this means I will have to stop being lazy about it and figure something else out. It will be interesting to see how it impacts foot traffic. I can see where people click in from in Typepad--sometimes I take a quick look, but not every day. It's interesting to see how people find my posts. I don't think, however, I can tell if someone is reading via a feed reader--only if they click on the link to open the page up--then I see the referring page.


I love fun stamps and have become something of a nerd by looking at the site to see the forthcoming stamps! Right now the modern art ones are my favorites. I am going to check out Bloglovin, too. I'm not even sure what other options there are--so must investigate. I am reading Jennifer Donnelly's The Winter Rose set in 1900 London with a young female doctor as the protagonist. Not high art, but very entertaining (and well written, too).


Since I joined Postcrossing I have been sending out lots of mail--but prior to that I only had stamps for bills! Email is quick and easy, but I find I love getting a card or letter in the mail, too. Did you/are you listening to the radio adaptation of the books? I'll be getting the fifth when it comes out, too, and likely won't wait for a US publication (who knows when we'll get it here!). I agree-the books are marvelous and I could happily read them again and again.


I'm so easy to please. A postcard with a nice message and a lovely stamp and my day is made! :)


I am glad I am not alone, though I am sorry for others also having to deal with work being so stressful it's hard to leave it behind! I think it really must be quite common unfortunately. I will cherry pick from Litlove's list--I need to concentrate on my own projects, but I can usually be seduced by a good book! ;) And yes, sometimes just reading about a book and listening in on the discussion is just enough, too.


I know--that canceled mark does mar the nice picture, but I'm just happy to have them! :) I sometimes do try and operate on too little sleep (like tonight as I try and catch up...must get to bed), but it is Not a wise idea--especially when there is so much to do at work anyway. And I am all for a bowl of oatmeal or scrambled eggs for dinner. We think alike! I like how your sidebar scrolls--sends the updated blogs to the top--I wish Typepad did that as well.


Another new one--hadn't heard of Netvibes before. Then again simple is all I really need too. It sounds like Feedly and Bloglovin are almost split in terms of people switching over. I have a little time at least to decide!

Margaret Powling

Oh, Darlene, I'm with you there re food! I like cooking when I'm in the mood. However, the mood doesn't strike very often, although I love to eat of course. I reckon that if I lived on my own I'd live on soup (home made in vast quantities and frozen into portions), crusty bread, cheese, yoghurt, apples, chocolate and scrambled eggs, although not all at once. Cooking is very over-rated, simple foods are best! (Says she who produced a roast lamb lunch for Easter Sunday!) I often pick up a cooked roast chicken in the supermarket, take it home and in less than five minutes prepare a salad with slices of chicken on top - simples!


What lovely stamps! But as for google reader - argh! It took me a while to get used to it but now I rely on it for my blog reading and am crippled by indecision about what to do next. I think I may just hover in denial for a bit. I've also been buffering all my serious reading books with comfort reads lately - it's been a tough start to the year. I really hope your work calms down soon, and in the meantime that all the books you pick to read are just what you feel like! Thank you also for mentioning the non-fiction reading. The prospect of that lovely reading is what's keeping me going at the moment!


Thank goodness for books, right? They do help in difficult times. And I'm sorry to hear about all your work-related troubles, too. I'm not sure what I'll do without GR--I am not all that thrilled with it, but I do need some way to organize my blog reading--which has already been way off this year anyway. I seem to be in the midst of lots of really good books at the moment--I have lots of excellent books to choose from--and the little pile I've been concentrating has indeed been just what I need--so much so I don't know which one to pick up next! :)


I am in denial about GR myself! I will just keep using it for another month or so at least and then I guess I will have no choice but to find something else, as I couldn't live without some kind of feed consolidator for my blog hopping!

Love the stamps! They look so pretty, and after immersing myself in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries for the last couple of weeks, it almost feels like it might be time for me to finally, finally read Pride and Prejudice for myself!

gina in al

Great news that there is another Cazalet coming! You have made my day!


I've not yet made a move to investigate further either, but I will have to do so soon. I want to make sure I can import all my feeds. I wouldn't do well without a feed reader of some sort, too. The stamps are very cool and I am hoping a few more pop up in my mailbox. And yes, you will definitely need to read P&P sometime! I was just thinking how nice a reread of Persuasion would be this year! :)


Isn't that wonderful news? I have only read her Cazalet books and her memoir called Slipstream which was also excellent. I have since picked up the second book and am continuing on with my rereading.

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