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vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

This sounds completely wonderful, Danielle. I must see if my library has it. And I love the illustrations.


This was a golden era for comedy, wasn't it? I'm thinking of P G Wodehouse and E F Benson, too. What a delightful read this sounds, and I just love the illustrations!


Sounds delightful! I love P.G. Wodehouse and the like, and any book that can make me laugh out loud is a winner.


I've read Joyce Dennys'Henrietta's War and it is funny too, with only 158 pages any rainy afternoon will do:)


What a charming book this sounds! How great that you were able to get a copy though ILL too!


It was a fun read and a good find. I think I wouldn't have looked for it otherwise had Simon not mentioned it. Thank goodness for readers who share their favorites1 The illustrations are great and I wonder who drew them? I couldn't find a reference to them in the book.


It sounds like the right period--I've not yet read EF Benson, but I think they must all have been writing about the same time. I forget how much I enjoy books like these--a little like the Provincial Lady really. The illustrations are delightful.


I need to read more books like this. I've only read a short story or two by Wodehouse--I should march right down to my bookshelves and choose something else funny and he is handy. Do you have a favorite Wodehouse? I have a few on my shelves though I know he wrote masses of books.


I have Henrietta's War and Henrietta See's It Through--and while I was looking forward to reading them at some point--I am even more so now. As it has been raining all day long (and likely to continue into the next couple of days) another of her books--or something similar might be just the ticket to chase away the gray skies! (Lately I seem to do best with shorter books for some reason--short attention span? Too much else whirling around in my mind).


Definitely one for the Charming category. I love books like these and was just what I needed. I can't believe I actually was able to find a place that would loan the book out as I think there are very few US libraries that even own it. I think the college was in NY--so thanks to them! :)

Simon T

Lovely review, Danielle, really lovely! I'm so glad that there is a proper post about EMBOW in the blogosphere now - and very impressed that you managed to track a copy down.

I've also realised that I must have been misremembering that it was about WW2, since it was published in 1932!

The illustrations are also by Dennys - she was very talented. And, Dani, you must read EF Benson and more PG Wodehouse one day! You will love the Mapp and Lucia series, I feel sure.


I can't point to one Wodehouse that is my favorite, but I do recommend the ones set in Blandings Castle for sure. The cast of characters is always hilarious, including The Empress of Blandings, a prize sow.


I looked and have a few paperbacks of Jeeves and Wooster, but I also have A Damsel in Distress and Jill the Reckless--will have to see if my library has any of the Blandings Castle books. They sound like great fun to read.


Pure luck finding a copy, but it had to go back to the library already. I'm just glad I could read it, even if the book had to go back. It is quite a find--so you'll have to hold on to your copy. I was thinking, too, how much a WWII story it felt and was surprised by the copyright in my book. I guess things were moving towards the war years. I wondered if she did the illustrations--very talented indeed. Her name appeared under one but not all of them. I am sure I will like EF Benson and have several of the Mapp and Lucia books--must get to them sometime soon. And I would love to read more PG Wodehouse--I have several of his books on hand, too. I need to read more humorous literature!

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