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Such pretty shelves! I used to be part owner of a Once and Future King mass market paperback. My sister and I bought a copy way back in our early teens. She insisted it go on her bedroom shelf since she had a few other Arthur books and I never got around to reading it. When we left home she took the book because it was on her shelf! One of these days I'll get a copy all my own and read it.


I have a copy of my own, too, as yet unread (such a surprise!), and my copy also has teeny tiny print--I think if I ever get around to reading it I will have to look for one with better print as well. So has your sister read it?


Wow! Thanks for this post. The Beverly Nichols' books caught my eye so I went over to Belle's blog. We have a lot in common and I will be spending some time over there. BTW I also have a PB copy of The Once and Future King with tiny print--I have only read the first part-The Sword and the Stone.


She has lots of good books that she has read and written about--so lots to explore. I want to read Beverly Nichols, too. The library where I work has lots of his books, but I have yet had a chance to squeeze in reading any of them. Ours don't have dust jackets (we take off all our dust jackets and discard them) so it's cool seeing what they look like--very pretty, I see.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Such eclectic shelves - lovely to have a peek. I think I would love to be someone who goes into someone else's house (mine is too far gone to benefit!) and arranges their bookshelves. A perfect, if perhaps very messy job! Although I suppose I might not be so happy if they didn't share my tastes!

Margaret Powling

Lovely seeing Belle's bookshelves! How neat and ordered they are, and with such pretty things on them as well as books - wish I had room for ornaments on my bookshelves but the hundreds of books demand shelves for themselves and nothing else!


Book shelves not only interesting but beautiful! I will definitely have to check out Belle's book journal--anyone who love P.G. Wodehouse is OK by me.


You know, I don't think she has!


I was beyond excited to see Belle's stacks and your post unite, Danielle. Two of my most favorite places to read - how I would love reading in such a charming space. Thank you, both.


Wins the prize for the most decorated shelves - they look lovely! And I've been meaning to read The Once and Future King for years (you'll have heard that from me before...!).


Absolutely lovely shelves.
Really appealing. I spotted a lot I didn't know and a few I do.
I like that Little Women edition.
I've had The Once and Future King on my wish list since years...


Stephanie, How funny that there are so many commenters who have 'The Once and Future King' and yet haven't read it. Maybe we should start a book club just for the one purpose of reading and discussing it!


Laura, thanks for stopping by BB&C and leaving your comments. We all must really get together and read this book!


Hi Vicki. Thanks for your nice comment about my library. The designing of the shelves was fun as I did have some input as to the "pretties" that were included. It has been two years now. I suppose I could shake things up a bit and rearrange the arrangement!


Hi Margaret. Neat and ordered my shelves have not always been, but when I moved them into the living room I wanted a more streamlined look to them. I would never consider books to be clutter, but I don't want the bookshelves to look cluttered. I hope I have accomplished that!


Hi Kathy. Don't you just love Wodehouse! He is the best. I just finished watching all of the 'Jeeves and Wooster' DVDs with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. They were perfectly cast. Have you seen them?

Thanks for your nice comment.


Thanks Penny. I always look forward to your comments and your posts at Life on the Cutoff.


Oh, goody. I love winning a prize. I will be sure and tell my 'designer'. She will get a kick out of knowing how well received her work has been!

Well, litlove, you will just have to join our book club that is going to read only one book: The Once and Future King.


Ah, Caroline, another member for 'The Once and Future King' book club!

The 'Little Women' edition is so utterly charming with its colorful cover and the illustrations inside. It is the edition I read when I finally got around to discovering Louisa May Alcott. I have other books of hers of the same vintage: 'Under the Lilacs' and 'Eight Cousins'. Haven't read those though.

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