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I love this feature on your blog and always enjoy a peak into other people's book cases!


Such lovely shelves. I like the blue shelf with all those Viragos on it! And at last,a lost in the stack book I know! I've had Miss Marjoribanks on my TBR list for ages. Perhaps this is incentive for it to move up the list.

Margaret Powling

I have so enjoyed looking at your books, Hayley, and seeing not only books but intriguing objects on the shelves. And how tidy your books are, especially the lovely green Viragos (I had a weed recently and parted with almost 200 books, which was very hard to do, but space is finite ... even as they were going out, being collected by a man-with-a-van from a charity, more books were arriving by post!)
I have just had a look at your blog and have ordered Warpaint! Now, that sounds my kind of book!


Is it Robert Macfarlane's The Old Ways in that applegreen jacket on your very attractive blue shelves filled with Viragos, and have you read it? I have a hardback copy in the same colour, and have started his Mountains Of the Mind a little while ago.

Simon T

Lovely to see the shelves of a friend! I've met Hayley a few times, which has been lovely, but I don't feel you ENTIRELY know a bibliophile until you've seen their books, and these are wonderfully arranged - by which I mean, they are everywhere, and obviously a living, thriving collection!

How funny about filling up your dad's shelves, and conning him into being grateful... ;)


It's always good to have family members you can pass books onto! Makes parting with them a little easier. I love how neatly your shelves are arranged. I'm sure browsing through them would produce a whole list of books I want to read.

vicki (bibliolathas / skiourophile)

Another set of fascinating shelves - I love the juxtaposition of Duff Cooper and Jilly Cooper - a perfect summation of someone who loves books in all their many manifestations! I feel very at home here (I am now lusting after a cornishware biscuit jar too!). Thank you for sharing your library, Hayley.


I'm so glad you are enjoying it--I am too, actually. Isn't if fun seeing so many lovely books?!


I must say I am very envious of those Viragos. I wonder if Hayley has a list (or maybe she has them in Library Thing--I am curious of which titles she owns). I also have Miss Marjoribanks--I was tempted to go and grab it from my own shelves, and might still this weekend...


I had a good look through her archives, too, and added a few books to my own wishlist. I love it when shelves contain more than just books--it's great to see a reader's personality come through not just with books, but all the other little things they have collected, too.


Isn't it funny how some book jackets are so distinct that you can spot what they are (or by whom they are written) even in a photograph! I must give Robert Macfarlane a try.


Lucky you to have met Hayley. Someday I am going to be able to attend a Dove meet up--well, fingers crossed that I can anyway. It is nice to see books all over the house. Mine tend to stay in just a few places unfortunately.


I think it would be very dangerous to browse her shelves. All those beautiful Viragos. Only a pity I can't manage to zoom in on the spines to read titles! :)


I saw the Jilly Cooper, too. It's a nice eclectic collection--a book for every mood (just like mine). Oh, I missed the biscuit jar--it is cool!

Desperate Reader

I love this feature too so think the first thing I should say is thank you very much for having me. I love talking about my books so this has been a treat. I'm sitting in the sun with coffee and a croissant looking at a bookshelf and feeling very proud of the books this morning.

Desperate Reader

This weekend might be the one where I properly do Library Thing. I used to have a list but have rather let it go. There are somewhere between 300 -400 Viragos, they are my pride and joy. I have a very good friend who shares my obsession (we met when I worked for her in a bookshop many years ago) so we go out in search of 2nd hand bookshops together. They used to be very easy to find but are becoming increasingly scarce which is a shame. There are still a few on my wish list.

Desperate Reader

I hope you like Warpaint - I thought it was really interesting (as well as enjoyable). I have distinctly magpie tendencies so collect all sorts of stuff - space is always a challenge. I'm afraid those shelves don't look as neat in real life and are quite dusty. Nature didn't mean me to be a tidy person.

Desperate Reader

It is Macfarlane and I'm quite ashamed to say I haven't read it - I met him (this is my star blogging moment) at a Penguin event last year where he was talking about that it book, it's a proof copy and I should have read it straight away but everyone was talking about it and I found myself wanting to wait. We had a great conversation about Gavin Maxwell - it turns out that both of us particularly love 'Harpoon at a Venture' (I was reading for about the tenth time and had it with me). I envy his students - my chat was maybe 15 minutes long and I cam away utterly inspired to go and look for all sorts of things (and maybe a little bit starstruck). I have read 'The Wild Places' and liked it very much. Apparently there will be a new book about subterranean spaces in 2017 which is something to look forward to!

Desperate Reader

Dad might work it out after this (oops). Simon showed me around his favourite Oxford bookshops once which was every bit as much fun as it sounds (it was great). The books are certainly thriving!

Desperate Reader

It's lovely sharing books with my youngest sister as well. She's a voracious reader and much less set in her ways than I am so I can introduce her to almost anything and she'll read it.

Desperate Reader

The biscuit jar is full at the moment as well - ready for passing booklovers to come in for a cup of tea and a chat ;). Duff and Jilly were acquired on the same day and haven't found a proper home yet but so far seem quite happy in each others company.

Margaret Powling

I'm ashamed to say I parted with a green Virago in my recent cull! What an admission. It was a very good copy of South Riding, which I'd read, enjoyed, but didn't think it merited a second read, so it had to go! My weakness is a series of books not as easily distinguishable as the green VMCs, but is a really super series - Shire Books (but they are non-fiction) I have getting on for 260 of those.
By the way, love that huge Fortnum tin/box! Very stylish! I was once sent a small F&M hamper and have that on my desk for stationery and bits and pieces.


Thanks for the tour Hayley (and Danielle). I'm adding Ring of Bright Water to the list!


That is the most amazing Virago collection I have ever seen! I'm green with envy (or maybe it's just the reflection from the spines....) And I will also put in a vote for Miss Marjoribanks which I loved when I read it. A really wonderful, entertaining story.


That is an insane collection of VMCs and Persephones and the old Penguin books! I'm so envious. I mean, seriously. I could sit here, drooling over those for hours unending.


I'm so glad you are enjoying it, and thank you for allowing us a peek at your books--we love seeing them! You should indeed feel proud of your collection--it's enviable! :)


I loved Ring of Bright Water--there is a sequel but I can't bring myself to read it as I don't think it could possibly be as good!


Yes, Miss Marjoribanks is definitely coming off the shelf! :) Isn't that bookcase of Viragos totally amazing. I could spend hours looking through those books! Literally!


I know! They make me want to go book shopping immediately to add to my own very small collection!


What a lovely collection, especially the Viragos. I also envy Hayley her Scottish islands books, an interest we share although I haven't read nearly as much about them as she has.


I hope I've mentioned this before, Danielle, but I love this series, thank you so much for running it!

Hayley's books look fab and I do love the idea of keeping them in the family even if you don't have room for them all yourself. And I too love Miss Marjoriebanks, although I didn't realise that it was in a series of sorts. More books on the horizon?

Desperate Reader

The rest of the series is well worth tracking down. Virago reprinted them years ago and although no longer in print they can still be picked up cheaply on amazon. I think some are free for kindles too.

Desperate Reader

Thanks Lyn, I do love my books! Th Scottish collection is growing - partly because it's an interest of my partners as well so we encourage each other to new excesses...

Desperate Reader

I was working in a discount/seconds bookshop when Littlebrown bought Virago back in the '90's so we had loads of them and I bought quite a few, then about 6 years ago I started hunting for Virago's in second hand shops with a friend. We've been lucky in the past when people have obviously weeded out a whole pile of them but they're getting harder to find, tattier, and more expensive which is a shame.

Desperate Reader

Miss M is a wonderful book - it's been lovely seeing loads more people know and love it. I'm actually really proud of that Virago collection. It's been a lot of fun putting it together and reading my way through it (still a long way to go) they publish some amazing books.

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