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Desperate Reader

The sequels are depressing - everything seems to go wrong and they just don't have the magic of 'Ring' about them. There is a childhood memoir called 'The House of Elrig' though which is fascinating and worth keeping an eye out for.

Desperate Reader

It's fun hunting for a series isn't it! The F&M box was a ladies pamper hamper and easily the best valentines present ever!


So glad you are enjoying these posts. They are fun to put together for me, too. :)


I'm feeling serious Virago envy right now. :)


Me, too! I am going to make a point of looking for them when I am out browsing used bookstores--I normally do, but I've not been doing much 'brick and mortar' shopping lately.


Wonderful collection. So much better than modern electronic books although the downside is needing more shelf space of course!

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