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Gosh. Very ambitious reading plans! I understand wanting to read *everything* but only being able to read some things - but I read the other day that when a serious readers over-whelmed, it's ok to let up and know that the books will still be there at a later point.

But goodness me - do I understand what you're talking about...!

Word Lily

Yay for Wodehouse! I absolutely love his books. I hope you enjoy it! I think I've now read all of them I own, though (which isn't all that many). Need to do something about that.

Clive John Edwards

Have you read Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time'? although it vclaims not to be a nkivel about Asperger'd it nevertheless shed more light on the subject than any non-fiction I had read before.
The BBC have a Children in Need fundraiser every year and I once watched a five minute video by a girl with autism - it is brilliant. It can be seen here on YouTube.

Clive John Edwards

Oops my link didn't show up - comments obviously don't accept html - the link is


I've not done well with my reading list this year either. I keep consoling myself with the thought that it is "only" April. As for the weather, complain all you want. I have been! :D


Ambition is my middle name when it comes to books! :) Too bad I am not equally as ambitious in other aspects of my life, and that I don't have quite the free time to actually succeed in my bookish ambitions, but I still try! I need to work on that 'letting up' theory. Actually I suppose I do do that when I set books aside, but all those books call out to me and I really do want to pick them up...


I've just barely started it--I think I will like it. He was really prolific, wasn't he? I've looked at his bibliography before and been stumped as to where to even begin with his work. But I think this is as good a starting place as any. He seems to be a good, reliable author to keep on your shelves!


I haven't but I know I have a copy of it somewhere. Sounds like a good companion read to the memoir I've got lined up. Thanks for the link below--I'll check it out. I know the library where I work has loads of books on Asperger's though they are most likely academic in scope--maybe not something you would necessarily sit down and relax with--this and the Haddon book sound like good places to start!


Thanks for listening about the weather. I know that most of the country and even places abroad are all dealing with the un-spinglike weather we are 'enjoying'--not sure that makes me feel better or not, though at least I know others can sympathize! :) I love the sound of all the books on my list, but at the moment it's a matter of just not being able to squeeze 'just one more' book into my reading pile. When I finish a couple more I need to give my list priority!


Truthfully, I don't know how you read all that you do, and write about it so eloquently, while still having a job and a life! But I certainly feel the same types of frustrations (if you can even call them that) about having far more books I want to read that I actually have time to read. Like you, I'm happy with what I'm reading, but wish I was reading more. I try to choose carefully and not be afraid to put a book aside until a later time, or even to give up on one I just can't get through. There are too many really outstanding books out there--ones that really resonate with me. Your reading lists can be your starting point, perhaps, and you can see where your reading year takes you!


Well, I don't actually have an exciting life (no husband or children so you'd think I'd actually get more reading done than less... :) ). I was thinking today as I was doing errands what I might want to spend time reading but then when I came home was a little overwhelmed by the pile I have underway. I do need to look at the pile seriously and choose a very few to spend serious time with and then just add in a few as I finish the ones in progress. The problem is almost all of them are so good it is hard deciding. But yes, the list and projects do just need to be a starting point and I need to work from them outward. As for writing about the books--you are too kind. I have several I finished and want to share something about them, but I am a slow writer and it takes me so long to think about the book and then try and write something thoughtful about it, and almost always it ends up not being quite what I wanted to say...if you know what I mean. But I need to think more about things 'being good enough' if that makes sense. There really are loads of great books out there and I am getting better at setting those aside that are not quite working for me. As another blogger said--when you start a book and it doesn't quite get your attention, think of it as 'trying a book out'. Maybe I'll return to it later when my mood matches the story.


I want to read the Great Food edition by Roden soon. It contains some of the nicest dishes we ate in Morocco. The Harira soup for example. Just to good to go without for too long.
Tom (Wuthering Expectations) mentions her other cook books often. I think she is one of the best on Middle Eastern Food.


Hey! Have my postcards been arriving safely? I am going to email you because I got new map postcards and I need you to refresh my memory what ones I have sent all ready. :)


I know exactly what you mean about the posts not coming out quite how you wanted--happens to me all the time. I try to remember the saying, "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." I even wrote a blog post called "The Good Enough Blog Post"--so I definitely know where you're coming from. I know I'm not the only one who very much enjoys and learns from your posts--no matter how long they take you or how "imperfect" you feel they are.


Thank you! And a quote I need to jot down and remember. I am trying not to worry so much--I know I am never critical about other people's writing about books--so need to worry less about my own!


I will have to pull my copy of it and look it over. I had wanted to read the books in some sort of order, but maybe it's better to just pull randomly as they appeal at the moment. The first, the Markham, is good, but really just a plain cookery book, so it's like reading endless recipes. Pepys would be next and I think that will be a fun read.


I just received a cute one with a flower fairy on it (and will send one soon in reply), but otherwise I don't think I've gotten anything since the Valentines Day card. I wonder sometimes about the mail here--it has been taking ages (literally in some cases more than 100+ days for Postcrossing cards to reach me--a little disappointing). Have there been more you have sent? I wonder sometimes how many of my cards get delivered to my neighbors! One next door neighbor has given me cards that have been mis-delivered, but maybe she is getting tired of doing so.... I will pull out the cards you've sent as I try and keep them all together organized by sender, to see which I have now! :)


I'm in denial about the loss of google reader which has served me so well! I think, though, that I will probably move to feedly, as it will just swallow up my google reader feeds without my having to actually do anything! I also feel that I have not made any impact on the lists I posted at the start of the year - but it hasn't been for want of reading! I've just posted a whole new load of good intentions, and these ones I must stick to as they're linked to things I'll do on the blog. If only there were more hours in the day! I think you're a marvel to read all that you do, AND hold down a full time job!


There is much to say about not having to migrate all those links when it comes to an RSS reader--I still need to check them out. I keep switching out books from my list and putting them on my reading pile, but I never seem to crack them open--I want to but I just have so many other books in progress. Maybe when I clear a few of them off the pile...Sometimes making plans and then writing about the plans is the best way to stick to them. Or sometimes I do that and then must report back, rather embarrassedly, to say I didn't manage to complete them. yes, not enough hours at all!

Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Hope you've had a chance to check out my book Under The Banana Moon. Let me know! :)


Hi Kimberly--thanks so much for your comment. I have been horribly remiss and your book sits on the top of a pile right next to my computer. Always a matter of too many good books to read and not enough time to read them in! I will pull it off and maybe now with summer approaching can devote some time to it! :)

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