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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I love your short story posts, Danielle! I hardly ever pick up short stories, but you are encouraging me. And, yes, I definitely think that knowing I am going to review something changes how I read - for the better.


I love them, too, since I don't usually read short stories, either. You've inspired me to start collecting them, however, so I foresee that I will be reading them soon. I'm also quite interested in the Persephone collection and may make that my first Persephone purchase, so I don't mind that you've concentrated on stories from that collection. Especially since they are all by different authors.


Sounds like a really good story. Did it make you want to immediately start reading the novel of hers that you have?


I've only been reading one story a week but I wish I could dedicate even a little more reading time to them (too spoiled for choice and so hard to decide what books to spend time with). If my posts ever encourage anyone else to pick up a book of short stories, though, I'm happy. Although writing about books is really hard for me, I think it's made me a better reader, which can only be a good thing!


The nice thing about short stories is being able to read one or two from a collection and not worry about losing the thread if you set the book aside! If you decide to buy just one Persephone book--this would be a great choice since it is a sampling of sorts of so many of the other authors they publish! I just don't want to give too much away for anyone who wants to read the book--though I know how my own mind works--I may read about a book but by the time I actually get around to reading the book itself, most likely the details have already begun to fade away!


The thought crossed my mind! :) But looking at the stack of books already under way I am going to resist! I'm glad I got a taste of her writing, though, and do look forward to reading Quest eventually!


I like your short story posts. It's a means to discover new authors until I will finally buy the Persephone book myself.


Helen Hull - another name for the TBR! This book (with your help) is introducing me to so many wonderful mid-century writers whom I'd love to read. Perhaps it could be a project for next year? They all sound so good.


I'm glad! I know sometimes there's not much really for anyone to comment on unless they have read the author or the story is sort of unusual--but I do like writing about the books--a good exercise for me.


I'm really enjoying this book. And one story a week is very manageable. I highly recommend it if you are trying to decide on whether to buy it or not. Yes, lots of enticing authors in it, too!

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