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Nothing comes to mind...
I've got Ann Brashares novel though.
Maybe The Awakening. Not the most cheerful example but one of my favourite books.
Plantation sounds nice...I'll have to investigate. I'm sure there are many but i just can't seem to think of another one.


I've lived my whole life relatively close to the beach (So. Cal. and Florida), but I don't especially like it...just goes to show we don't appreciate what we have! I like the idea of themed readings like your beach reads. I can recommend The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen, by Elizabeth von Arnim. It's not completely set at the beach, but she does a bit of swimming and wandering near the sea. Mary Stewart's This Rough Magic is one of my favorite books, and it involves the beach and ocean.


Wow, we got up to 98 and I thought that was hot! Set a record here too. Cooler now though thank goodness! I am drawing a blank on any sort of beach reading titles other than "On the Beach" by Nevil Shute but it's about nuclear war and probably not what you had in mind!


The only one I can think of just now apart from the Brashares is Adam Armstrong The Sandhorse. It is cold and rainy over here.

Amanda W

I just read "Swimming at Night" by Lucy Clarke, which I enjoyed.


I'm not usually big on modern retellings of classics, but I really enjoyed The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine. Not quite sure what Jane Austen would make of it though...


Have you ever tried reading - A Boy by the Sea by Nikolai Dubov, David Skvirsky (Translator), Fainna Glagoleva. I got this as a gift from my parents and did enjoy reading it very much.


I can't quite decide what sort of beach book I want to read. I keep eyeing the Brashares, though I am thinking I want something with a little more substance (nothing against the Brashares of course, but you know what I mean...). I have been wanting to reread The Awakening and her short stories--maybe that is the way to go. I have been thinking of Plantation, though it is a chunky book and I should really try and finish at least one of the other two chunkster books I have going at the moment first. I need to do a little investigating--I can find lots of beachy sorts of books but the trouble is finding the really good ones.


Lucky you--I bet you wouldn't want to trade though, would you? The downside to FL is hurricane season, which I think I wouldn't like so much. I am thinking Pacific NW or the New England states. I loved Charleston when I visited there, but I bet it is very humid for a good part of the year. I could listen to the waves splashing for hours on end. I have not read The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rugen...though I think I might own it, so will go in search of it. Seaside settings are good, too, even if the whole story is not set there. And I read This Rough Magic last summer and loved it. Maybe MS has another book set in Greece--I also loved My Brother Michael...


This heat--if it keeps up (which I hope it will not) is just going to set off another bout of complaining, you know... I just want some nice, mild 70F days and 50F nights. Obviously am asking too much. But it's better than the cold anyway. Ha--had to chuckle at a post-apocalyptic beach story... I do want to read Nevil Shute, and maybe even On the Beach, but I was thinking something a little more cheerful would be good right now. :)


Will have to look for the Adam Armstrong--it sounds promising. I've had the Brashares for a couple of years now, so I should really give it a go. Deciding just which book to try is always a fun yet slightly agonizing process. :)


Swimming at Night sounds good--a thriller, too, all the better. My library unfortunately doesn't have it, but I see cheap used copies out there so may have to order it--thanks for the suggestion!


I'm picky about these sorts of books, too. I don't mind retellings if they are only inspired by a book--am less enthusiastic about an author writing a sequel to a famous (and/or much loved book) however. Anyway--I requested this from my library and it is now on the hold shelf, so I'll pick it up tomorrow--thanks for the suggestion. I can at least now take a closer look at it.


I am unfamiliar with this author--so will look for him. I don't see any copies (inexpensive ones anyway) of this via Amazon, so maybe I'll see if I can get it through interlibrary loan. Am now at least curious about what it's about! Thanks for the suggestion.


The Moon-Spinners is set in Greece, too.

Yes, let's both move to the Pacific Northwest!


Oh, and I have that one! Will surreptitiously move it from my shelves to my bedside keep it handy. Maybe that's the one I need since I haven't quite been able to decide on a beach read. I would *love* to move to the Pacific Northwest--how beautiful it is there. Sigh.


Wow, that's hot... You know, I don't think I have seen any proper 'beach' books lately. The only ones I can think of to add to your list are the rest of the choices for the Slaves for this month. They were all island books and so, I suppose by definition, must have beaches in them! Oh oh one has come to mind - Liana by Martha Gellhorn. I think it's supposed to be very good, but not exactly cheery.


We're back to coolish weather for which I am sort of grateful. I just want sunny and mild, but it seems to always be one extreme or the other. Always the case, right? I will have to take another look at that list--I think I am looking for something a little less 'literary' if you know what I mean and if that doesn't sound too awful, but I don't discount any possibilities! :) I am not at all familiar with Liana, so will go look it up--even if not for now, then maybe later as I would like to read something by Martha Gellhorn!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I'm sure there must be heaps of Australian books set on beaches, given how significant the beach is to our culture, but the only one I can currently think of (apart from the depressing Shute) is Puberty Blues, which is a classic coming of age book co-written by Kathy Lette. Again, it is not what I'd pick for an enjoyable beach read, being, as I recall from a horrified read as a teenager, about surfing, gangs and sexual violence. Maybe not promising!


Well, perhaps not exactly the sort of beach book--family drama, love story-ish type story I had in mind--but I am still intrigued by Puberty Blues. Was it made into a movie? I seem to recall a film set in Ausralia with the same title that I saw ages ago. And I would love to read Nevil Shute (I have several of his books and as yet have never read him...), but I might not start with that particular one. I have yet to find a good beach book--I have this idea in mind what I want to read about--not really the best way to find a book--rather than starting with the book and story that I happen across and that appeals. Instead I have a sort of story in mind and am trying to match up the book now...such a roundabout way I have when it comes to choosing books! Never fear, though, I will find a suitable book yet. :)

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