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These are not bad titles at all!
I have decided I will start to read Stephen King this year. I've only read Carrie and thought it was well done. The source which led me to Fumiko Enchi's Mask also mentions King's Bag of Bones saying it is better told and constructed than most books you'd find winning prizes. And it's ghost story.
I hope Joyland will be very good.

Claire (The Captive Reader)

All the buzz around The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls has me very intrigued! I've already placed my library hold and am looking forward to when it comes in.


Some great review copies! What a score on the King. Bookman is a big King fan and is looking forward to the book's release.


I lucked out with these review copies--they all appeal and the ones I am currently reading I am very much enjoying. I have only read a very few of Stephen King's books--my favorite of the few I've read is The Shining--both book and movie are equally freaky. I'll have to look for Bag of Bones--he has written so much (and some novels are really, really long) I never quite know where to start with his work. I think he is really good at what he does--though I just don't pick up horror novels very often. Joyland sounds suitably creepy, too.


When I put my name in for the book in LT I didn't think I had a chance of winning a copy and I don't think I quite knew how much interest in it there happens to be. Since getting it I have noticed that it is a "much anticipated" summer read, so I really did luck out. I've started reading and so far like it very much. I love that era, though, so I was already inclined to like it I think.


It's been a while since I got anything really, then all of a sudden I have ended up with a little stack. It was a little coup to get a King novel--I was quite surprised to find it in my mailbox, but happily so. Maybe I'll start reading it this weekend.


Quite an interesting combination there. I'm partial to a swoon-worthy protagonist myself :). The only thing better than buying books is winning them--or receiving them as review copies.


I have a nice little pile here, don't I? I don't often ask for review copies--as then there is that little bit of added pressure to get them all read in a timely manner and I am always such a slow reader, but I couldn't pass these up. I am picturing Richard Armitage as Jack Absolute--so swoon-worthy indeed!


Love the sound of the spy one! Reading those espionage novels only made me hungry for more, I have to admit! I had a whole host of review copies come in over the spring, but I'm trying not to accept many more now. I love them, but it's hard getting around to ordinary reading when they are on the must-read-soon pile!


Jack Absolute was great fun and I do love a good spy story, too. I finished the Wilson and greatly enjoyed it--hope to write about it soon. I still have the McEwan sitting next to my bed and want to read it next--just waiting for that moment to slip it into the know how that goes! I usually don't accept review copies since I can't keep up with my own books, but sometimes the temptation is just too great. Unfortunately, though, I am so slow at reading my way through them all.

Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Let me know how you like my book Under The Banana Moon! I have a new email for feedback about my book
Also I have a new blog
Raven ambition at wordpress

Kimberly Gerry Tucker

The previous post is meant to read Under The Banana Moon, sorry as the title was clipped. My fingers are privy to typos today


Hi Kimberly--thanks for the update on the email--I will make note of it! The book is sitting next to my bed, and I do apologize for being so slow with it--work has been so hectic lately that I am a little snowed under, but I am greatly looking forward to reading your book!

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