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After reading about your holiday plans even I had difficulty concentrating:) It sounds very good, Danielle, I remember how much you liked your stay there last year.


I'm so happy to hear you might get to San Francisco again! I'd love to live there, too! As for Crampton Hodnet, have you got to the marriage proposal yet? I think it's one of my favouritest scenes in a book, ever.


I think --I read it a while back so I can't swear to it -- that at the end of Quentin Bell's (Woolf's nephew) book Bloomsbury Recalled, he has a short essay on Jacob's Room that was pretty interesting. I know his biography of her, which I haven't read, is pretty highly regarded. Enjoy SF,


I love planning a vacation - how fun that you get to go to San Francisco! I've never been but one day... And, so curious to hear what you thought of the Maisie book! Can you believe I still haven't started it. Have fun planning!


Oh Danielle, how wonderful! Fingers crossed things work out and you are zipping up your luggage and on your way. Holiday plans cause me no end of daydreaming when I should be concentrating on's the best!


That's great that you'll get to go to San Francisco! The book on 1922 does sound interesting. I finished Jacob's Room Monday and was going to post about it last night but didn't get my thoughts on it gathered together enough. Will put it all together over the weekend now and post on Monday.


I was offered a job in San Francisco and turned it down but the idea to live there did sound tempting. It's such a lovely city. I'd like to go there again. But, of course, it is expensive although, the salaries would be higher.
I stayed in two hotels, one for business - the Four Seasons - and hated it big time. An awful hotel. For the holiday part I stayed at a Kimpton hotel (there are a few). It was so nice but it has chnaged the name and has been renovated and doesn't look so nice anymore.
I wanted to go to the US in October but now it looks as if we were going to Venice.


Lucky! I hope your trip does come off and that you have a marvelous time. Enjoy finishing up all your reads-in-progress!


I am having difficulties concentrating this weekend, too! :) I have four long months to get through before I go and I don't wish the year away, but I am really, really looking forward to it. I do love it there. I can still vividly visualize the places we went and things we did. I'll be doing a few of the same things but maybe at a slower pace. I also hope to spend a little more time on the Coast. Even though it will be fall--it is apparently the best time of year weather-wise in SF.


I've now booked my ticket so will definitely be going. Am working on getting accommodation now. I've not yet gotten to the marriage proposal--though now I can't wait after reading your comment. At first I thought it must have to do with Anthea, but now the farther I get into the story the more I think it is Miss Morrow and and the curate? (No, don't tell me! :) ). Something to look forward to. Between the Christie and the Pym, I am in bookish heaven!


I will have to look for it--thanks for the heads up. Anything to shed a little light on the book--slim though it is, I know I didn't catch everything I should have. I have half a shelf of VW's work and am glad I got one more book ready by her, though I don't really find her easy. In any case it sounds like I should really read Quentin Bell.


So do I!! I can spend hours reading, planning and thinking about it. San Francisco is a really amazing city--you have to get there someday! I really enjoyed the newest Maisie Dobbs mystery and will write about it properly this week. It's good, but things are changing....


Yay--the ticket is bought so I am really going! :) I am thrilled and contemplating how I am actually going to pay for it all. I guess that puts paid to any more book buying for a while. I've not accomplished much in the last few days since I am still working on trying to get accommodations--lots of emails and inquiries but it often takes so much time to get a response that it is a little frustrating. Am waiting to hear back still from my first choice of rentals. Now fingers crossed (again) that I will get the place that I want the most. Is it too soon to begin planning on what clothes I take...and as important...which books? ;)


I'll be scraping and saving for the next few months to say the least... No new books so it will be more book borrowing than ever, or I could just read the books I own. Now there's a thought. I think I might have to (eventually) own 1922. I need to remember to look through it for references to Jacob's Room now. I will try and write about it this coming week--Monday, though, doesn't look promising for me. Since then I have read Lady Susan (short and quick) and now have the Hardy all lined up to go next!


I would love to live there but even with a good job it has to be difficult to live there as rents seem exorbitant. I would be sorely tempted to move there with a job offer, though you would have had much further to go. I will have to look up Kimpton Hotels--last year we stayed in an apartment that is a rental and will be doing the same this year. I have a place picked out and it even has a garden, but after hearing from the owner last week I have not heard from her since so am trying to be patient. If it was booked in the interim I think she would have let me know--maybe she is out of town or something, but I am getting nervous that it has slipped through my fingers and will have to start all over again. Fingers crossed she replies tomorrow or Monday. Now Venice sounds wonderful. I went there years and years ago it is another place I love and would happily go back to. You have been there before, haven't you? You are lucky to be so close to these great cities!! I guess I can't really complain since I am going to SF, but still...


I've got my ticket! Yay. Now I am working on a place to stay. I will be counting pennies now for the next four months. Hopefully scrimping and saving will mean I can have enough for food and things to do without having to take money from my savings or using my credit card. Now comes the planning part, which is always fun!


Yes, I have been in Venice but my boyfriend hasn't. It's his birthday treat from me and since he's a great photographer I deliberatley picked a a very picturesque place. :)


That sounds great! Does your boyfriend know or is it a complete surprise? And when will you be going? It is a city that demands to be photographed! Someday I will go back there!

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