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I like the e-book covers.
I haven't read her but it sounds like a great read when in the mood for Golden Age crime. It's not my favourite sub genre but I still like reading them occasionally.

Margaret Powling

I still have to meet Miss Silver. She's in the TBR pile. The cover of my book, a paperback, is different again from these.

jenn aka the picky girl

YEA! I'm so glad you enjoyed Grey Mask. It was my first Wentworth, and I think still my favorite. They're all similar in that Miss Silver doesn't enter the story for quite a while and that you never really know much more about her background.

So fun. And I was so happy when I discovered there were over 30 of these! Alas, I've read all but a handful. But I have them as ebooks to return to when I like. I would like to collect them in paperback, but they're very pricey when I find them online.

Debbie Rodgers @Exurbanis

I've read several Miss Silvers. I always enjoy them, even though I always have this feeling she was copying Christie. (Miss SIlver eventually loses the office and becomes another old maid detective.)

Who know? It might have been the other way 'round!


What a coincidence, as I have just discovered Miss Silver as well and had picked up one of her books, The Eternity Ring, last week. I really like the book so far, and have also ordered up The Grey Mask and The Case is Closed from my local library. I have an overwhelming need to read a series right from the start, so I can't wait for these two books to arrive. Of course the comparison to Miss Marple is unavoidable but in The Eternity Ring she's described as looking more like Margaret Rutherford in the role of Miss Marple, am I the only one who thought this?


I like most types of mysteries--prefer this sort of cozy over the kinds that are more along the lines of an amateur falling into sleuthing (a knitter or chef or antique shop owner--you know the kind of book). And anything written or set in the 20s or 30s is right up my alley. I am getting in the mood now, however for something more gritty or noir--hence the Cornell Woolrich stories. I love the ebook cover, too!


I think there are a number of different editions of her books out. I only have the second one on hand now, so I'll be looking for more books in the series--will have to see if my favorite used bookstore has any Miss Silver mysteries. The first book was really good so am looking forward to more now.


I was surprised how good this was--not that it wouldn't be, but so often first mysteries tend to be a little slow out of the gate, if you know what I mean. I very much enjoyed this and think I might break down and just go ahead and start the second one even though I have a different mystery started now. It is nice when you discover a new author you like and then have lots of books to look forward to reading. I'll have to be on the look out for used copies now of the rest of the books. I have a Nook and can buy the ebooks, but I still prefer paperbacks when I can get them.


Both she and Agatha Christie must have been writing about the same time, so I bet there must have been a little influence going on there. I'll be curious to see how Miss Silver develops, though it sounds like you never get to know too much about her then. Still, I like the emphasis, too, on the other characters working to solve the mystery--and then Miss Silver sort of drops in and wraps it all up.


I have never seen the TV adaptations of the Miss Marple books! I sort of want to try and read the books (am working my way slowly through the Miss Marples in order they were written) first. I was sort of visualizing Miss Silver as being a tad bit younger than Miss Marple, but it sounds like that's not exactly the case. I also prefer to read series books in order, though I suppose there are times when it doesn't really matter. I will have to look and see what my own library owns by her, though I like her enough to buy used copies of the books.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I was so happy to find most of them as e-books a few years back, and had a monstrous binge - I think the earlier ones are stronger - I guess this is the perennial problem of keeping a series sparkling and fresh. They also get a bit rougher and less cosier as they go along. My favourite is The Case of William Smith.


With all that knitting no wonder she is so calm! Plus, the needles were likely steel back then and could make a nice weapon in a pinch ;)


Interesting--she did write a lot of these books. It's sort of fun seeing how the stories and characters change over time (or *whether* they change!). I was shopping online for used copies of the next couple of books and at least one of them was so pricey that I will have to buy the digital version--so nice that it is available inexpensively that way. I will watch for the Case of William Smith--thanks!


Really! I hadn't thought of it that way, but it must have a very calming effect. Hah--beware of grey haired ladies with knitting needles. Will see if she ever must rely on using one as a weapon! :)


I know you like to read mysteries in order, but there's really no necessity to do so with these ones, and some are better than others. Grey Mask was one I enjoyed, but there are an awful lot that are much better - Eternity Ring was my favourite. But also fab, The Catherine Wheel, The Gazebo, The Listening Eye, The Allington Inheritance. I had a huge Miss Silver phase in my late teens and I still reread her now for comfort.


I can easily see why you would turn to her at times--I could gobble them up I think if I decided to read a pile of them. Good to know there is no need to read in order--I think I won't actually even be able to get some of them in paper unless I try and find library copies since some are very pricey. I do have The Catherine Wheel by the way--just saw it this weekend as I was looking for something else. And I will make note of your other favorites--thanks! :)

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