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What a romp indeed! This sounds like a lot of fun, and frankly, at the end of May when the weather is cold and rainy as it has been for the past 18 months solid, fun in reading is a vital necessity! And I'm certainly up for spy novels after I enjoyed the ones I read so much.


Well this is a twist on a spy novel. I love all the metafictional bits you mention. Clever and fun.


I know this isn't for me but it still sounded fun. You could submit the review to the War Through the Generations Challenge. There are almost only YA and childrens book on their list, this would make a nice chnage.


I seem to be reaching a lot for good, absorbing books like this! I do love a good spy novel and this one has a nice twist since it is set in the 1700s! Of course it has only whetted my appetite and I'll be reading more spy novels this summer!


Aren't they great?--The metafictional bits that is. I love the play on characters--imagined, 'real' and imagined! :) Very fun indeed.


I know you are not into spy novels--I do enjoy them and this was an unusual take on it all. I will have to click on over there and see if they'd like to link to my post. This is a period I really do want to read more of!


Oh, I'm glad this one is good! I've actually had it and its sequel on my shelf for a very long time - years and years - but I have never read them. Glad to know that when I crack open the cover, it will be a fun ride.


It was quite entertaining. It makes me want to go and pull more books about that era from my bookshelves--I seem to have more NF however, than novels about the Colonial era. I am contemplating ordering a copy of the sequel from the UK now rather than waiting for the US edition to come out later this fall.

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