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Margaret Powling

I love these Lost in the Stacks pieces, Danielle, and thank you Margaret from another Margaret for a glimpse into your book world. I had to have a good weed of my books recently, as I had piles in baskets and on the floor and shelves were double-stacked which I found a real nuisance as then I couldn't see what I had, so I parted with 179 or so books which left just sufficient room for them all to go on shelves, but parting with so many was like literary major surgery!

Marina Sofia

Dream house and library, I love it and wish I had as much space for my books. I really enjoyed the article as I am nosy too...

Margaret @ BooksPlease

Thank you so much, Danielle for inviting me to show my books and write about them. It's good to look back over old and well-loved books.

Margaret Powling, wow! you did really well, that really must have been so difficult.

Marina, you're so kind! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Amanda R.

I love Iris Murdoch, but I haven't read the Green Knight yet. Adding it to my TBR pile. BTW-- I love this series so much!

Margot Kinberg

Danielle - Thanks for hosting Margaret.

Margaret - Thanks for sharing a little of your book world with us. And I'm so glad you picked an Iris Murdoch to share. I haven't re-connected with her work in a while, but I can see why you would have chosen one of her novels. And I think it's wonderful that you have a family heirloom Bible. Such a treasure!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Such well-populated shelves - thank you for giving us a look. I love your little shelf made for you - that sort of connection to an object is impossible to replicated with something merely assembled from IKEA!

Peggy Ann

Loved getting to know you more Margaret! What a treasure that Bible is! How very lucky to have it. So getting a third bookshelf for myself doesn't mean they won't be double stacked either I guess!

Margaret @ BooksPlease

Another Iris Murdoch fan! I haven't read all her books and I think some are better than others - The Green Knight just suited me.

Margaret @ BooksPlease

Thanks, Margot - the family Bible is such a tangible connection to my ancestors.

Margaret @ BooksPlease

I agree, Vicki - I wouldn't part with my little bookcase for the world.

Margaret @ BooksPlease

You're welcome, Peggy Ann.I guess we all have the too many books problem!

Laurel-Rain Snow

What a great journey through your stacks, Margaret.

Like you, I once worked in a library, but my job there was just for a couple of years while I was going to college.

I also have books in every room in the house, and I have some unread books dating back several years. However, that stack has gotten smaller.

Letting books go, and then realizing I want to reread a book I no longer have, is familiar to me, too. Hence...not too many leave!

Simon T

I think my comment disappeared... just to say, lovely to see Margaret's library and read these thoughts, especially since Margaret's blog started a couple days after (or before, I forget) mine, and I think of us as blog siblings because of it!

I've not had much success with Iris Murdoch so far, but I may well try her again in the future...


What fun peeping at Margaret's shelves! That family bible is a great treasure. I've also been thinking of reading a Murdoch, I've only read The Sea, the Sea, so I will now have to get my hands on a copy of The Green Knight!


Danielle - This is so fun. Thank you so much for sharing more about your books, Margaret! I love your family bible - the clasps, the engraving. It's beautiful.


I'm not very good at weeding, though I really do need to make more room. I have done the same thing--given up a book that I later wished I still owned. And then occasionally I end up having to order the same book yet again.... :)


Sorry about that Simon--I checked the spam filter but it wasn't there. Typepad has been having other issues of late, too.... I have yet to try Iris Mudoch, but I really must do so--I have at least two of her books on my shelves, though not this one I think. It's always fun seeing which book readers choose to be 'rediscovered'.


That bible looks so cool, doesn't it?! And I have to try Iris Murdoch, too. I can't remember if I have The Sea, the Sea or something else...I know I have a couple of her books. I am intrigued, too, by The Green Knight!


I thoroughly enjoy doing these posts--it is fun getting peek into another reader's library and seeing which books they choose to talk about!


Thanks Margaret--I really appreciate your doing this--I very much enjoyed reading your answers and must try Iris Murdoch sometime soon-I have a couple of her books on my own shelves!


Oh it's so lovely to see Margaret's shelves! She's one of my longest-standing blog friends too, but her blog keeps disappearing from my feed reader for some reason, so I don't visit as often as I'd like. She has fantastic shelves and that is one gorgeous bible.


It is fun seeing the bookshelves of virtual friends you have long known. I always feel like I 'know' people even though I have not actually met them--so this little peek at their books or inside their homes is a real treat. And everyone has been so kind to share their books!

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