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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I recently read this book (in a sturdy hardback form!) - and what a treat it was. I absolutely adored it. So funny. And the little illustrations were perfect. I'm now thrusting it on everyone I know, to share my enjoyment.


That is so CRAZY!
When I was a kid, I'm talking about 4 decades ago here, I remember this very book in the bookshelf downstairs. It was owned by my older brother or sister, and I remember thinking the title to be so funny. The COVER of the book was even the same!
Thank you for this journey down Memory Lane.

Simon T

How much I loved this book! Thanks so much for choosing it, Danielle - and for a round-up of the books we had. In previous years, I've not managed to read about a third of the books, so this lower page limit has been great - I read all but one.


This sounds like such a lovely experience. I haven't heard of the book bt ill have a look. I recognize some of the oter books you received and some are favourites of yours I think.
It's a really great idea, I like it a lot.

Debbie Rodgers @Exurbanis

What a wonderful idea. How did you find the participants for your group?

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I foolishly gave away my copy of this years ago and have been regretting it ever since! And I love the idea of a postal book group, especially with such excellent picks.


I think this idea for a book group is brilliance incarnate. The titles all look wonderful, and this choice of yours is great! Though unlike some others, I've never come across a copy. Those old illustrations are fabulous. When and why did they ever stop putting pictures into grown-up books?


My own copy is a cloth edition, too. I didn't want to make everyone mail a hardcover so bought this little paperback. Isn't it a great read? I guess I sort of thrust it in a number of hands, too, via the postal group. And I love the illustrations--part of the charm really.


Bookish serendipity! I think I was a kid at the same time you were Cipriano (though I don't always feel like much of an adult sometimes to be honest!). I'm glad I brought back a happy memory (aren't books wonderful in that way?!).


I read your comment in my notebook Simon and was so happy that you liked it so much. It was a great choice--I always agonize over these things. I read all but the last--only because I ran out of time, but I would still like to go back and read it. I can't wait for the next round to start now! :)


I really enjoy my postal reading group. I have about three dependable and enjoyable readalongs/groups that I look forward to each month--this postal group, your war and literature readalong and the Slaves books. I have found some real bookish treasures through all three!


Isn't it a great idea? I wish I had thought of it. It was started in a Yahoo group that I belong to. They discuss other books and then do this postal round robin on the side. It's nice as everyone pretty much knows each other even though we all live in different places and even different countries.


That's the problem with weeding, isn't it. At the time you think you will probably never again read particular book and in any case need to make room for other new books, but so often somewhere down the line you might wish you still had whatever it was you gave away. I know I have done this myself! It is a very fun idea--this is the second time I've participated and I always look forward to getting that surprise package in the mail. And yes, the book choices have been great--I have discovered lots of good books this way.


Isn't it a wonderful idea? I have done round robins with crafting groups--needlework primarily and it has been fun. I've had good experiences with them, too. I love the book and was hoping that everyone else would too, and from the comments in my notebook that came back it seems like everyone did. I wish books still had illustrations like that--so much fun. I do wonder when they fell out of vogue.


That is a well read and well traveled book! And how cool that you send a notebook with it for comments!


Heh, if that book could talk, what stories would it have to tell, I wonder! How amusing, to send it out and then see it return all battered and well-loved. I don't know this novel but it sounds delightful, and your postal reading group always sounds like such a nice idea.


How nice of you!
Thanks so much.


It is fun reading what everyone thought of a book--a little scary too to think a favorite might not be well received, but in this case I chose well as nearly everyone seemed to really like it!


It is a fun group and I greatly enjoy getting that mystery package in the mail every other month. The next round should start soon--in the next month or so I hope. I am actually organizing it--my enthusiasm got the better of me I am afraid, but it should be fun. I bet the book would have some very good stories to tell! :)


This looks wonderful. I love anything to do with Paris in the 20s, especially ones featuring expats or visitors to the city so I'm going to try and hunt this one down! A friend of mine who was in Paris for a month bought a copy of The Dud Avocado from Shakespeare & Co. and really enjoyed it so I'm got to get that one too.


Oh, Danielle, if I didn't already know we were kindred spirits, this would have confirmed it. This is one of my favorite books, and I have an extremely battered copy on my shelf! I need to reread it...after I tape it up so it won't fall apart in my hands.


I have yet to read The Dud Avocado, which I have on hand somewhere, but I did read The Old Man and Me, which I think is a little less light hearted from what I understand. I also love that era. This is such a fun read--I do hope you can easily find a copy--I think there are loads of used copies out there.


The copy that came back to me is all battered and falling apart as you see in the photo! It is a delightful book--definitely one to reread. I have a cloth edition that was published by The Common Reader when they were still in business. We do have lots of bookish overlap, don't we! On more than one occasion I've taken up your reading suggestions (Paula Fox and Patricia Wentworth to name just two) and they've both been great reads!


I just got a copy of Our hearts were young and gay and can't wait to era it! The cover's different from yours but it's a Penguin paperback.


Yay! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I have my own copy, which is a hardcover that was published by The Common Reader--a nice edition, and in much better condition than this poor mass market copy. Let me know what you think! :)

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