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How great! I had totally forgotten that she's written Good Evening Mrs Craven. It's one of a few Persephone books I ordered a while back. I'm very keen on reading it, it sounds right up my street. The story reminds me of a friend of my mother who was "the other woman". When he fell ill she couldn't go and visit.


So thrilled you delight in Panter Downes as I do.
She really describes a a lost England with both heartbreaking clarity and a great dab of wry humor.
One of my greatest favorites.
ps Have you read Jane Gardam's 'Old Filth'? my best read for ages.
Happy Reading.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Such a moving story - it really plays very successfully with where one's sympathies can be directed. I'm keen to read her peacetime collection too, eventually, but I have on my desk now (from the library) her London War Notes to start soon.


Oh my gosh, that obit, that is perfect! If the writer only knew how she and other authors have been rediscovered by Persephone Books. It's been a while since I read a Persephone... Actually it's been a while since I visited their site! Must see what is new in their catalog.


She's such a good writer--I will definitely revisit her work--especially her short stories. I can't remember if I own both collections or just one--I think I borrowed one from the library, but they are well worth owning. I think you'll like her writing a lot. It's a tricky situation when you get into a relationship like that--I guess you can' exactly control who you fall for, but you certainly give up a lot when you are with someone who is married.


Yes, you describe her work perfectly. She is a favorite of mine as well. I think I still have at least one unread novel (don't own it but I can get it from the library) by her to read. I actually have read Old Filth--loved it! I also have the other two books that make up that trilogy which I look forward to reading. I never seem to tire of books about this era!


Lucky you--I would love to own her War Notes--not sure if it is still in print? My library owns it and I keep meaning to check it out--will get to it eventually. And I do like that MPD wrote about the relationship from a different angle--so well done!


If you've not been to their site for a while it's been completely revamped--it's really well done. I broke down recently and ordered the two newest Persephone titles and can't wait to read them. They really have done a marvelous job of bringing back into print some really great fiction--I only wish they published even more books! :) So greedy I am!


Dorothy Whipple and Mollie Painter-Downes, okay, okay. :)


Yay! If you (nudge, nudge) ever want a reading partner for either author--let me know. I still have a number of unread Whipple books on my own reading pile!

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